It’s 0055hrs … or five minutes to one (am) … and this idea of ‘You Tell Me’ came to mind.


I’m a very deep thinker who’s unsatisfied with the status quo … with going along with the crowd … watching what I know to be wrong around us and being literally helpless in not only preventing it from happening, but more so, getting anyone to listen long enough to appreciate that it is affecting them as well, in a way that one would only believe it possible to imagine after watching some Si-fi-flick. 

In this state of mind, one feels very much alone. Not as in lonely or feeling sorry for themselves, but rather, alone as though I’m the only one seeing, knowing, and caring about the disastrous mess that is taking place around us.

Frankly, I’m grateful I have my faith, because when people know who you are, especially how honest of a person you are, and still don’t hear what it is you’re saying, nor show the slightest interest, family included, it’s as though you were invisible, and said faith is what keeps me going in hopes of capturing the attention needed sooner than later.

Technology is a good thing, but if the odds could be measured, it fits to Albert Einsteins analogy of ‘INSANITY‘ regarding life itself, or truer than ever, when he shares his fearful thought of us experiencing a generation of idiots because of the advancements of technology. We are hypnotically consumed and enthralled to the point of nothing shy of robotism; if you’re not seeing it, you’re living it!


Husband and wife in their car driving and the passenger is on their cell, not talking, or enjoying each other’s company, but enthralled with what their cell can offer them instead … substantiating what’s more important.

A group sitting in a restaurant with a minimum of 70% of them on their cells, or have them beside them on the table, in case of an important FB post.

Ever been at a beautiful resort and see parents on cells while the kids are pulling at their shirt tails to play and have fun; the whole point of family time?

95%-98% of households, with television access, have them on and are captivated 100% of the time while at home; including meal time entertainment … technology wins over family.

The bus stop has 1 or 21 people waiting for their bus … and what do you suppose they are doing? Communication with the dead has become more common and popular than communication with the living?


If TM could offer $1000 (not many choosing to do something for nothing these days) to every person who would take the challenge the young man in the graphic above is taking, he would in a heartbeat … IF … they would meet the simple criteria of spending 1 hour a day for 7 days straight in a quiet atmosphere similar to shown, and with no technology on their person whatsoever. 

It is believed that if said challenge was taken by enough people, we would begin to see change in those very lives, as a simple result of being out from under the hypnotic and manipulative trance-like state that the emptiness of technology and social media deliver; it would quickly become unimportant once the mind experiences genuine freedom of thought.

As it is, freedom of thought has long been stolen from the soul of man, and in its place is programmed manipulation for self esteem, local, regional, and world news propaganda, gossip, and if that wasn’t enough, a new sense of freedom to be who we want to be while hiding behind the closed doors of our faceless society; nothing shy of the devil’s means to collect brain-dead imbeciles who choose not to think for themselves.

With that said, TM truly empathizes with the majority who are living out the aforementioned real life scenarios because the system of winning the souls of man, guiding and directly them wherever it chooses … steering us to live in obedience to distractions … reacting to life rather than living life … while being kept too busy to see it consuming self, is indeed ruthless at its core … and the furthest thing from a laughable matter.


Many will argue the fact that life is meant to be lived by all abundantly and to the full. The book I stand on says that the rich and poor have one thing in common, and that is that God made them both. If we take into consideration the entirety of the bible, all 31,173 verses worth, nothing added, nothing taken away, no where do we find God telling us that there is to be rich and there is to be poor; poverty in itself is the result of the rich selfishly hoarding rather sharing what God has given them; and shame on those who abuse the word of God for profit and share their giving as do the pagans only when the camera is rolling … and God knows the heart.

Looking at the graphic above, showing the young woman standing amidst a shower of sunflower petals, we can appreciate the idea that anyone can experience this without cost. Yet very few take the initiative for lack of interest, or should we say, a lack of artificial stimulation by captivating 3D & 4D graphics found on the latest tech-toys … and are not going to sacrifice these toys when it appears to be one of the only so-called get-a-ways they have in life.

It should be noted that the idea of standing in this sunflower petal shower outdoors in the peace and quiet of it all cannot be experienced on a screen, 3D/4D or not, in the same manner as being there live; no different than listening to our favorite band on audio verses being at a live concert … just not the same!

What am I getting at?

I’m believing the majority know there is something wrong but don’t know who to trust, or how or where to begin for the change needed. I also believe the people want to have their lost hope and joy restored, and yet, the younger generations, forty (40) and under, are too afraid to take chances needed in such a volatile economy with zero job or income security to be found; in the blink of an eye, it’s gone and people are replaced like numbers.

To make matters worse, the forty and above group are rightfully afraid to speak up for their own rights and the rights of those who need a voice, for fear of losing what they’ve got.

And you’re suggesting what, TM?

That people would begin offering TM a listening ear … and sharing this blog … with a strong focus on monitoring the HUGE link. I would like to earn your trust, which in turn is going to change the course of our future, literally, moving the majority out from under a system that has us trapped, therefore keeping us under its thumb.

QUESTION #1: “If you had disposable income in your bank account as we speak, let’s say $10-20K that you knew would always be replenished and growing month after month, living without the fear of a bleak future, would you still be living as you are living at this very moment?”

QUESTION #2: “We can see that politics and the government are not capable of resolving our issues, so what makes more sense; staying the course, believing that beat up people will eventually stumble upon the miracle leaders we need … OR … begin tuning in to a man who has given up 20+ years of his life to find us an inerrant and infallible solution, favorable to all … the people, business, non-profit, and government … and to be announced any day now?”

6 thoughts on “You Tell Me!”

  1. As more evidence surfaces about the ills of social media (not just that it’s addictive, but that it may cause psychological damage), people need to take a stand and demand more quality time from people around them. Put down the phones when you’re conversing and/or enjoying a meal. Spend some real face time with your friends and family rather than using it as an accessory for your phone.

    1. Hi, Michael …

      You’re spoiling me here with regular visitation, lol…

      Must commend you on this reply specifically, because change literally can come from walking away from technology alone, nothing else is needed; at least to the point of enjoying the company around us, especially family.

      I know I emphasize on money a lot, and when push comes to shove, anything beyond a nice 1 week vacation yearly is needed by all; even in Europe a person launches into their career with 6 weeks holidays, and North American Canadians and Americans are lucky to get 2 weeks…and then…it’s paid time…not actual holiday pay included…which comes with the package in Europe … thus TM feels change is needed everywhere, especially USA and Canada.

      Thanks again for stopping by, my friend…how nice…how greatly appreciated… TM

  2. Question one… No. I wouldn’t be living as I am. I struggle to make ends meet and spend a lot of my time working or figuring out a way to work less. I hardly go out anymore or do any traveling. Sometimes I get so bored with everything, I feel physically sick from it. As for question two… I am not sure how to answer this. I don’t look to the government to solve the world’s problems but more so to keep laws in check and keep our country safe. It seems the biggest threat to the US these days are the citizens themselves who have no sense of purpose or direction in life.

    1. Hey, Mick …

      What a great comment. I especially appreciate hearing in this day and age, someone saying that they “don’t look to the government to solve the world’s problems.” If I might add, one thing the government could and should do, is take a percentage of all the taxes an individual pays to them over their years of employment and then pay it out as a retirement fund when said individual decides to take it; no restrictions, and left accountable for their own survival from that point on. Therefore if someone chooses to work for 45 years, so be it … and the one that chooses to work only 10, or say 20 years, so be it also.

      Two last things on points you address. 1/ You feeling physically sick from boredom, which I call the monotony of life, I truly empathize with you, and thus the very point that has kept me searching for a solution to all this boredom.

      This leads me to 2/, when you say that people have no sense of purpose or direction, there are two reasons for this and I will pin them A/ & B/.
      A/ because I have sworn not to preach as a former pulpit preaching pastor, this will be too short but enough to get the point across. Augustine said, “The soul will remain restless until it finds its rest in God.” And I will add, we can never get truth from a lie, and because the truth is propagated to be anything but, therein lies the reason people have no purpose and direction in their lives.
      B/ It is hard to launch what we feel to be our purpose in life without the funds to do so, therefore, our true direction for contentment in preventing such as boredom or removing ourselves from the monotony of life is squashed.

      Appreciate your time, Mick … really … good one … TM

  3. I feel like if I didn’t have to worry about money, I wouldn’t know how to act! Growing up I had to watch my mother and father constantly fight over income. My mother would gamble it away and my father would drink it away. Anytime anyone in the family had more money for whatever reason, it became an all out war of gossip and hateful words against them. I don’t know how my life would be if I no longer had to worry about money but I hope some day, I will know what it feels like! Financial bondage is a burden far too many of us have today.

    1. You got it, Shannon!

      It is a plague…a well planned out plague I’m guessing into this mess…and have done so for the past 20+ years.

      Believe it or not, this robbing Peter to pay Paul lifestyle accustomed to by the majority can come to an abrupt close…and end…and TM wouldn’t be here preaching such a thing if it were not as real and possible as the nose on our faces; for me, as a former pulpit preaching pastor who has always loved all and judged none…as real and possible with Christ as my witness.

      Keep watch on the HUGE link on this site … as I am trusting with a few more tweaks, the majority can have at their mercy a simple subscription that will quickly begin redefining the lives of those living the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle … that simply makes it possible for the people to separate the job from the income, leading us into THE AGE OF EQUALITY …

      Thanks for stopping by … TM

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