Where we choose to categorize Isaac Newton, mastering so well at finding the chinks in everyone’s armor but our own, would never fully capitalize on the hidden brilliance of such a profound statement  pinned when he said, “what we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.”

No matter what lobby we support, what side of the fence we sit, believing the grass is always greener somewhere else, this is a truth that very few choose to acknowledge. A simple challenge to test out said theory is to visit any youtube dispute (comment section) and if you find 10 or 1000 comments, the majority of them are reactive without grounded knowledge and research to support their claims. Point being, we are all programmed to scoop up bits & bites of information, drops, while missing exactly what Newton is referring to when he says “what we don’t know is an ocean.”

We can never know it all, and as much as TM must confess, he has believed many days he himself does, however, we can rest assured it doesn’t take long to begin correcting itself within. There is wisdom in a man who boasts first of his weaknesses, for they not only far outweigh the good, the more weakness removed the stronger in character we grow.


Kelly Johnson, an Aircraft Engineer in his day pinned the KISS Principle that states:

“Most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore simplicity should be a key goal in design and unnecessary complexity should be avoided”

Oddly enough, society, and not the fault of the followers trusting in supposed good leadership, have come to believe quite the contrary to this statement once again. Unless something is absolutely and scientifically proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, under some means of a double blind testing formulation, that satisfies the status-quo, then it’s not given any rightful and deserving consideration; weird … but so typical of our day and age. Thus, most must remain in their cage of supposed complication until such and such time, approved by the such and such hierarchy in charge.

What I’m getting at is HUGE! You know, HUGE, as in what’s coming down the pipe. Will this too be placed on hold as a drop, or considered as a wide open ocean of thought worthy of serious consideration, followed by all out action?

TM is not on this bandwagon for self-glory, recognition, or in hopes of receiving some humanitarian award. Rather, just added to the HUGE site about to be released is the line “a most selfless undertaking for the benefit of ‘ALL’ mankind.” In other words, judged as I may and will be, this follows a twenty year struggle to find a solution that society around us is in dire need … and we cannot take this lightly … no matter our differences. You be the judge! You tell me!

The mess our current system has us, as a global populous, the worst debt load in history, with no job or income security, in a system that thrives on debt, does it or does it not need help? And if that help is available, does it not make perfect sense for it to fit the KISS Principle by the late aircraft engineer and creative mind, Kelly Johnson? Let’s see if what TM is attempting to bring to light measures up.


Let us see if we can relate to a few key attributes that accompany this so-called ‘HUGE’ expectation. Question is, can something as KISS Principle Simple actually satisfy the question, “What if freedom and choices could in fact be awaiting us just around the corner … our transition into the age of equality?”

Let us ponder the following questions to see if HUGE is worthy of our time … as we share a subscription idea using said proposed business model.

  • What other business model, worth millions, can be purchased for peanuts (affordable to the majority – disclosed upon release), 100% self-funded?

  • What other business model gives away 100% of its subscription fee to their subscribers?

  • What other business model prioritizes and implements gratitude (THANK YOU), within said model so everybody wins?

  • What other business model becomes self-funded after just 4  subscriptions?

  • What other business model returns 200%-300% monthly almost immediately from start-up?


Considering we are living in an entrepreneurial haven of systems (where we want to own the business, not the business own us), apart from no monies to make this happen, unless financed while holding fast to the very system that has us entrapped … HUGE will present a business model that redefines ‘FREE ENTERPRISE’  … empowering, delivering, and then escorting by automation, the people into the winners circle for the benefit of all … the individual, business, and government bodies worldwide. On logic and common sense alone, it just stands to reason that HUGE be worthy of a platform to be reckoned with … and let’s face it … no other business model presents this opportunity to us without bias, prejudice, or blatant false promises from selfish leadership.


Whatever someone wishes to label HUGE, it is not TM who gets the credit. Perhaps as a story’s been told, a little boy named, ‘Timmy,’ should get the credit … or his grampa for recognizing what his grandson shared with him! Either way, even Einstein takes us back with genius being defined as taking the complex and making it simple.

So regarding HUGE, TM can assure his audience of a few things to benefit the majority as promised …

  • It is genius in removing the need for debt (especially long term) ~ currently the worst debt-load in history for the people, business, and governments worldwide

  • It is genius for the majority needing to play catch-up ~ because this business model can produce the most equitable liquid cashflow availability in the fastest time frame, and all self-funded for the people by the people

  • It is genius for the overall business world ~ unlimited disposable cashflow in the hands of the majority means more consistent business ~ consumer purchases can be made when needed, not just when affordable, and without credit

  • It is genius for governments ~ saving billions on assisted and/or social programs no longer required; leaving monies that could then be redirected to other areas locally or globally, including humanitarian matters

  • It is genius for the charity and non-profit organizations ~ They could share a true win/win scenario with their current supporter base, resulting not only in expanding their own ability to meet need after need exponentially without ever having to do another fundraiser, but just as importantly, leaving every donor with a miracle of their own, providing an unfamiliar but welcomed income stream to enable that much more giving

  • It is genius in its ability to catapult disposable income to the point of placing every person and/or family at the top of their food chain by choice ~ affordably avoiding the horrendous inundation of genetically modified and empty calorie foods ~ empowering access instead to the best of organic, homeopathic, all natural product lines for example, including vitamins (not synthetic), as well as access to the indisputable superiority of the Japanese Medical Water units, in which currently remain out of reach because of price point

  • It is genius in a way that employers (companies of any size) can confidently share said business model with their own staff, especially in the case of seasonal employment, without the slightest fear of conflicting with their own job requirements *** THIS IS A SERIOUS AND SAD PROBLEM today with people trying to balance 2 and 3 jobs and have a normal life at the same time


So could we label HUGE as genius? That will be left, right or wrong, in the eyes of the beholder. Fair is fair, and TM is merely here with a slightly different message than when he was in the pulpit, lol. OK much different from salvation is the topic of total equality for the people, however, yes, I’m being somewhat facetious here, while attempting to win trust just long enough for a reader or two to take him serious and then take the time needed (30-45 min minimum), to review HUGE when revealed to the public in the next couple weeks.

In closing, TM wants to introduce you to his partner concerning HUGE.

Gigi (Ogugwa Uzorka), from Nigeria, now living in the USA., whom I met on a plane for Florida a few years back, is both loved and admired … like a second daughter to me. She is introduced on the upcoming revelation website as …

~ A woman after God’s own heart ~ ‘ALL PEOPLE’ must come first ~ Born and raised in Nigeria ~ ‘Master of Science in Civil Engineering’ ~ “Changing our world for such a pittance seemed too good to be true … until I saw the ‘how to business model‘ for myself”

It wasn’t her faith or her Master’s Degree that drew me to connect with her more closely, it was her heart and big warm welcoming smile. And to openly confess without bias, I see Gigi fitting and suiting the same respect as that handed to the three greats noted here on this post; Isaac Newton, Kelly Johnson, and Albert Einstein. Her name may not go down in history as the likes of these three, however, her heart and unselfishly driven spirit will live on long past her time with us.

PS: You do not need to believe as we do … believe as you choose … but leave your mind to the likes of a parachute that can only work when it is open … especially regarding HUGE … and all for the long term benefit of you and your family … and anyone you know, if you so choose.


  1. Free enterprise isn’t as free as people might think. These are solid principles for life in general, Truth Mogul and while I rely on the Scripture as my foundation, I know there can be wisdom found by others such as Newton (who I believe was a Christian) and Einstein. There’s nothing wrong with simplicity and overthinking sometimes results in poor decisions. I’m working hard to reduce my debt load and I thank you for reminding me life doesn’t have to be the rat race some people find themselves in.

    1. You know, we are missing our mark as a result of being dummied down by a system that plays people for dummies, when in fact, all people are worthy of so much more, and much smarter than given credit; but again, that is the system that looks nice and concerned about rights, when the real motive is to place people where they want them, and where we have ended up.
      If given the opportunity, as TM is striving for a platform to address these measures with leadership that is unwavering only because of my faith, I believe the people will listen, only because of transparency…something leadership doesn’t disclose. I have no problem sharing my faith and supporting my position as a result of said faith, yet with that said, I also love all and judge none, and my track records supports that. A leader must accept all for who they are and not for who I want them to be or become.
      This post is as straight forward as it gets, and debt loads by the billions will not nor cannot be fixed with a minimum wage increase, no matter $100 p/hr. The only answer is a completely different business model capable of providing self-funded disposable income into the pockets of the majority, while using our current system only for the JOB we seek, AND WITHOUT the slightest concern for the monetary return said job provides.
      So yes, FREE ENTERPRISE will come to fruit, new fruit unlike any other time in history, IF people will slow themselves down just long enough to realize, just using 10% only of our latest technological advancements can place anyone, affordably as well, into a whole new ball game with what’s coming very, very soon. All TM is missing is the big budget and means to hit the world like most big projects do; unfortunately the majority of those projects are selfishly and profit driven rather than people-first-driven…not to mention, leaving the majority in control to reap as much as the founders/owners themselves, as does HUGE.

      You’re so in tune with your comments … and I am truly grateful … and desire that 10K would begin to see these posts and see the light …

      Thanks again, Mike


  2. My faith is in God and I do my best to be as much like Jesus as I can, but in this day and age, it is so hard. I think a lot of growing up has to do with being able to humble yourself, stay open-minded, and not letting state or religion tell you what to do or how to feel. I have come a long way and I may know 90% more than I knew just a few years ago, but I have a lot to learn. Really enjoyed this read!

    1. You got that right, Brian, it is tough today to stay focused on what is important. Remaining open-minded is crucial, as well as accepting.

      TM has learned a long time ago to accept people for who they are, or choose to become; it’s their life, not ours, and who are we to judge.

      Thanks, Brian … TM

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