This article goes on to add that “People, it would seem, no longer trust a voice simply because it comes from authority. Instead of corporate-speak obfuscation, the style people feel they can engage with is probably best exemplified through social media ­– concise, direct and spontaneous,” sharing the following graphic.

Truth Mogul is certainly not a rehearsed speaker, even while he was in the pulpit (Resigned in 2007 to better fulfill his purpose…while avoiding the politics…yes…even in the church).

Respect must precede all that we do, and yet, being bold and to the point is not a bad thing, for judging and being bold are simply not the same. Many times, far too many to count these days, ‘PERSONAL EXPERIENCE’ is beating the degree, only because our leaders of tomorrow are being bound up with everything from inequity in the job market (no jobs), and debt pressuring them to do what they simply were not educated to do; what fun is that!

As for social media, this is something worth noting, as yours truly uses this very cautiously for good reason. Being pretty good with a computer and over 20 years research online, I have had next to zero benefit, other than wasting precious time; no offense friends and family!

While on this point, in said time frame, it was discovered that 98% fail while attempting to cash in on the MAKING ZILLIONS ONLINE farce…PLUS…this media although appearing to be innocent and family friendly, is quite the contrary CHECK OUT THESE LINKS.

A really sound way to validate how many people are actually following the big names or corporations on social media, just simply check out how many LIKES or COMMENTS there are on posts…especially Twitter; it’s a joke! Out of 10K, 50K, 100K, or millions of followers, they’re lucky to receive any most of the time. What makes it work for them is that someone will always be there triggered by its topic to share it for the millionth time.

Thus my Social Media platform closing point, is that they are there for the benefit of corporations and big business…advertising as well…and to propagate manipulative news grooming you and I to think exactly how they want us to think. This is no joke! I dare you to monitor your cell/facebook time alone and see for yourself.

So in my own defense around ‘what makes Truth Mogul any different – why trust him,’ might I offer up: “What about a primary missing link in society, being the cornerstone of everything TM stands for, such as, people-first leadership, accountability, integrity, unselfishly driven motives, etc., etc. etc.?

So we don’t know who or what to trust, and I hear you, however, somewhere, sometime real soon, it is paramount that we begin trusting and following the right people for all the right reasons.

Just maybe this perfect stranger, far from perfect himself, a former pulpit preaching Pastor who loves all and judges none, unafraid to say it as it is regarding the politics inside and outside the church…or to admit he’s outspoken and bold, is the kind of guy we should be trusting; flattering politicians isn’t working!

Maybe it’s worth knowing that this man doesn’t come with a political or religious agenda, but rather, as someone you can relate to…a genuine commoner…a struggling middle class man who is simply fed up himself with watching too many people get beat by a system that will not nor ever will let them win…including himself.

Enough really is enough…and all this Truth Mogul can say is…if there was ever anyone you could trust to be bringing you the truth about any issue, it is this TRUTH MOGUL.

Yes, there is a cure for Type2 Diabetes…and yes I believe that the CANCER CASHCOW is one of our biggest farces this day and age…and yes I also believe that no man or woman needs to live with debt until debt-do-they-part, etc., etc., etc…what more can I say!

If you want truth … TRUTH MOGUL is your guy!

2 thoughts on “What Makes Truth Mogul Any Different – Why Trust Him?”

  1. Truth Mogul, I’ve been reading your blogs for a couple months. Naturally, I don’t agree with everything you write, but I appreciate your candor and you sharing your personal experience. Many times it seems like people are just throwing out things online and seeing what sticks against the wall. You write on a number of topics, but your purpose seems to be shredding through the forest of lies and disinformation out there. If people want the truth, they need to develop critical thinking skills and learn not to trust blindly in anyone but God. Looking forward to more blogs, Truth Mogul.

    1. Hello, Ty Hutchinson…and it is good to have you back with honesty; as we can always agree to disagree while appreciating the integrity that precedes it, amen!

      TM is trusting to reveal mostly what he is familiar with from personal experience. I could easily turn this into a Christian blog, however, I have a Christian leadership site that does that. is merely a blog who’s founder is Christian, however its content is not in nature, but more so, what the world can fairly relate to and comment, just like you and a few others are doing…for which I am grateful.

      Thank you so very much,


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