Literally, no exceptions, we’ve all done it and seen it in action, being ourselves or someone else FUMING TO LET OFF STEAM; ranting from the car; crossing a street and hearing it from an aggressive, too much of a hurry driver; in the midst of a meeting; in what appears to be too long of a line-up; poor or slower than needed service in our estimation; trying to return an item that lasted months when it should be lasting years, etc., etc.

Now as inappropriate as this is, as foolish as we have often felt ourselves, do you suppose that just maybe, there could be much more going on in an individuals life to make them act like this: a sick spouse, friend; just lost their job; lost a friend or family member in an accident; never received the job or raise they anticipated; failed the exam needed to receive their degree?

No excuse for our behavior, while at the same time, what if the reason is much bigger and goes much deeper, and is all too common with more people than just ourselves?

If we all drove nurf cars, do you suppose there would be a whole lot of unnecessary and new challenges taking place on our highways and bi-ways, such as the above two cars going head to head, “Oh ya!,” “Ya!,” “Get out of the way!,” “No, you get out of the way!”? Being somewhat facetious here, however, we’re not too far off of this in reality.

From another perspective, have we not all witnessed, especially while driving or waiting at a light, deliberate actions by others that have made us cringe and/or shake our heads in surprise, such as:


  • Waiting to go through a light as a pedestrian deliberately slows and walks even slower, holding up traffic?
  • How about driving in the right hand lane of a 4 lane highway, as by law, according to the drivers handbook (Keep Right Except to Pass \ Slower Traffic Keep Right), coming upon another vehicle in which we need to pass, and another vehicle who lives for the left (wrong) lane, remains as such, coming alongside us, only to slow down rather than passing as they should in said left faster lane, which prevents us from passing and having to brake?
  • Or you’re the one doing the passing and the other car suddenly speeds up … and/or waits for you to pass only to speed up and then pass you again?
  • And an all too common pet-peeve is when we are making a left hand turn and the needing to make an immediate right hand lane change for a right hand turn, when doing so, someone has made the same left turn but directly into the right lane and then looks at you as though you have three heads?

People are beat up! They are tired of robbing Peter to pay Paul! They are tired of living to exist rather than existing to live! They are so fed up they are more eager to die than they are to live … and this must and can stop.


Simple! I’m for the people who realize something bigger is playing out around them and they can’t quite get their head around it, nor do they know who to trust or where to turn anymore for answers they can count on; sadly enough the majority have given up hope and accepted their fate as, just the way it is.

Now although our societal demise is bigger than life itself, another story and topic for another time, this post alone is indeed a key matter at the top of ‘the needs to be addressed‘ chart.

As noted in the second paragraph from the top, it is agreed that yes, much of this is taking place, however, there is also an underlying stronghold, a lie actually, that has the majority believing and accepting that IT IS WHAT IT IS, and it cannot be changed, and this is where TM says, “Woe the bus!”

Yes friends, it is what it is, however, it is also our right and freedom to think outside the box for ourselves and the future security of our family. With that said, TM has been on this path for over twenty years seeking an answer … AN UNSELFISHLY DRIVEN ANSWER … knowing somehow back in 1996 that we would be in this mess we are today; the greatest debt-load in the history of mankind, with generation after generation living until debt do they part.

Did you know there exists a means to remove our need for debt, long-term included, that would literally position the majority to separate their job from their income, meaning, a person could suddenly work out of passion without need or concern for the monetary return of performing that job … because their living income is derived from a completely different, outside, self-funded source?

TM is encouraging you with all his menial power and might, with no political or religious agenda … THAT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY would be wise to begin considering a new alternative coming soon, and ride its wave, if for nothing else than for the future financial security of your (our) children and grandchildren.

If there has ever been a time in history where the people needed transparent, people-first, integral, and accountable leadership, today is that time.


4 thoughts on “We’ve All Done It But Why”

  1. Good observation Truth Mogul. I think the reason we see so much road rage is because it’s a seemingly passive way to blow off stream. You yell at a driver for cutting you off or going too slow because deep down, you’re worried about making that credit card payment in time to avoid a late fee (and a jump in your interest rate). However, as we’ve seen on the news, something like yelling at someone can turn violent in the blink of an eye. People need to address the true reason for their rage. Sure, there are some idiot drivers out there, but the real problem isn’t on the road, it’s back home or in the workplace.

    1. Hey, Michael!

      Let me expand on your insightful 7 word closing quote, “it’s back home or in the workplace,” as you have indeed hit the nail on the head; the reality of life hits home as a result of what’s taking place around us, and considering 70-80% literally hate what they do for a living, with our younger generations working 2+ jobs or seeking a job, honestly, what fun or hope is there in that?

      But there is hope! I’ve believed there is for the past 20 years of research, I just didn’t know until now what that could look like. Unfortunately, traditional thought can never provide us the resolve we need. We must think bigger for the change we need, a complete 180 from what from what we have, while taking into consideration Einstein’s definition of ‘Insanity;’ continuing to do what we have always done expecting different results.

      And the long of the short is, it is time for us to move into what TM calls, The Age of Equality where the majority have a chance, without bias or potential of such from any side or lobby, and that is to regain the hope lost by having something solid to show for all their efforts (labors) put forth in what’s become a manipulative dog eat dog world.

      Thanks again for your comment, Michael … TM

  2. Road rage is the tip of the iceberg. People have so much pent-up rage, but why? I think people need to reflect on their lives more whether it’s spending habits, disposable income, or how they deal with others. Do we want to live in world filled with hate and violence?

    1. Hey, Ryan!

      Most definitely, to reflect upon our lives must take precedence, and certainly part and parcel to the whole premise behind HUGE; giving us the psychological ability, thus capacity, to stop and think for ourselves. And we can only do this by removing the worst nightmare anyone can have … and that being … the bondage of routinely living month after month, year after year with nothing to show for the efforts put forth, paycheck to paycheck.

      In being candid, what hope and excitement is there of getting one bill paid off and two more showing up; just getting a new used car that now needs brakes, or tires, or a muffler system; books and/or clothes for the children’s school year that rise annually or funds for College; groceries that continue to go up monthly, while the paycheck remains the same; a distant family emergency that requires travel and hotel; or paying for the annual one week vacation via credit card in order to even get that vacation, etc., etc., etc.

      With all the above on the minds of the people, we get as you have noted and can be witnessed daily; a world filled with hate and violence … and even for those led by a powerful faith, it becomes a challenge at the best of times when faced daily with angry, disgruntled, unhappy people, who cannot be blamed for a good portion of the reasons for living with a chip on their shoulders.

      Thanks, Ryan … TM

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