Nothing Beats The Truth When it is Shared For The Benefit of the People

As a person who has been adamant about truth from a young child, TM is also one who learned very quickly that an exhaustive approach to understanding right from wrong, or say truth from falsehood in completely unnecessary.

All people are entitled to truth, unfortunately that is not the case today. We need more leaders willing to say what needs to be said, while doing so respectfully and without judgement; remembering that being bold is not judging anyone or anything … it is simply something that needs to be said and people deserve to hear it.

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In closing, keep a close eye on the menu link ‘HUGE’ as that is truly TM’s ultimate pet-peeve … a solution on its way to put the people in control of a system that currently controls them with its need for us to maintain debt until debt do us part.

PS: With that said, what’s coming is not about some sort of revolution or anti-system, etc., but rather, a resolve that can come alongside our failing and bias system to enable the people to work at what they choose and are passionate about doing, rather than being obligated to do so in order to pay bills and debt.

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Happy 2018!

4 thoughts on “Truth Mogul Overview in Five”

  1. “What is truth?” Pontius Pilate said. There is truth to be found, but you have to navigate many misconceptions, myths, and lies to get to it. God has given us the ability to think and to trust in Him to show us the way. It’s not an easy path to follow for everyone, but there are so many benefits to seeking the truth. I think anyone who seriously has an open mind and searches God’s Word will find the truth along with the principles to make for a fulfilling life. What do you think, Truth Mogul?

    1. You know, Mike, it’s like I were paying you to be here, lol … considering I am an ordained pastor who resigned from the pulpit in 2007 to complete what I felt to be my own bigger purpose (coming in March).

      I could not agree more with your post. Oddly enough, TM was not brought up in a Christian home. Apart from how I came to know this amazing grace (long and sad story really apart from the free gift as the end result), it is He would puts us onto the right path … the very path we refuse to travel thinking it is not what we want. But oh how sweet it is once found…literally, TM was lost but suddenly found…he was one moment blind and the next could see the world’s true colors as black & white. In one sense, a great thing, and on the other hand, sad to see what we are all running from, because if we would just let go, we wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

      Now in the footer of my blog,, there is a book written by yours truly, for those needing answers beyond what is simply not making sense otherwise…that shares the “How & Why we connect with the living God,” a step by step word for word scriptural reference to make understanding ‘RELIGION’ easy; truth is not about religion … it’s all about a relationship.

      Thanks again, Mike

  2. I’ve been here for a little while now and there are some cool blogs here. It’s a nice variety of daily living and inspirational information. TM is no hellfire and brimstone preacher, but he delivers his message well. What’s the message? You don’t have to live life under society’s thumb. There are ways to enjoy a more fulfilling life through time-tested principles. At least, that’s what I’ve got from the blogs here.

    1. Thank you, kindly, Hugh for the nice kind words; one day I’d love to meet in person and shake your hand. Not as in bribe, not as in the politically correct thing to do, but rather, because it is the right thing to do…nothing beats hearing real genuine THANK YOU…amen!

      And speaking of living under society’s thumb, do pay attention to what should have been revealed by now, however, it is still coming, and that is HUGE. It is and will be one of the easiest and quickest and affordable (AND YES OF COURSE IT’S LEGAL), means to change life as we know it … and remove the bondage that comes with it…especially the financial.

      So happy to hear that you are finding something worth reading on these blog posts…thanks for continually returning to see what’s up …


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