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Like yourself, as one of the majority of our global populous, majority meaning, we can do all the screaming we want but it’s not going to change a thing, other than our mood perhaps from so-so to a full blown frustration that leaves us numb as a result of feeling like we are the only person who seems concerned.

As for Trump, adding in the seriously ‘Fake-Media,’ like him or leave him, it is what it is, and just maybe, we’d be better off fighting a battle we can win … especially for the benefit of ourselves and family.

What am I getting at? Let me first touch on a very touchy subject … as in social media … especially Facebook, raking in on a bad quarter, Ten Billion in profit.

Facebook and Social Media is The Devil on Steroids

Facebook and Social Media is the Devil on Steroids with one main agenda: Profit, profit, profit, information, and more profit; the information being yours. Don’t take my word for it, check out what Harvard has to say.

And the brief point here is merely to help us self-monitor our own usage of social media, and in exchange, spend our time more wisely that will benefit our family at the end of that time spent, leading us into an age that is long overdue that TM likes to call ‘The Age of Equality.’

We Cannot Change Time But We Can Use it More Wisely Unlike Any Other Time in History

We cannot change time but we can use it more wisely unlike any other time in history because of where we are with technology. More importantly, if we are desirous to spend time and energy propagating our pet peeves, would it not make more sense to do so when our time can afford us such privilege?

Posting ‘stuff’ on facebook, or on twitter, when our automobile, the roof on our home, the vacation we really want, etc., etc., needs tending, is not doing any of us any good…other than the satisfaction, maybe, of winning over the whits of one more person also caught up in spending time accomplishing nothing. As a Jewish friend of mine once said: “Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels.”

Or maybe test this one out: “If you have 150/150,000 friends/followers, how many of those people like/share each post you put up?” If lucky, 1%! Birthdays may garnish you with a few more, but that’s because FB has it mastered as a reminder … but that’s it folks. Other than that, friends and followers is a popularity contest and nothing more; he/she who has the most likes or followers must be more popular…HOGWASH…just saying!

Successful people such as, President Donald Trump, has long established his priorities (financial security) … as has Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook; even if we don’t respect the latter for his means of conquer-ship, or takeover.

Rest assured, once the money is out of the way that little thing called privilege allows us to do as we choose … and guaranteed, as with all truly successful people, it won’t be spent wasting time on social media or propagating politics and politicians.


Here’s the thing! What if we are all missing out because of global propagation … in which you and I are partly responsible for doing our share of exactly what social media is created to do? How much fear, uncertainty, bad news, etc., is spread on Facebook alone on a daily basis…care to guess?

On August 22, 2012, Facebook revealed some big, big stats on big data to a few reporters at its HQ, including that its system processes 2.5 billion pieces of content and 500+ terabytes of data each day. It’s pulling in 2.7 billion Like actions and 300 million photos per day, and it scans roughly 105 terabytes of data each half hour.

This was in 2012 my friends, and do you suppose a few more things have powered up over this time?

95% propagated is Media instigated news in which we have all participated to some extent, out of mere frustration for countless and personal reasons … and the correct term for this is ‘Fear Mongering.’

The article noted above from ‘Harvard‘ touches on the fact that SM acts like a vice on the minds of those caught up in its addiction that dis-empowers, or disengages our mind from thinking for itself … thus … the end result is a term called ANHEDONIA, where we lose our ability to experience pleasure, finding ourselves living almost hypnotically in a life of robotic reaction and actions, missing what’s truly important … OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO THINK FOR OURSELVES … religious or not … plus … the priority of living for family and with purpose … and not just going through the motions of life that the majority, if honest, are guilty of partaking.

The Above Graphic Was Placed on FB x2 With Zero Attention

Please test this for yourself on your own FB page.

Change your Profile or Timeline photo … and see how many friends give you the LIKE.

Add a nice fluffy quote … we’ve all seen them … [IF YOU THINK YOU CAN DO IT YOU CAN IF YOU BELIEVE YOU WILL NOT FAIL], blah, blah, blah, lol, lol … and again, see how many LIKE said quote.

Post a puppy talking, a trophy Rhino or Elephant shot by Trump’s son, a news media clipping full of lies, or not, … or how The Rock is giving away FREE MONEY, lol, omg, etc., etc., etc., and people will be all over it.

BUT … post something such as the graphic above that people should not miss and it’s of no interest.

In closing, just maybe my point has been made … leading you to reconsider where your time is being spent. Until then, you’re encouraged to monitor the HUGE link in the menu bar above … because there really is a solution on its way, that not one family on God’s green earth should miss seeing or hearing about.

PS: You can follow up with one of many calls left on your V/M, sent by an online guru and his ‘autodialer’ promising you the moon … or consider trusting a man who has spent the past 20+ years searching for a solution in favor of the majority in need around the world, because he also is tired of being in the majority without choices.

6 thoughts on “Trump and Facebook or Fifteen Minutes to Change Your Families Future”

  1. Trump is an easy target. He is a face and figure to place blame on for a lot of people. You see it on Facebook and Twitter constantly. Friends, family, even people you only know online… Many of them down talk this man and blame him for the country falling apart. If you truly want to see change in this country, sign out of Facebook and Twitter, and start with yourself. Start small. Just start.

    1. An amen to that one, lol, Samantha!

      You know, social media, and I say this cautiously, ‘CAN’ have a place, as well as online usage, and it just so happens, that is what HUGE (see link on my blog) is all about; what’s coming is for the benefit of the people, business, non-profit, and government bodies worldwide … and only 10% of all technology available to us can lead us into what TM calls, The Age of Equality … and 100% social media free … 90% online free.

      PS: Consider that Obama created more deficit than all the previous Presidents before him, and yet, we never heard of that. No matter who the President or leader is, the media uses them until they don’t need them and then the games start; CNN is a master of this … and TM never, ever wastes time on television or youbie-tube because they are simply too infested with ADS, ADS, and more ADS … yuk! Not to mention, one merely has to listen to most anyone around us today to get the gist of what we don’t really need, nor want to hear, lol.

      So let us move forward under your advice to sign out of social media’s and be ourselves well enough without it 🙂 … thanks again, Samantha … TM

  2. I will be honest, I hate Trump. I hate his entire administration. I don’t like how his actions are like a domino effect that causes people to react in panic. I won’t however be blindsided by facts. He has helped create more jobs, pay raises, better schools, and get people off welfare and in the workforce again. I find on social media, the facts do not matter no matter where you stand politically and it is dumbing down the entire nation.

    1. You know, Matthew, nothing beats honesty whether we agree or disagree. I’ve never been a big fan of Trump’s tactics and methods, and yet, like yourself, so many, far too many are blindsided by the underlying media manipulation against this man. Look up the connection he made with Kim Yong-nam; something a politician would nor ever could have accomplished with such success (outside the media haggle, twist & turn), and yet this powerful, and must admit somewhat of an egocentric businessman made it happen. AND NOW read this take about North Korea by a Canadian philosophy teacher HERE

      PS: And if you really want to have an inside of media/world-leadership manipulation, read this summary from the same teacher around a book just translated into English 2017, HERE

      Thank you, Mathew … and as Elvis would say … THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH … and mean it also 🙂

  3. Everyone needs to do what I did back in 2016 and get off social media. There are so many liars and snakes on there only looking to bend people and form them into like-minding, same thought drones for their own agendas. I am so glad people are speaking out against it all. If you want to save the future and make a future for your children, cut the cords of social media and live in the real world.

    1. Wow … it was getting awful lonely out here in a world that has been so blindsided I never thought there were many left with such true and much needed conviction on this matter, Rene; “cut the cords of social media and live in the real world,” … wow what a quote from a real person.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a true heart felt reply… TM

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