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I have long been a disputer of whether it’s healthy to take vaccines.  I believe it’s not okay. Years ago, approximately in 2002, I took a flu shot. This was something I was resisting for years because well, you don’t have to, and I was leary to take something I didn’t know what was in it.

I got pneumonia. This was it for me.  I was sick for a month.  I was living in Northern British Columbia, where it is cold in the winter.  Since I am now living in the southern USA, :South Carolina, I find I rarely get sick.  

Plus, as a teacher, years before in the 80’s  I got a TB test and it came out slightly positive.   So, I asked why, they said in order to make the vaccine, they put some of the TB virus in there. They said not to worry about it.   This grossed me out.  If I didn’t have to get a vaccine for work, (like Hepatitis or TB shot) I didn’t.  Until 2002 with a bit of peer pressure, I finally relented, got a flu shot and got really sick.

Q: “Jennifer, is this not what they mean by fighting fire with fire?”

Yes, I’m being somewhat facetious here, but also very serious. This is not a laughing matter when certain agendas are threatening the very livelihood of the majority around the world; NOT ON MY WATCH…enough is enough! And yes, to Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate, that is the Question, however, evidence strongly favors the latter.

For it! ... Against it! ... For it! ... Against it!

Speaking of 'BALANCE' from a few posts back, with all due respect, this guy is up and own like a Yo-Yo when it comes to getting straight answers. Dr. Mercola has his own agenda! If it's in his best interest (buying what he endorses), he's for it ... if not ... he's against it. AND WE WONDER WHY THE WORLD GETS SO CONFUSED with supposed professionals being so easily deep in and out of payola. CLICK ON MERCOLA LOGO to see for yourself a google page showing this man FOR IT ... AGAINST IT ... FOR IT ... AGAINST IT ...and then ask yourself if he is the man you desire to place your trust.

The Media, by the financial blessings of the BIG PARMA, has the unshakeable power using any technological stream available (cell/television/tablet/), to program us as they see fit…thinking the way they want and need us to think. THESE PUPPETS HAVE THEIR OWN AGENDAS! From how we dress, how we wear our hair, how low the blouses are to be, what bra shares the endowment best…and on and on…right down to manipulating the potential of homeopathic good by changing law that dictates the need for all and anything natural to publicize …NOT APPROVED BY THE FDA hogwash…and we believe it!

Truth is, if we knew the truth, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate would not be in question.


Stop avoiding the very thing that heals bodies…your body. To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate should not be in question, that is the Question if we trust our own hearts and desire the truth and not listen to politically correct and well funded Media to propagate lies.

STOP before your life is on the line and you don’t have the courage to do what you need to do.

Know ahead of time that even when the Cancer bigots (biggest cash cow now known to man), tell you that drinking their ‘Drano’ (Chemo) is your best option, instead of their 5 year remission window (their cure claim) … INSTEAD … you could have countless years…minimum of 10 years by taking no action at all. Do your research…know this stuff!

Start by visiting Know that its founder was kicked out of California because the people who were given months to live with tumors numerous sizes who would come to him for help, were cured…done with…history…and lived to tell about it.


Enough is enough and this is the TRUTH MOGUL who shares nothing but the truth so help me God.

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