Time no Money ~ Money no Time ~ can be resolved with one subscription

TM can appreciate that if we were talking religion here, people would be intolerant; some believe, some do not and that is OK as that is our freedom of will to choose for ourselves.

HOWEVER … why on earth are we running from the most simple solution known to mankind to resolve our dilemma of living payday to payday, charging most anything and everything we need today and living with debt until death do us part, including students, when it is absolutely unnecessary in this day and age?

We have arrived at the crux of ‘Time no Money ~ Money no Time,’ with only a 1-3% chance for the latter happening grant you, and yet, all as a result of a bias financial, banking, and job system; without the people within said system it would fail … as the majority are currently running around like ‘chickens with their heads chopped off,’ … thus the crux, ‘Time no Money ~ Money no Time.

Multiple Streams of Income Has Now Become a Crux in Itself

Not keeping all our eggs in one basket holds merit, while at the same time, the ‘LITTLE GUY,’ in whom TM stands for, with meager cash at their disposal for investment purposes for example, leaves them with little to bargain with, as well as being unable to compete for a worthy return on investment; and this is not even touching on the fact that the less we have to invest, the lower the return rate and delay in building equity.

Just as twenty-five to forty year careers have been replaced with five to seven year careers, stability now also comes into question for the majority who are continually seeking replacement employment, as though starting over from scratch.

When disposable income is readily available, as it is for big business, its owners and shareholders (financial, banking and business ownership conglomerates), they can eagerly move forward and capitalize on multiple streams of income on investments alone … BUT THIS IS NOT THE CASE for the majority, the little guy, who in turn in a big way, is paying for those upper class investments from the debt he carries and pays until debt does he part.

To fight back however for the freedom the majority are deserving, this so-called multiple streams of income has now become a crux in itself for the people (the little guy), as they attempt to launch multiple small businesses with the idea that they too can have the financial breathing room to live life rather than life dictate to them; and where does quality family time fit into this picture?

Robert Kiyosaki (video below) has many times forewarned us that self-employment delivers nothing shy of ‘Time no Money or Money no Time,’ because the business (s) we launch, ends up owning us (money no time), and so the battle goes.

So, TM, what is the solution? Let us first confirm what it is not.

As Robert Kiyosaki points out, for the freedom of choices we are seeking and deserving, more so if unselfishly driven, we must avoid the employee and self-employed traps, because they pay the highest taxes, basically working for the rich, resulting in life controlling us rather than the other way around.

Robert goes on to explain that our primary objective should be to own business systems, such as a McDonald’s or a Subway for example that in turn can be purchased and left in the capable hands of great staff who choose the employee path; a system than can basically run itself … but then where does the money to invest come from?

He further notes our goal to become an investor, yet, without funds to invest, or returns from systems in which have invested monies and not sweat equity, this also becomes another roadblock on our path to freedom and choices; we must keep in mind that seeking out freedom and choices, unless selfishly driven, is not about chasing money, but rather, having disposable income to fulfill our deepest desires … perhaps mission work … poverty relief … launching an invention … a franchise creation, etc., etc.

Many Still Believe Multi-Level or Network Marketing to be a Solution

Many still believe multi-level or network marketing to be a solution and Mr Kiyosaki, as well as President Trump have spoken favorably of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), however we must appreciate the fact that although MLM holds merit, their motives at the time were for business purposes only (to sell books) and not necessarily as an endorsement, even though both have financial ownership and/or investments in MLM companies.

Yes this creates a bit of a paradox, however, it’s because MLM is a system. Once it’s established, one can walk away and it will pay you forever. More importantly, MLM company ownership pays big returns, and if you can afford to invest as these two men can, hey, why not!

With that said, the majority of millions who simply do not have disposable income to make this kind of investment in MLM ownership, or worse still, an attempt to establish their own MLM team, considering the average minimal monthly investment is $150-$300pm on what is know as ‘AUTOSHIP,’ when the monthly return for efforts has remained, if blessed, at maybe $100 p/m since the inception of MLM, where is the incentive to take such a plunge?

So What if we Could Secure a Short-Term Less Than Fifty Dollar Subscription That Would Immediately Begin Returning 200-300% Monthly?

So we don’t want to be an employee, unless by choice to serve and stand on security


We don’t want to be a self-employed business owner, unless by choice to do what needs to be done on our own


And we’re not in a position to invest to provide the income we need to fulfill our dreams and purpose


So what if we could secure a short-term, less than fifty dollar subscription that would immediately begin returning 200-300% monthly for life … which in turn could be left to our children’s children; and it was 100% at the mercy of gratitude?


That my friends is the new ‘New World Elpis.’


Just as we can appreciate the initial intent to move us from the Agricultural Age into the Industrial Age, with the latter currently co-existing with the Information Age, yet causing such a chasm between the rich and the poor, so we can appreciate and see our need to move us into the Age of Equality, where everybody wins and nobody needs to be left behind … thus New World Elpis (NWE).


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8 thoughts on “Time No Money ~ Money No Time”

  1. The older I get, the more I realize how precious time is. It’s a hard lesson you don’t want to learn when you look back on your life and think, “I spent all those hours working in a dead-end job where I was inadequately paid and missed out on so many important things like relationships and helping others.” As more people grow tired of being glorified wage slaves, there’s more interested in ways to escape the destructive grind of 60 hour work weeks with little to show for it.

    1. Welcome back, Michael!

      Been a while … and how nice when people identify with daily reality, thinking for ourselves, rather than technology doing it for us via way of far too much control.

      Imagine for a moment, Michael, you and anyone who chooses, are suddenly in a position to either keep the job you have, or find something more inline with which you are driven by passion.

      Better still, an entrepreneurial step with funds in hand, without debt, to share with the world your long time hearts desire; how many graveyards (cemeteries) are full of unfulfilled dreams, unwritten books, never to be discovered golden life changing ideas?

      I cannot emphasize more humbly for yourself and others to keep tabs on what’s coming (HUGE), for the benefit of the people, business, non-profit, as well as government bodies across the globe.

      Although TM can appreciate the undeniable fact that genuine, life changing good news, today, falls under the lie of “Too good to be true without a catch,” and even then, “is it really worth my time and am I willing to step out in faith one last time,” readers can rest assured with nothing to lose and everything to gain that what is about to be revealed, is not only infallible, inerrant, and KISS Principle Simple when put into action, in addition, it will come to us without the need whatsoever of any form of internet or social media marketing, where there exists a 98% online business failure rate. WE JUST NEED TO TRUST ONE MORE TIME.

      Thank you, Michael for returning and taking the time to leave a comment; greatly and deeply appreciated and respected … TM

        1. Thank you, Michael …

          I’m trusting one day for a global audience as a result of ‘HUGE’ to be reading this blog … only because it’s so unselfishly centered and driven.

          Thanks again … TM

  2. Buried in debt? Chances are you’re buried in work too as you try to dig yourself out of a bad situation. Unfortunately, the time needed to do so usually eats away at our lives, making us miserable and robbing the people around us of our presence.

    1. Hi Terry…

      So appreciate you stopping by and commenting. It’s 0120hrs as I’m logging on here, noticing your comment in need of approval.

      Yes, there is a raging battle taking place, I believe, inside the minds, thus the homes of the majority in this game of life. Oddly enough, the system being built around us does such a masterful job at convincing said majority that there is no place for controversy (unless politics or other bias controlling entities/lobbies, etc.), or negativity, therefore limited said majority again will see this post, only see it as someone whining, rather than making a point that is having a serious impact on life and those who are living it outside the wealthy circle of life.

      When you say “making us miserable and robbing the people around us of our presence,” I must also add to the list, not just our presence, but our true selves, because anyone who can think for themselves as you are doing right now with this comment, has to feel somewhat alone, because of being programmed to accept things just the way they are without rocking the boat; and latter, if frank, honest, and transparent as usual … DRIVES TM NUTS!

      Thank you, Terry for stopping by … TM

        1. Unaware of it, is right!

          And what’s coming (HUGE), is truly a genius idea to help lead people out from under this bondage that holds the majority hostage.

          Time no money, or money no time will quickly begin to become obsolete … with people in control rather than a system…


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