Separating the job from the income is truly genius, and would have been shared at The Press Conference That Never Happened … sort of. Allow me to explain!



There are many things preventing mankind, not people-kind, Mr. Prime Minister, from reaching their full potential … however, from a band-aid perspective, if we are willing to face today’s issues with honesty, see an apples to apples comparison as to why the following issues alone are upon us, and then have the courage to act upon the changes needed, we can literally, and eagerly, find ourselves moving into a new age (Agricultural – Industrial – Information) … ‘The Age of Equality.’  


People-First-Leadership is in the best interests of the people, business, non-profit, and government bodies because everybody wins; evidence is all around us from contrary thinking … and the press conference that never happened, should happen for all the right reasons.


Let us first consider the reality we are facing today; most everywhere!


  • A good majority (especially blue collar and below), live behind the eight ball of life, robbing Peter to pay Paul, year in year out.


  • Our current system, after an honest close up evaluation, instigates our need for debt.


  • Canadian News Media has reported that “One third of generation ‘Y’ are not working in their field of education; 21% are working more than 1 job; and half are seeking a new job.”


  • Authors personal income from the health field is less today than 19 years prior, and multiple staff around him, late teens to early and late 20’s confirms the above statistics, and are unsafely (minds anywhere but on the job) working 2 & 3 jobs to make ends meet.


  • The Residential Tenancies Act of Ontario grants the right to companies who hire the services of Building Superintendents, to relieve them of their duties without notice or reason … AND 7 days only to vacate: no more home … no more job … no more income; one known 53 year old has been living in his van for past two months with serious psychological challenges … a second time this has happened (A&P now Metro) after 23 years and no pension or monies from them … because of no corporate accountability.


  • Gas companies have free-reign to spike their pump pricing overnight, with no justifiable reason … with Petro Canada, not a Canadian company, leading the way, 98% of the time.


  • No job, no income, or pension security, leaves the future of ‘all’ our children and grandchildren in serious jeopardy.


  • North American minimum wage positions an employee just above the poverty line, barely able to secure an apartment, let alone afford a healthy sustenance and/or own a vehicle.


  • Pressing student debt brings about hasty, unfavorable, and life-altering decisions.


  • Telecommunication/Internet service companies, using 100% digital transferring services (No overhead for delivery), are continually raising their pricing while manipulating packages requiring more money.


  • Bell Canada refuses to open the door to free trade to allow more competitive pricing in the above noted market … why?


  • Corporate bullying by such companies as Bell Canada, have the authority, without accountability, because of financial power, to drag out court cases for years, starving little guy companies broke, all of which have legitimate cases against them: (Bell vs Mediatube just finished in excess of 5 years and Bell wins again … including and after a lying Judge is removed, while Bell gets away with stealing a patented product, now making millions monthly).


  • Cash Advance Stores (18% interest in person – 22+% online) are taking advantage of the challenged and/or vulnerable … knowing clients must habitually return without choice.


  • The Banking | Financial industry boasts of billions in profits while offering peanuts to the people (The Canadian Press 2015 reported Canadian banks averaging $4 Million p/hour … CNN-Money 2015 reported USA top 3 banks, ATM and overdraft fees only $6 Billion a year). 


  • The Pharmaceutical world exists to treat disease, with 99.9% of new and old drug releases showing side-affects list of a half dozen or more … while forcing 100% NATURAL products, many superior to big pharm-meds that aid in the prevention of disease, to display ‘NOT TESTED OR APPROVED BY FDA’ on said products that hinders consumer trust.


  • Unless an individual chooses to retire on government assistance, one needs $1.3 Million saved and invested for every $50K CDN dollars ($35K USD) to maintain their current standard of living … TODAY … not 5, 10, or 25-30 years down the road! How close are you to saving your first million?


This list could go on, however, positive change, influence, and people-first-leadership was the motive for the Press Conference that never happened. Leaving things without check, in a system that is failing us dearly, evident beyond imagination, is not a good thing.


A wise Jewish man once said that “Money is the answer to everything,” and that statement was and remains correct … then, as well as today.


One proposed solution, the first of many similar ideas to follow for certain that would have been shared had said PC happened, is best visualized by the following graphic.



The idea of ‘Separating the JOB from the INCOME’ can easily be appreciated when said graphic is understood; left side is about money & control and the right side is about people & equality. The left side can take care of the jobs and the right side can take care of the incomes, self-funded … because it all comes together for the people by the people!


So, what if the above graphic, if understood correctly after a deserving live presentation, really could lead us into this age of equality, with a resolve nothing shy of ‘GENIUS?’


  • Genius, as in a way that truly meets the KISS PRINCIPLE definition for simplicity that states – “Most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore, simplicity should be a key goal in design and unnecessary complexity should be avoided
  • Genius, as in being the first subscription that puts its monthly fee directly into the pocket of the subscriber
  • Genius, as in being the first that provides all subscribers with their very own subscription-based company that quickly becomes self-funded for the people by the people … who simply say: ‘Thank you for thinking of me!’
  • Genius, as in being a first to remove our need for debt (including long term)
  • Genius, as in being the first that places disposable income into the pockets of those pressured to play catch-up (Baby-Boomers – Student Debt), in the fastest time frame
  • Genius for the overall business world ~ self-replenishing disposable cashflow in the hands of ‘THE PEOPLE’ redefines profitability for business
  • Genius for governments ~ who can save billions on assisted programs no longer required by the majority of people who have become self-sufficient
  • Genius for non-profit organizations who can share their own subscription with their current supporter base, resulting in never having to hold another fundraising event ~ PLUS ~ in doing so, provides each supporter with their own NWE self-funded subscription ~ true win/win
  • Genius, as in its ability to catapult disposable income to position people at the top of the food chain, affording them access to healthier quality food groups by choice
  • Genius, as in a way that employers can confidently suggest our subscription with staff as an income option without fear of conflicting with their own job requirements, thus eradicating the need for them to have a 2nd or 3rd job


Where do we go from here? What should we be telling our children and grandchildren?


Do we go with the flow, pretending all is good, believing our predicament will fix itself?


Perhaps you would consider contacting our leading newspaper editor and/or television station news room, asking whyThe People’s Voice Press Conference,’ never happened … or why is shouldn’t … as every issue addressed will sooner or later impact the people we love and/or respect dearly. Thank you for your help!

  • Kingston Whig Standard News – 613 544 5000 Ext 5472
  • CKWS News Room – 613 544 2340 Ext 2


A Genuine Second-Attempt-Invite Following The Press Conference That Never Happened Remains Unanswered – CLICK ON THE ABOVE IMAGE TO READ


PS: … Knowing how slow the wheels can turn when change is necessary, in the meantime, as founder of NWE (New World Elpis), TM invites you to take a closer look at his ‘Genius’ ideal that can place the majority, yourself and family as well, on rock, away from the sinking sand, while we experience a much needed move into the ‘Age of Equality.’ 


  1. Sick and tired of going with the flow and pretending things aren’t going to change and that my vote doesn’t matter. Everything matters. Every little thing has an impact. We must realize that the smallest of things can have the biggest results.

    1. Thanks, Brian …

      Years ago, a renowned country music artist/entertainer recorded a song that yours truly wrote, all because of the hook line “It’s the little things that keep big things together.” It is indeed the smallest things that can in turn have the biggest results, and together, and the whole reason to approach the Media about doing a Press Conference in the first place:
      A/ to address the matters that are little perhaps, but having a huge impact on the lives of the majority of the people, and
      B/ while having zero to do with complaining about the matters, but bold enough trusting to get the attention they deserve, the idea was also to present what yours truly believes to be an option, one of many so-called copycats to come, being a good thing, was to also present a solution with 20+ years study and research to back it up; not to mention an ideal that could easily self-fund itself for the benefit of not just the people, but in addition, for the benefit of business, non-profit organizations, and government bodies around the world; The AGE OF EQUALITY!

      Thank you for your comment … please stop by again …

  2. A part of the Press likes to just spread lies and do nothing (worthy) about the real problems. What we need are companies built on the premise of helping people. Such a movement would turn heads and more and more would join in actually creating change.

    1. I like to think the Press are changing for the better for all of us. As you said, we have real problems, and with propaganda being so easily distributed today, it is becoming harder and harder for anyone, Press, Government, whomever, to hide from wrong doings.

      New World Elpis is trusting to lead us into this proclaimed ‘Age of Equality’ by doing, as founders, the very same thing we are encouraging the majority to do. When a person sees what NWE (New World Elpis) is all about, this people-first leadership cannot and will not be denied. Myself and my business partner, an Engineer from Nigeria, living in the USA, and more like a second daughter than anything else, live for people, loving all and judging none, and seeing that change must happen, because our current system can only be fairly utilized for future growth, by carrying on as the JOB (Just Over Broke) provider, and other options, that can separate the job from the income, such as NWE, is the path we must take … otherwise … we will not only run into a third world war, but before or after, there will be civil war because of the ever escalating chasm of financial inequity … with the gab between the wealthy and everyone else is broadening exponentially in favor of anyone and everyone but the majority.

      Just saying!

  3. We get used to debt and that destroys our lives. What if, instead, we wouldn’t need debt at all? What if we could focus our attention on creating rather than on consuming? So many of us are just consumers, while we don’t create much for the world around us.

    1. Fair perspective, Sebastian!

      You are correct, debt destroys lives, and countries. All people should have access to funds to live outside poverty and with sustenance affordability to access healthy food groups by choice, and that is not the case today.

      There are people living with the dead in The Philippians! There are people this very day and age living on the outskirts of a country they themselves founded, who defecate in holes, shower outdoors, and live off the fat of the land with limited comforts; WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN COMPANIES GENUINELY AIMED AT RESOLVE and PRESS CONFERENCES connecting to solve such inequities and atrocities? Banks boasting of billions and returning zip to the people? Pharmaceutical conglomerates boasting of yet another TREAT DISEASE DRUG with a list as long as a human arm of side-affects?

      What about a 100% natural product, created to PREVENT DISEASE that can rival the best of any drug created, called OGF? Go hunting and check it out!

      Thanks, Sebastian … sorry for the ramble …

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