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The web site of Barry Lynes (www.Barry-Lynes.com) reveals the misconduct, fraud, cover-up, and suppression of the cure for cancer. All perpetrated by National Cancer Institute (NCI) officials, scientists, and bureaucrats in an utterly dishonest “insider’s game” against the American public.

Congress, the mainstream media (at least its few courageous members) and interested, intelligent, honest citizens should benefit from the stunning, critical FACTS organized at www.Barry-Lynes.com. An NCI “housecleaning” and revolutionary policy changes are DECADES overdue!Books about Royal R. Rife can be obtained through www.BioMedPublishers.com or www.Amazon.com.

Barry Lynes is also the author of two breakthrough astrology books — (1) The Physics of Astrology (2011) and (2) Repeating Economic Cycles of a New Kind (2010). These astrology books will be available when they find appropriate, courageous publishers (print, net, or both). Use your various search resources to reveal when their incredible SCIENTIFIC truths become public knowledge.

Barry Lynes — Biographical Sketch

Barry Lynes is best known for having saved the incredible discoveries of Royal R. Rife from historical loss and oblivion. Rife developed a cure for cancer and other diseases in the 1930s. These were documented extensively and verified by clinical trials and authenticated by respected researchers, well-known scientists, and leading physicians from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, Northwestern University outside Chicago, the University of Southern California Medical School, the Hooper Foundation for Medical Research in San Francisco, and Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore, leading cancer authorities at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and various other medical institutions.

The “Rife Cures” were suppressed and censored by the American Medical Association (AMA) after it failed to gain ownership of Rife’s history-making breakthroughs through an organized theft and conspiracy, bribes, and a vicious legal trial in 1939. Thereafter, the subject of Rife’s monumental work became “taboo” in established, conventional, medical / scientific research, and even discussion for many decades.

Millions and millions of people suffered and died needlessly because of the American Medical Association’s criminal actions and “crime against humanity.” It remains an awkward “do not discuss” topic for the mainstream print and broadcast media in the 21st century. Rife’s approach to eradicating cancer and other diseases continues to be outlawed and attacked by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials of the U.S. government and also by Justice Department attorneys who often fail to inform Grand Juries of “all of the facts” when seeking indictments against individuals or companies seeking to revive Royal Rife’s grand scientific discoveries and heavily documented record of success.

The “Smoking Gun” to the cancer experts’ crime will be found within the so-called sacrosanct and supposedly objective chambers of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

Barry Lynes is also an astrology scholar (not a chart reader) who has devoted more than 40 years to verifying the scientific evidence of the ancient wisdom – a knowledge openly used by presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. Lynes is contemptuous of daily newspaper astrology columns, but champions astrology’s eventual recognition as a bona fide, respected science that will be widely accepted in a future American society as well as taught in the future at universities and colleges throughout America.

Barry Lynes served three years in the U.S. Army at the two highest military headquarters in Germany and France during an especially difficult, dangerous period in the Cold War conflict between the United States and its NATO allies against the Soviets with their communist bloc subjects. (The military headquarters were U.S. Army Headquarters Europe in Heidelberg, Germany and Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe outside Paris, France.

Following military service, Barry Lynes studied at Boston University, graduating with a B.A. degree in English literature as well as a deep appreciation for scholarly history. This was the result of a professional historian’s guidance and, encouragement while Lynes was a Boston University student. Lynes was schooled in the importance of “academic rigor” when investigating complex subjects requiring documentation and evidence of historic subjects. This practical training later enabled Lynes to organize and carefully explain the tragic censorship and criminal elements at the core of the lost “Rife Cancer Cure” with its microbe base or foundation. (Cancer microbes have been essentially a shameful “off limits” subject for decades and decades at the National Cancer Institute – NCI – where cancer research has been primarily restricted to cancer cells and cancer tumors, with virtually nothing meaningful resulting. Except lucrative chemotherapy treatments by cancer doctors sold for drug companies, all accompanied by terrible and unnecessary suffering for cancer patients.)

There exists a staggering, shameful truth NCI prefers to keep away from the American public, and especially any big time newspaper with clout. As cancer expert Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. of New York revealed in an interview (Townsend Letter for Doctors magazine, August-September, 2008), “there really hasn’t been much change in the last 25 years for most of the major cancers … They’re very incurable.”

Royal R. Rife: Critical Acclaim and Historic Wonderment

“Rife’s … discovery went virtually unnoticed for more than fifty years until … Lynes’ book about Rife was published.” (The Miami Herald newspaper)

“I think this book is superb and far superior to anything we scientists could write … I encourage all to do what they can to support this research. I thank the author of The Rife Report again and again.” (Florence B. Seibert, Ph.D., renowned scientist, creator of the TB skin test, and included in the Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca, NY.)

“Barry Lynes makes a strong case for replicating Rife’s work … especially the electromagnetic frequency generator that Rife’s associates used successfully in the clinical treatment of cancer.” (John W. Mattingly, polymath, successful inventor, successful businessman, university professor, and independent investigator of microbe-caused diseases.)

“Rife made his amazing discoveries in the 1930s … The Rife revival started with the 1987 publication of The Rife Report— The Cancer Cure That Worked by Barry Lynes.” (The San Francisco Testa Society, 2004.)

“The results of your test of the Rife ray … establish conclusively … the greatest discovery in the history of modern therapeutic medicine.” (Dr. Walker of the Hooper Foundation for Medical Research, October 1935 letter to Royal Rife.)

“We are seeking to conquer this horrible human curse. I realize that the general acceptance of our views will completely revolutionize present concepts concerning the causes of many diseases besides cancer. Therefore, the greatest care must. be taken in each step if we are to avoid at least some of the tremendous antagonisms which always greet new ideas.” (Dr. Milbank Johnson Chairman, Special Medical Research Committee of the University of Southern California in a May 1936 letter to Royal R. Rife.)

“Royal Rife..: designed … electrical machines which he could tune to certain frequencies and … cause the (cancer microbe) to disintegrate. Apparently the-bulk of modern cancer research and therapy has been misdirected at studying and trying to remove or destroy the cancer cell rather than the cancer (microbe).”, (Dr. Peter Macomber, Harvard trained pathologist and former Assistant Chief of Experimental Pathology at Walter Reed Army Institute of Pathology, Wash., D.C.)

Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D., former Assistant Director of Public Affairs for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, has made numerous exposures of criminal behavior by Establishment Cancer politicos, organizations and institutions. On the “cancer microbe” issue, Ralph W. Moss revealed the inexcusable, dark secret that has malignantly persisted for decades and decades.

Moss: “… the whole ‘cancer microbe’ search went out of favor … it became very bad form to even mention microbe and cancer in the same breath. For decades, this prejudice held up.” (The Cancer Chronicles #24-25.)

Moss: “Rife saw strange organisms swimming in the blood. He focused on a tiny ‘cancer microbe,’ which refracted purplish red light. He called this ‘microbe’ BX … there has been intense interest in reviving Rife’s pioneering work.” (The Cancer Chronicles #24-25.)

“This is a book about the research conducted by Royal Rife in identifying and destroying a cancer microbe and the people and institutions who succeeded in making sure you and I never hear about it. Thank you, Barry Lynes, for your exceptional work.” (Book review by Joanne’s Bookshelf at www.amazon.com.) It is an absolute, easily documented truth – as the preceding series of quotations in this section make clear – that the National Cancer Institute (NCI) officials and policymakers were and are guilty of contributing to a great Calamity. Negligence, misconduct, and dereliction of duty are words too gentle for describing the NCI’s incredible, criminal incompetence lasting decades in the “Rife Matter.” The evidence of anti-“cancer microbe” policies are overwhelming, with a tragic, hideous cost in human lives.

Maybe someday the United States Congress, the F.B.I., and the U.S. Justice Department will initiate some serious investigations into this, until now, “off limits” area established by the Byzantine power politics within the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

This egregious wrong! Is this a nightmare of inexcusable, indefensible bureaucracy, arrogance, stupidity, and monstrous, murderous “policy error”? Or is it simple career-protection and NCI “scientific indifference?” Whatever words the dunderheads at the NCI choose to use as “excuses,” they still spell death and murder of people with cancer who deserved better than what the patients received from the well-paid, lifetime-employed NCI “civil servants” and supposed “experts.”

Above: The Cancer Cure That Worked, published in 1987. Click here for ordering information.

Below: Rife’s World of Electromedicine, published in 2009. Click here for ordering information.

What follows is a further peak into the great void or Dragon Territory where monsters flourish, where the mysteries of organized evil are located    and suppression by medical /science authorities need to be exposed.
In October 1981, the Washington Post newspaper daringly revealed some “off-limits” or “cover-up” territories, and openly bemoaned the non-attention status that was likely to endure because of pure pressure politics. The Post article concluded, “These human experiments have gone largely unchallenged and unquestioned by Congress, the medical profession and the scientific community at large.”

Almost 30 years later (3 decades), the crimes remain invisible, uninvestigated, protected by various “interests” that use power politics to censor and suppress. Doctor Benjamin Rush, one of the central Founding Fathers of the American nation, presciently warned, “Unless we put Medical Freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship … The Constitution of this Republic should make special provisions for Medical Freedom as well as Religious Freedom.” FDA and NCI are protected fiefdoms. One night in Washington, D.C., an aide to a powerful U.S. Congressman spelled out to Barry Lynes the monstrous dilemma and wall facing honorable elected officials. It was a frightening statement to hear, with terrifying implications for the health of all Americans.
The aide leaned across the table and authoritatively said, “… no one controls them (NCI and FDA). No one is able to take a sword and tell them where to go. They are extensively tied to the big drug companies … Only national security procedures are as tightly controlled, without outside examination. Only national security. Does that tell you something?”

What happens at the NCI if some heavyweight newspaper one day dares to “blow the top off” decades and decades of dirty politics, deceit, corruption, cover-ups, reports that are changed and whitewashed, and murderous cancer policies? Medical / scientific convulsions and eruptions will follow, spreading pure terror through many cancer institutions across America – at the highest levels. Pure sunlight finally blazing, exposing countless dark horrors where monstrous betrayers of the public trust carried out their long hidden evil and treacheries!

Some senior cancer research scientists receive $200,000 to $350,000 a year in salaries from U.S. government and private foundation grants, plus various other perquisites. Generation after generation of highfalutin cancer science “researchers,” decade after decade with little to show for lasting results. Except nice comfortable lifestyles for themselves.

This naturally results in such scientists being totally, blissfully unaware and opposed to anything suggesting an actual cancer cure has existed for many decades. A cancer therapy that deserves some U.S. government or private foundation grant $$ authorizing some easily established Rife frequency
experiments for the cancer patients’ benefit!

Corruption is so simple to recognize once the MONEY TRAIL is spotted in the lucrative “cancer expert” industry!

Decades and decades of this kind of outrageous “failure to see” Royal Rife’s “cancer microbe” science suddenly gains clarity! The cancer research gang, cartel or racketeering crew don’t want their monopoly insider’s club exposed. And their racket ended forever.

It is all kind of like the Pedophile group within the Roman Catholic Church that remained “invisible” for so long. With the conventional thinking public always saying, “That’s impossible.” “It couldn’t happen.” Well, long-hidden scandals and cover-ups do actually exist. And some, such as Royal Rife’s documented cancer cure, have tons of reliable evidence supporting a new investigation. Yet most people don’t want that evidence objectively examined.

“… (banned) Rife technology … one of the most astounding claims on the net …” Wisdom Quarterly: American Buddhist Journal (2011)

The horror of such a thing as a true cancer cure being suppressed and covered-up for decades by U.S. government “health” officials at the NCI and the FDA while millions and millions of cancer patients suffered, were financially ruined, and died remains the “don’t look nightmare” of the U.S. Congress and the mainstream media.

Bad News for Wikipedia

The worst source for accurate information on Barry Lynes or Royal R. Rife is ‘Wikipedia. Just wrong or purposely deceitful. Filled with half truths, outright lies, and organized disinformation. Intentionally erroneous in order to mislead readers into negative thinking about Royal R. Rife’s incredible scientific / medical discoveries and inventions.

All put there by conventional / Establishment Medicine advocates or know-nothing, spotlight-seeking jerks. Some of it certainly placed in attempts to censor or obstruct public curiosity about Royal R. Rife’s cancer clinical-trial¬demonstrated, consistently reliable cure for cancer and other modern microbe-caused diseases.
The solution for people interested in Royal R. Rife’s history-making, miraculous, genius-level breakthroughs? Easy! Check a variety of other internet sites providing details on Rife’s true accomplishments. Treat Wikipedia as worthless.

Establishment (drug) medicine will go to great lengths to disparage Royal Rife’s brilliant, futuristic medicine and to hide the true, factual, documented evidence of Dr. Rife’s cures for various disease conditions. These pioneering directions of Rife’s certainly won’t be found in the shameful, intellectually dishonest Wikipedia baloney! 

The future of medicine is in light and electromagnetic fields …
Probably the guy who knew the most was Royal Raymond Rife.
Donald J. Hess, Evaluating Alternative Cancer Therapies,
Rutgers University Press.

Surely the time approaches when recognition of Dr. Rife’s amazing work will be trumpeted broadly through American society. And then Rife’s name will join the most honored, American-born creators.
This internet site — www.Barry-Lynes.com — provides significant, truthful summaries of long-censored and suppressed facts by both science and medical officials who belong historically with the anti-Galileo power freaks of century: Italy.

These modern malefactors pushing forth malicious lies and hiding terrible crimes are obviously guilty of “crimes against humanity” resulting in the deaths of many millions of humankind.

The entire atrocity of the Rife blackout deserves a new, objective evaluation of the facts, and the historic evidence of a real, workable, reliable cure for cancer.

Of course, unfortunately, the Rife subject matter scares most of the mainstream media and their always present corporate lawyers advising “caution” as the lawyers eyeball the ever powerful advertising dollars that might be put “at risk” by an adventurous print reporter or TV broadcasting producer.

Nevertheless, when the media wall against Royal R. Rife eventually collapses, it will reveal a monstrous, hidden area of 20th century and 21st century murder and mayhem.

Modern Rife Devices

Almost ALL modern day “Rife devices” are expoitive, over-priced, rip-offs! Especially Lynn Kenny’s $5000 “Beam Ray” marketing fraud. Don’t waste your money!

But do share your knowledge with others that mainstream, conventional medicine permits no worthy, mainstream medical research based on Royal R. Rife’s wonderful, breakthrough discoveries and inventions.
Why? Because they threaten and could demolish the entire useless chemotherapy cancer industry! As well as the cancer radiation and cancer surgery territories.

The purveyors of these mostly useless cancer therapies are modern “cancer doctors” who refuse to be honest with their cancer patients about the “DO NOT DISCUSS” Royal Rife subject! It is a deceitful, shameful aspect of almost all currently practicing cancer doctors who, tragically, are just protecting their own lucrative incomes through blatant LIES to their cancer patients.

The cancer patients deserve better – basic honesty and truthful discussion concerning various alternative medicine options.

Contact With Barry Lynes

People who desire to communicate with Barry Lynes can do so by writing a letter to him at PO Box 5594, Huntington Beach, CA 92615-5594. However, please don’t waste his time or expect a reply unless you enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE).

Barry Lynes DOES NOT recommend or endorse any Gee-Whiz, modern “Rife instrument.” None of them deliver the consistently reliable results that Rife’s electro-medicine instruments achieved in the mid-to-late 1930s decade! 

Also, unless your letter concerns some potential MUTUAL BENEFIT, Barry Lynes will not answer it despite the SASE enclosed. Therefore, please do NOT waste his and your time with any self-seeking requests. You will NOT receive a reply.

Chemo Day 1

Chemo Day 5


“THE CANCER CURE THAT WORKED” … Often referred by those who have read it simply as The Rife Report, Lynes’ book isn’t something you buy, it’s an heirloom you read and pass on to your children. The Rife Report is a well-researched story of one of the greatest scientific geniuses of the 20th century, Roy Rife, and how the ‘medical-pharmaceutical cartel’ sought to destroy his highly effective system of cancer treatment…”

Books on Beating Cancer

“I can’t help but see in my mind’s eye the tens of thousands of discouraged, hopeless, suffering individuals dying by inches with cancer who might be saved.”

Dr. Milbank Johnson, Chairman, Special Medical Research Committee, University of Southern California, Letter dated April 2, 1934

“The Story of Royal Rife is true … the book is very logical, scientific, completely down to earth, and a great read.”

-An Amazon endorsement by John P. Hanssen

6 thoughts on “The Menace of Exposure 50 Year Suppression of The Cure For Cancer”

  1. I hate cancer. I’ve lost so many people to it and seen people go through the agony of treatment (radiation & chemo). Thank God some survived. It sickens me that there are potential cures out there and they are being suppressed to continue to fund questionable (and likely unnecessary research). It’s horrific that there is an industry perpetuating sickness on society in order to make money.

    1. Millions can relate to losing loved ones, friends, etc., etc., to the likes of cancer, and sadly enough that will continue just as other plethora’s of manipulative fascist control baboons can carve out and lead the way; but their day is coming … and as noted in another comment … NOT FUN!

      Thank you, Mike …


  2. I have said it for years that this Susan G. thing is a giant scam to get money from people to keep the cures in the dark. I have read so much on cancer and a lot of it is down to emotional, physical, and mental stress. One of the big ones is not breathing right! Something so simple! There are toxins in our water, our food, our air… Cancer just doesn’t happen but it also doesn’t kill you. That is what people don’t seem to want to hear.

    1. Hi, David…

      Good point…because people really don’t want to hear truth…and not because they really don’t want truth, but because they are no longer able to think for themselves, being too busy with life and getting nowhere. From past counseling, people accept the cancer-cure fallacy because they are afraid of the unknown. Adrian Rogers said: “We cannot begin to live until we are no longer afraid to die,” and because truth on all realms is not truth at all, we avoid the confusion and accept the easy way out.

      I love it when people can see through this hogwash…especially the cancer-cash-cow…one of the world’s biggest farces in history.

      Thanks David for stopping by long enough to comment … hope to see you again … TM

  3. Not surprised in the least. I know people who believe there are ways to cure cancer rather than bombarding the body with radiation and/or chemotherapy. Is the dollar that important that people are letting children suffer like they do when they can fight cancer without a horrific ordeal (as if having cancer wasn’t bad enough). Sure there are quacks out there when it comes to miracle cures, but I think there is a concerted effort to suppress access to more effective and less harmful treatments. I appreciate you sharing this, Truth Mogul.

    1. So, so true, Hugh, and just had to address this matter. And you know, with so much inequality and irregularity taking place around us, people are simply too consumed and exhausted to search out truth, and thus one of the reasons TM is attempting to do this on their behalf…something that will take time…especially with no budget to hit the masses in great numbers, as the foulness of society is able to do in blinding the majority, vulnerable to accept almost anything as truth 🙁

      Have a peak when time allows at http://www.gerson.org (a story on its own around Max Gerson and/or as addressed in this post, Royal Raymond Rife.

      Thanks again…really…TM

      PS: WOULD YOU DO ME A FAVOR … please forward one of my posts with your comments to a friend or two … as you could very well be opening up a solution for yourself and them, unlike any other time in history; kind of like having a very real MICROSOFT story of your own…

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