In the health field where TM works, it is noted that if we have a 7 or say 10 day antibiotic prescription, we must take said prescription for the entire 7 or 10 days, nothing less, in order to reap the greatest benefit.

If we have an insightful plan, let’s say ten ways to good health and we are only able to achieve some and not all, each one less of the ten makes the main objective for good health slimmer.

Another analogy from a completely different perspective, if an architect lays out the plans for ‘X’ number of steel beams required for such and such section of the project in question, seventy-five for example, and to cut costs the builder slots in even seventy-four instead, or worse still, perhaps as low as seventy, it’s fair to say by the time disaster strikes that unnecessary loss of life would be the end result.

From another angle as an absolute minimum, knowing that if disease thrives in an acidic environment and we begin to offset this acidity with a healthy balance of alkalinity, where disease is unable to thrive, it stands to reason that we could expect to deter the rate at which the body was previously rusting out or decaying. One might also relate this to the body’s response when the intake of man-made unnatural drugs (Pharmaceuticals) is replaced with 100% natural products; prevention of disease verses treatment of disease that comes only when prevention is avoided.

PERSPECTIVE: When we add natural anything to our body (edible/safe/consumable), it works in harmony with the body. On the contrary, when we add anything unnatural (supposedly edible/safe/consumable), the body system goes into its own chaos-like-state; thus the long list of ‘SIDE EFFECTS,’ deliberately being crammed into the last 5 seconds of all new drug release commercials to avoid us from hearing the DANGERS.

VISUAL: Take a small shallow dish/bowl, add about an inch of water … sprinkle pepper (representing a calm natural body) over the top of the water … now add a minuscule of dish soap (representing anything unnatural like big pharm drugs) and watch how the natural reacts to the foreign substance; a simple analogy when we take drugs.


Logic and common sense goes a long way … shortcuts do not!

Ten ways to good health are of no value nor benefit when they are hindered by one missing ingredient; let’s first look at the ten ways to good health, found on a gift mug given to TM a few years back.

  1. Less Alcohol, More Tea
  2. Less Meat, More Vegetables
  3. Less Salt, More Vinegar
  4. Less Sugar, More Fruit
  5. Less Eating, More Chewing
  6. Less Words, More Action
  7. Less Greed, More Giving
  8. Less Worry, More Sleep
  9. Less Driving, More Walking
  10. Less Anger, More Laughter

You’re wondering, what the missing ingredient is, correct? It may come as a surprise, or to some as a bit of a stretch for the imagination. However, bear with me for a moment, because either way, agreeing or disagreeing, in one form or another this missing ingredient is guaranteed to be more than welcomed in your own household.

The missing ingredient comes with a curse if sought for all the wrong reasons; Adds freedom of choice if able to replenish itself; And comes with countless blessings if unselfishly mastered.

ANSWER: Disposable Income … Money! … “Chasing money is the curse; having money is the freedom; knowing what to do with it is the blessing.” TM

The bold truth of the matter is, it is not that the majority cannot pay the bills, or provide the sustenance needed for survival. Instead, it is the blatant fact that since our evolution from the agricultural age into the industrial age, said majority have naively become the engine of their own demise; the means to fuel a system that restricts their freedoms like dogs on leashes, slaves to paying bills, debt, and taxes until debt do they part, and all for the prosperity of the system itself, while the 1-3% fortunate through social status, geographical advantage, family inheritance, etc., (controlling 95% of global wealth), live as kings and queens.

If You’re Thinking TM is Missing The Point That America or Anywhere Has The Opportunity to Take Control of Their Finances, With All Due Respect You’re Dumber Than a Bag of Hammers

At no time does TM mean any disrespect. It’s becoming tougher and tougher to find people who care enough to listen long enough to get the point across. And if by chance you’re thinking TM is missing the point that America or anywhere has the opportunity to take control of their finances, with all due respect you’re dumber than a bag of hammers.

The politicians idea of helping is to offer up casinos, cash advance stores on practically every corner of every city (recycling of money back into their pockets), cutting security and disability benefits, endorsing no-fault insurance on vehicles (for the benefit of the insurance companies not the people), bailing out the banks and markets, running sky-high lotteries (knowing exactly where and when the money is going, protected by the privacy act) and on and on, appearing as though genuinely concerned (Marxism), when in fact, ‘The Privacy Act,’ protects the government, not the people.

Going back up to the ten ways to good health, as one mere example, as with anything in life, what we cannot have, we crave. So in the midst of chasing money for that little extra disposable income for a hint of freedom and breathing room, we consume more alcohol to squash our sorrows and boredom.

We want more vegetables but the craving for meat from seeing the crafty inundation of food commercials on our poor mans source of entertainment (TV), we grab the quick and fast burgers over not so affordable cheap cuts of meat.

We want to eat less salt, but the affordability again finds salt and sugar, without government intervention, in pretty much everything affordable to purchase; processed foods which has long become the main food group for the majority.

Much more eating is needed with processed, empty-calorie foods, so more chewing is simply unnecessary.

It’s a great idea to have less words and more action, however, if frank, action requires disposable income to get rolling and to keep rolling.

Less greed more giving is a dynamic point, however, when one is fighting to get beyond the paycheck to paycheck predicament of life, one becomes angry and frustrated when life is passing them by … and hoarding becomes instinct … that I WILL TAKE CARE OF ME AND MY FAMILY.

It’s hard to have less worry, let alone get sleep, when job and income security is on high alert this day and age, more than ever, including in the days of the great depression. Today the choices and manipulative marketing tactics, from banks to grocery stores, to retail, to credit card companies, makes the vicious cycle that much worse.

Less driving and more walking is almost an outdated statement when it comes to the majority when jobs are taking place miles and miles away from the home. With life being so busy getting nowhere, again for the majority, walking makes sense, and there is peace to be found in doing so, yet, it is almost a forgotten trait.

As for less anger and more laughter in a world that is pressed harder than ever in its monotony of life routine, with dignity being thrust into new corners and pride at an all time high, anger as a result of frustration and humiliation is currently king.

And in all honesty, when we have such dumb politicians, literally, as ‘Ford,’ the second one to make a fool of himself in Toronto Canada, cut a measly $1 per/hour minimum wage increase (although $20 per/hour wouldn’t solve our problems), or a Prime Minister boasting his wisdom with comments like ‘People-kind … not Mankind,’ and then trying to cover it up as though he were joking, what can we expect; and this is only Canada!

What if we really didn’t have to live paycheck to paycheck?

What if it were possible to separate the job from the income? Meaning, having a job without need of the monetary return of performing that job, other than being a fair exchange for labor … and our true source of income for sustenance, freedoms and choices came by way of a completely outside, third-party means?

The wealthy live like this, except they are able to invest big money and live off the interest. However, coming soon is an ideal solution that is 100% self-funded for the people by the people that will offer the majority, currently living as noted above with limited choices, an income stream that will grow 200-300% month after month for life … which in turn can be left as an inheritance to their children’s children.

Keep watch HERE (HUGE)

6 thoughts on “Ten Ways to Good Health Are Hindered by One Missing Ingredient”

  1. I haven’t taken a prescription drug in over 10 years. I am not interested in masking symptoms, I want me body to heal. Others should want this too! It is about time we take back our health and control our well being instead of letting men and women in white coats tell us what they think we need. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves if we give them what they need! A good diet, some daily activity of some kind, managing stress, and focusing on things outside one’s self does the body and the mind good! Love your list too 🙂

    1. Right on, Janice!

      Of course, I zero in on your point that our bodies are designed to heal themselves. This is truer than we might thing; respectfully not assuming you believe in intelligent design. Quickly, we’ve all heard of chiropractors, however, the founding father of this practice also made the bold claim that “Chiropractic without specificity is nothing!” So what he was saying, is that general chiro can be beneficial, however, by said means, we are only kidding ourselves by manually manipulating the bodies muscles and bones, only for them to bounce back and create the same, perhaps slightly better but previous issues.
      But, if we consider Upper Cervical Chiropractors (only about 1200 officially certified in all North America) TM’s UCC is HERE, we will quickly discover that by merely realigning (not twist the head or neck as un-certified chiros will do) one or both of two bones that connect our spinal cord and brain stem (Atlas & Axis), the messages needed to naturally self-realign our spinal cord can and will take place … guaranteed by TM who almost had to walk away from his health field career … after being to multiple chiropractors who only delayed the said natural process. So yes, you are correct, our body was divinely designed to heal itself…without help from the Big Pharm or any other of man’s manipulative tactics.

      With that said and in closing, HUGE will give us the financial control, 100% self-funded for the people by the people, that we need in order to eat healthier. Subscribe to my posts, no jokes, no gimmicks, and/or monitor the HUGE link … because there really and truly is a 21st miracle on its way to change the way we currently live our lives dictated and directed for us.

      Thanks again, Janice … TM

      PS: Sorry for the longer than preferred ramble about chiropractors, however, this alone is one of the greatest hidden natural secrets known to mankind … and the Kale Method (as TM’s chiro is certified under), is genius and simple, simple; never touches my back … merely adjusts those two bones and voila!

  2. I think this nation, as a whole, is brainwashed to think they are helpless in controlling their financial future much less taking care of their own bodies. I see a big pattern today with unhealthy people. Stress places a HUGE role in it and so does self-defeating thoughts and words. You list is simple and easy enough that everyone should be able to implement it in their lives. My wife started making less meat each week for our lunches and dinners and I already feel a lot better.

    1. You got it, Adam …

      From a pastoral background, we were actually created vegetarians, so no wonder there are many hidden factors behind the big bucks propagating the beef & dairy markets for certain; not to mention processed foods…or more clearly…empty calorie foods…where we may as well be eating plastic.

      Keep feeling better, Adam … and thanks for stopping by … TM

  3. People are so programmed by some bad people. The media does a great job convincing people they need to spend and spend and that they need things they can do without. There’s nothing wrong with buying things, but people are driven to do some crazy things (like wasting their precious time) in order to pay bills via dead-end jobs. I’m glad I’m not the only person who sees this.

    1. Hey, Morgan … So, so, true, and glad we can agree on something as simple as this.

      Canada and the USA, from experiences with family and friends in both, are near hypnotized to become materialistic. Allow me to use an analogy to rectify my position: “Canadian and American Doctors are different than say, European, Middle Eastern, or even Asian or Pacific Rim doctors; the latter, 99.9% enters said field to be the best Doctors, not for the degree, but with the objective to make a difference. C & A Doctors, 99% enter said field for the prestige, not to make a difference.”

      Now some will disagree with this bold remark, however, when TM researches, he researches, including as much hands on, face to face support as possible, and after spending hours, days, week, months, in the Canadian hospital atmosphere with both parents and inlaws, anything but Caucasian, would target all circumstances to solve the problem, not mask it. NOW IN DEFENSE of our doctors, we come back to the manipulation side that we no longer, if we ever did, see coming … not to mention the pride that drives the likes of medical training funded by pharmaceutical, AMA/CMA/FDA baboons.

      TRUTH STINGS, doesn’t it! … Thanks again, Morgan … TM

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