TRUTH MOGUL Understands Our Need For Balance

If we knew the truth we would strive for personal balance while electorally voting in balance.

For example, we should not consider this topic of balance from a ‘noun’ perspective considering it represents being or remaining complacent … and change and complacency to not go hand in hand. Whereas … looking at it from the ‘verb’ perspective means we must take action … and TRUTH MOGUL believes the scales today regarding balance are lopsided … simply put … there is no balance … it has all but disappeared along with logic and common sense; let me explain!

Balance today on any topic is either coming from the extreme left or extreme right … not even the church can get this one correct. It was Christ who first offered us true balance … and then religion took over while interceding its own fabrication … and voila … here we are today.

No one knows who or what to believe or trust, and when they dare take the chance they get burned in a way that sort of spins them into a ‘screw that who cares,’ sort of attitude. And really we can’t blame them!

If honest with the overall position being taken, especially with everyone from the pulpit to the Prime Minister or Presidential positions bending the rules to accommodate their own agendas, what hope is there in that, not to mention trust; no trust, no respect.

TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT ... TRUTH MOGUL never has nor ever will be driven by any sort of agenda.

As you will come to know, the TRUTH MOGUL was a former pulpit preaching pastor for which he is not ashamed. However, to set the record straight, TM never has nor ever will be driven by any sort of agenda other than to do his best at bringing about our need for balance on all counts of life to the forefront, agendas included.

How out of wack, how hypocritical would it be for TM, while in the pulpit promoting and encouraging people to find and know truth, only to be found in the shadows  supporting abortion? Believing as TM does is not the point!

If I was or am asked the question, “Is Jesus the only way to heaven,” I will say it as it is written in John 14:6, with no interest to beat around the bush.


Are you catching what TM is getting at? This ‘BALANCE’ thing is huge because the scales are up or down and far from being 50/50.

TM wants to encourage you to begin sooner than later looking for signals by self-proclaimed leaders who are simply not in balance … saying one thing and doing another … claiming to be a Christian leader while leading the world forward to New World Order.

Christian leadership is one of the biggest culprits for playing the saint on Sunday and living the luxurious self-indulged life the other six days.

Presidents and Prime Ministers of countries can only be trusted if they live a balanced life … and we can only know this by doing our own research, not by listening and/or following bought and paid for Media with their own objectives.

The answers we need can be found on the internet, BUT, if the same consistent story¬† cannot be found from at least 4 other unbiased sources, then the story is nothing shy of rumor and bias only … as in Youtube feedback, lol.

So keep in mind that balance is to offset or compare the value or (one thing) with another, and if the scales are tipped to satisfy agendas then we all lose.

2 thoughts on “Strive For Personal Balance While Electorally Voting in Balance”

  1. I enjoyed you putting this in your blog Truth Mogul: “Christian leadership is one of the biggest culprits for playing the saint on Sunday and living the luxurious self-indulged life the other six days.” I’ve heard people look at professing Christians who don’t act very Christ-like in their daily lives and question what’s the point of being a Christian? Yes, being a Christian is a 24/7 thing and while no one is perfect, we shouldn’t think going to church gives us a license to sin all week. Besides, the Christian life is so much more rewarding and fulfilling when you follow Christ’s teachings. Yes, there are trials, but life is much better as a Christian who walks Jesus’ walk and reflects His example. Be an inspiration to others by following Christ’s teachings and being like him. I look forward to reading more about the balanced life Truth Mogul.

    1. Mike, I often speak of the worldly teaching of THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, and respectfully suggest that if and when we prioritize the One who created the universe, and not the universe itself we will find what we are seeking sticks…whereas others it does not. Grant you, the .1% who do succeed are the very people propagating that THE LAW OF ATTRACTION works, when in fact, if people could see the real success rate of trying said philosophy on a big billboard, they’d quickly scatter while seeing the truth that will set them free.

      For those who may read this comment and are not Christian, Mike, and myself (TM), and everything we stand for, welcomes you no matter who you are, what race or nationality you are, or what color your skin is…and more importantly, what you believe. That is the freedom given, or should be given, to every human being. In addition, we apologize that more who claim the Christian title, who have found themselves caught up in a world that teaches there is no absolute truth, exemplifying nothing different than those who do not know truth, that you would forgive them and ourselves, for not setting a well enough example for you and the world to see that THE TRUTH REALLY AND TRULY WILL SET YOU FREE.

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