Equality For The Majority is The Objective of Separating The Job From The Income

Have you ever pondered the idea as to why, 99% of the time, you find yourself having to finance this or that … and too often … following another debt just paid off … when you thought a financial breather was on the horizon?

You’re not alone on this one! And it’s not easy to swallow the simple truth surrounding us … that has been notably festering over the past 50-60 years. J.F.K., boldly professed intentions to deal with it and was assassinated for it. Most recently, President Trump, in his attempts to bring the issues to the forefront has become the ongoing target of ‘Fake News’ and its manipulative tactics, able to paint a picture contrary to truth. And with the attention span of the people now at 8 seconds only, truth is overshadowed and has long disappeared.

Even, Henry Ford stated in his prime: “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” And said ‘Fake Media,’ has long forgotten the words, if ever practiced, of the late Walter Cronkite who said: “If we want the truth we must get both sides of the story.”

Equality for the majority is the objective of separating the job from the income. Change is inevitable, however, thus far, said change remains in favor of a select few and not the people (majority), and the only way possible for true equality to enter the equation is for us to literally separate the job from the income.

We Could Find Ourselves in a World Without Need For Debt - Long Term Included

If you were able to place yourself in the shoes of yours truly (since 1996), you would further discover a much deeper root to our current reality, propagated as progress, when in fact said progress can be seen clearly in favor of money and profit from pretty much every sector of business, with nothing to do with the people or equal distribution of wealth. 

This is where the idea and need for ‘Separating The Job From The Income,’ comes from. If we could allow such an idea to manifest in our minds long enough to see its potential, not to mention its self-funding capability, for the people by the people, we could find ourselves in a world without need for debt, long term included; it just makes perfect sense to see mortgages, as one mere example, paid in full in months, rather than years (25-35+), especially when only in favor of a system that thrives and prospers on debt, while sucking the joy of life from the people

With that said, boldly I might add, we need positive change and not more fingers being pointed or accusations from a judgmental perspective. The idea of separating the job from the income can be easily understood, and results in the benefit of the people, business, non-profit, and government.

Imagine how the world could be redefined if our current system (Job Business Model) that is clearly failing us, was to become a place where we would secure a job/career out of passion, without need for its monetary return … while another system (Income Business Model), was specifically designed/created to provide us with the income we needed … self-funded for the people by the people + capable of staying far ahead of the constant rise in the cost of living … being one of the major causes for financial setbacks … and where the distribution of wealth was equally distributed to everyone … and not just to a select few?


Author needs your help in a very unusual manner. The post, “The Press Conference That Never Happened,” needs to happen for you the people … and unfortunately without a name or a platform strong enough to get the Press to listen and act on this information to be shared, in favor of the majority (You the people), it will never happen.

Respectfully, how on earth can we embrace equality when the voice of the people is not truly being heard … while the future of our children and grandchildren is left in limbo?


Please consider contacting your leading newspaper editor and/or television station news room and ask them to please take action regarding ‘The Press Conference That Never Happened‘ (TruthMogul.com) … and perhaps add your honest opinion as to why you believe it should take place? 

  • Kingston Whig Standard News – 613 544 5000 Ext 5472
  • CKWS News Room – 613 544 2340 Ext 2

Your help in this matter is an unusual one perhaps, but author believes in his heart that positive change is needed, and that will not happen while continuing to do the same things over and over again expecting different results from a system long broken and in need of help.

Truth Mogul graciously thanks you for your help in this matter.

8 thoughts on “Separating The Job From The Income”

  1. We shouldn’t see it as a job but rather as doing what we gravitate towards. When you do what you love it doesn’t seem like work at all. How would a world filled with people doing what they loved, look like? Imagine that.

    1. Hey, Jessie …

      Thank you for stopping by! You are correct! Imagine a world, statistically speaking, where 74% who currently hated their job, were instead loving it; this would indeed change the world as we currently see it … and thus the reason for 20+ years of study and research for the benefit of the majority. What founders calls the AGE OF EQUALITY!

      Thanks again for stopping by … really!


  2. We need to put pressure on our Government so that our educational system starts changing. Kids need to learn about money, debt, getting a job they are fitted for and how to be the best version of themselves. Next generations would win so much by learning these things so early in life.

    1. Hey, Victor …

      Our very first education system came to us from the military, that did indeed teach all about money, including investments, savings, debt, etc., and it suddenly was taken over by the government and suddenly the money insight was no-longer. Considering our current system thrives on the debt of those within said system, controlling every man, woman, and child until death and debt do they part, it is and was a primary reason for asking to have a Press Conference.

      It is not right that most everything needed must be financed … and no signs nor intentions in fact of it slowing down or solutions on the table to resolve the problem.

      With that said, TM is not, nor ever has been a judgmental person. I love all and judge none. It really doesn’t matter if said system beating us up at this time, was or was not intentional. The issue needs to be addressed, and a live presentation of said solution called New World Elpis … Freedom For The People By The People … that can lead us into what TM believes to be the Age of Equality, is deserving of a platform because it is 100% founded on the principles of equality … where everybody wins … not just a select few.

      Thanks, Victor …

  3. Separating the job from the income can be done. It will take some time and we need to get started now. As soon as more people don’t have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck they’ll start doing the things they love and as a result, the world will begin to change.

    1. Hi, Denise!

      It makes perfect sense … glad you picked up on this. Separating the job from the income is literally genius! The idea is not my own, but instead, after stumbling across said principle and business model some 10-15 years ago, it was clearly apparent that with some lengthy refining of language and removing the entirety of its online get-rich-quick mentality and stigma, it could change our world … and it can … and if I had $10,000,000, I’d offer it to anyone who could prove me wrong; BUT I DON’T HAVE SUCH DEEP POCKETS, lol.

      Thank you, Denise …

  4. That quote from Henry Ford brings chills to my spine. If only more people would understand it and would speak out. And it’s amazing this doesn’t happen considering we live in the age of information, social media, etc, where people share so many things with others. We aren’t tens of thousands talking about this?

    1. Riana, yes, that Henry Ford quote is more than just profound, not to mention, that was back in his prime right, not today. And it’s still, along with countless other unaccountable corporations and business entities … one of the biggest reasons I’m guessing, as to why it will remain a tough call to stir the pot, including getting a Press Conference to address these concerns, especially when profits will most definitely be shaken from banking to pharmaceutical conglomerates, if said resolve solution is brought to the people … AS THEY DESERVE.

      I remember well the days when MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) was being hailed as the Pyramid Scheme of the day (SEE TRUE PYRAMID SCHEME in the post ‘The Press Conference That Never Happened’), and yet, my own legal firm Mills & Mills, in Toronto Canada, is one of the most powerfully connected legal firms in North America because of its MLM roots with Legal Shield.

      PS: No, Age of Equality (New World Elpis) is not MLM … it’s far superior … and nothing more than a digital subscription with it’s business model basking in ‘gratitude’ … the latter being the key to a financial secure future for the majority.

      Thanks, Riana

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