Our thoughts control our mind and we control our thoughts is a good theory for the motivational life coaches, but in reality, we are no longer able to control our thoughts.

According to Daniel Kahneman, our brain is split into two systems; System 1 and System 2.

System 1 is the involuntary, always-on network in our brains that takes in stimuli and process it. It’s the system that makes automatic decisions for us, like turning our heads when we hear our names called or freezing when we see a spider.

System 2 runs the voluntary parts of our brains. It processes suggestions offered by System 1, makes final decisions and chooses where to allocate our attention. The funny thing about how these system work is that we assume a lot of the things we do are purely conscious decisions made by System 2. In fact, almost everything we consciously decide on is based on automatic reactions and suggestions fed to us by System 1.

And who, or what do you suppose is controlling ‘system 1’ on our behalf?

Author and Journalist, Maggie Jackson answers a few key questions, such as: “How can we harness the technological marvels of our age more wisely and turn data into knowledge and distraction into skillful attention? How can we reset human bonds in a time of deep disconnection?”

We must, she argues, curb technological excess by cultivating the full gamut of our attentional capabilities.

One might suggest that Maggie Jackson, in a politically correct fashion, is attempting to tell us that technology and the Media will continue leading our ‘new robotic lifestyles,’ until we decide we want to once again begin thinking for ourselves.


According to Dr. Dave Walsh of ‘Mind Positive Parenting,’ renowned for the quote, “Whoever tells the stories defines the culture,” says that the average child watches over fifty-three hours of television per week. In other words the balance between an active life is being replaced by the Media and technology.

Kerby Anderson, director of Probe Ministries, adds that by the time a teenager graduates High School they will have watched between 18-22,000 hours of television … meaning … more time in front of a television set than in a classroom.

According to Nielson Media, the student populous average 33,339 text messages per/month … while other most profound research shows the outlandish number of teenagers who sleep with their cell phones on, under their pillows … choosing to be alerted to those 0200hr, wee-hour text messages coming in.


Mark Bauerlein, Professor and Author of the book ‘DUMBEST GENERATION,’ is best described as: “This shocking, surprisingly entertaining romp into the intellectual nether regions of today’s underthirty set reveals the disturbing and, ultimately, incontrovertible truth: cyberculture is turning us into a society of know-nothings. The Dumbest Generation is a dire report on the intellectual life of young adults and a timely warning of its impact on American democracy and culture.”

Today’s media manipulative society is so alarming it is being compared to our ‘ALL YOU CAN EAT’ eating habits, where we find ourselves heaping more and more electronic distractions onto our plates.

From a personal perspective, working in the health field, the young staff show up whenever for work with their heads focused anywhere but where they need to be; although in their defense, part of this is our need to work 2 & 3 jobs while meeting bills and debt obligations but having no life.

Dr Dimitri Christakis from Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Foundation shares media impact on our children

As you have seen, the pleas from counsellor’s, life coaches’ and motivational speakers for example that our thoughts control our mind and we control our thoughts is a good theory, in theory only.

Prior to technological takeover, without money and profit being its primary focus as the norm, considering the Media and marketing conglomerates do as they are told at a very high price with access to the very same information shown above, and then some, perhaps there wouldn’t be this need for genuine concern.

With that said, with Media and marketing giants crafting their counter attacks to manipulate the general public that this entire rant from a minority few is really nothing to be concerned about is quite the contrary.

QUESTION NOW BECOMES: Who will you trust?

6 thoughts on “Our Thoughts Control Our Mind and We Control Our Thoughts is a good theory”

  1. I believe that Denzel Washington was spot on with saying “If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed.”. So many people rely on the media to tell them how to think that they lose themselves along the way and they give up their own right to control their own minds. It isn’t about age either, it is about the death of critical thinking.

    1. Yes, Denzel said it well, didn’t he … spot on they say, lol. Thanks, Nicholas for stopping bye … really!

      I so respect people who take time, not only to stop by, but to offer up their own way of thinking; we don’t need to agree to appreciate honest, genuine feedback.

      And yes, the death of critical and/or self-thinking and thought is one of our biggest enemies today, and the Media knows best how to manipulate us into their way of thinking.

      Thanks, Nicholas … TM

  2. This reminds me of what you think you become. A lot of people focus on negative things and end up becoming negative people who live negative lives. It is not easy to change yourself, but if you work at changing the way you think a little at a time, your life will greatly improve.

    1. Hi, Beth!

      This is so true…as we do become what we think of most, and media holds fast to the best of the best psychological mind manipulation passed on to the king pins of the marketing pros who can have us thinking any way they choose; eating out of their hands in other words … like zombies or robots with their hand held toys as one mere example.

      And yet, considering I have always thought it goes much deeper, as in the disappearance of true debate, honest pessimism (negativity), or why society has fallen so far into failing to see their own fallibility when it comes to being accountable for anything, I discovered an incredible take on this that comes in seven (7) short summaries … and here is summary #1 HERE

      Have a super week, Beth … thanks again for taking this time to stop by and then provide genuine feedback … TM

  3. The media disgusts me. It has made people bitter, hateful, and angry. Some people don’t even know why they are angry, the media just tells them they should be. I have seen families cut ties and friendships ruined because of this. I focus on the facts, even if I don’t like what I am reading or hearing. Too many people hand over their freedoms in thought and in speech too easily these days.

    1. Hey, Timmy …

      It is always a treat to get the response, “IF” people will just read a post to discover the truth it delivers, and voila, guys like yourself will open up to a world that needs to hear your take. And your reply is no exception, Tim, for if just one will see and read your reply, that very person may begin to re-think (thinking for self is the key here), what they take from any media, period, and then source out its truth; hopefully they do so without taking 99.9% youbie-tubers comments too seriously where thinking too deeply is not a common criteria…WITH ALL DUE RESPECT! PS: What we miss is the fact that the wealthy DO NOT PERSONALLY participate nor would they waste their time on social media … unless wanna-be celebrities seeking to build up their following minions void of true heartstrings.

      Never judging, loving all … but speaking bold truth … TM *** Thanks again, Timmy … really!

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