If we knew the truth we would know our glutathione not synthetic glutathione (man-made) is best for us.

If you have an interest in health and wellness, as well as quality supplements, you may have heard about glutathione. There is no shortage of supplements that claim to increase or restore the natural level of glutathione in your body. It can be confusing when comparing all the available products on the market when they make the same clinically accurate claim: “Increasing glutathione in your body produces better health and wellness.”

It is true. If you were able to take a product every day that would raise the natural glutathione level in your body, studies have concluded that there would be measurable health benefits for a variety of ailments and chronic conditions. The problem is understanding the best way to increase glutathione in your body, and the ability to decide if the method you choose is working well and having an impact on your personal wellness.

With so many products available at your pharmacy and online, finding one that actually works can be a little challenging.
There are so many to choose from, but glutathione supplements are not all the same.

To get the optimal health benefit and help your body restore its natural glutathione level, Truth Mogul would like to share key factors, research and information to help you compare glutathione supplements versus glutathione support; huge difference!

Worth noting at this time that Truth Mogul had the privilege of meeting the Doctor in question around his miraculous ‘Original Glutathione Formula‘ and it’s one thing to make a claim to have a glutathione supplement and quite another to actually have the science and ‘COMPOSITION PATENT’ to support it. What’s on the market, rest assured, no such patent is in hand … not for glutathione … and not capable of increasing the glutathione level in each and every cell in our body, for anyone who takes it … NOT TO MENTION … kick-start the body to begin replenishing what would normally be lost forever.

The Truth Mogul is not Dr. Keller, nor is he the owner of RobKellerMD, so he will remain as his site ‘TRUTH MOGUL’ claims: politically incorrect, and the FDA, the AMA, or any of their pharmaceutical deep pocket king pin, well paying pay pals, will not be out there broadcasting to the world the power that lies within such a product as OGF. Their sole responsibility is to ‘TREAT DISEASE,’ not ‘PREVENT DISEASE,’ … there is no money in natural or the likes of say Homeopathy in which they are aiming to ban.

Please Forgive The Slight Focus Problem With This Graphic ... BUT ... Important For You to See

To be recognized as one of America’s “Top Physicians in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 in the fields of Internal Medicine, Immunology and Hematology” is a doctor to be trusted at his word and research by any stretch of the imagination, let alone being honored as such by ‘The Consumers’ Research Council.’

Dr. Keller has published an unprecedented 100+ medical articles, and you’re encouraged to check out this 1998 study on the science of HIV and how glutathione ties in to making great progress in assisting with this man-made-disease/plague (Politically incorrect and evidence available to prove such) … PDF HERE

Another insightful read is one published in the Anti-Aging Medical News Magazine … PDF HERE

A most impressive Curriculum Vitae can also be downloaded PDF HERE

There are no shortage of nutritional supplement products available that contain Glutathione. What makes it particularly
difficult for consumers is understanding the efficacy of oral glutathione products. Can they really improve your health and
wellness by increasing and sustaining your natural glutathione level?

The manufacturers of glutathione supplements are accurate when they share the scientific results of thousands of research articles which indicate that glutathione does provide a health benefit. Our founder Dr. Robert Keller was a prolific speaker and researcher in the field of nutrition, and his discovery revealed not only the importance of antioxidants to our health, but an important distinction about the best way to restore optimal glutathione levels in the body.

Glutathione supplements are not new, but what Dr. Robert Keller realized through his research and study, was that the way we approach restoring glutathione in our body impacts the overall health benefit of the antioxidant. One of Dr. Keller’s landmark findings was the discovery that oral glutathione supplements do not survive the digestive tract.

Should you follow the path of the majority who haven’t had the good fortune as yourself and grab just any supplement from the shelf of your local pharmacy or Walmart that promotes the latest glutathione product … one of hundreds … waste a fair shot of 90 days taking the chance that just maybe it will pass the digestive track test and give you what your body needs?

Or do you follow A/ Truth Mogul who shares nothing but the truth in a politically incorrect fashion, along with knowing how this OGF works from personal and parental experience … and add to that B/ a Doctor with his OGF Original Glutathione Formula that comes with a Patent and the credentials and reputation not likely to be rivaled for years to come?

So where should you go from here? First remember that our glutathione not synthetic (man-made) glutathione is best on logic alone. With that said, do yourself a favor, re-cycle your own inside every cell in your body; GO HERE and at check out, enter the code RKMD-47479 and receive 50% off your first order … on an item that is already priced much lower than expected with a Composition Patent to its credit (able to back up every claim it makes) … normally reserved for the pharmaceutical drug-lords only.

2 thoughts on “Our Glutathione Not Synthetic Glutathione”

  1. Truth Mogul, I like coming here because you don’t hold back on expressing your viewpoint. People may not agree with you, but you back up your statements and aren’t obnoxious. Personally, there are so many supplements out there that you need to be wary of buying something off the shelf without researching it. Yes, some are proven to help, but say you buy a nutrition supplement with a good track record, you still have to find a brand known for quality ingredients and delivery systems. Don’t buy blindly or you could be wasting your money AND your health.

    1. Hi again, Mike …

      Glad you see through my rants as an attempt to be real and truthful.
      The thing is, G4G and say WEW are two products I personally use, that became part of this Truth Mogul mission because they work. Not just for me, and not just out of the fact that I will receive a kick-back; DO WE NOT HAVE ENOUGH OF THAT ALREADY IN OUR WORLD?
      In regards to G4G (G 4 Glutathione), I sourced out Dr. Keller myself for my parents initially, and made my way to Salt Lake City, Utah USA to meet him and hear him speak; 3 lectures during this time frame. What first took me there was he didn’t create his product for money…but for his clients. On top of this, this product is backed up by a Composition Patent…so it actually has said patent so support its claims. We can walk into any vitamin store, any place, anywhere, and 99% chance, we will never find ONE PRODUCT with a patent…NOT PATENT PENDING (these are a dime per million expressions) … but an actual patent … in which are not given out unless it can do as claimed. It will increase a person’s glutathione 263% upon consumption, and then it kick-starts the body to begin reproducing its own glutathione … CATCH THIS … that normally with age…disappears…never to return again and we die.

      So you are correct…we can buy the sales pitch of something without a patent and get zero results … and from my area, people are buying products that are artificial glutathione and paying $100 p/m … and for about 1/2 that price, can have G4G that actually works … and they will notice it. CRAZY!

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