Founder of Orange Theory Fitness, Author Ellen Latham of the must read book PUSH ~ Click on book graphic to get your copy *** No, Truth Mogul is not an Amazon affiliate *** This is simply a must read book around the truth at the heart of fitness ~ There are golden nuggets in this book!

Orange Theory Fitness Boomer Review (boomers would be TM and his bride of 28 years), is coming to you out of a first attempt in a few years, approximately thirty, lol, that we have entered into any form of organized exercise program. We are actively busy at something, appearing to be in pretty good shape … however not near the shape we should be. We are going into our 3rd class as founding members of Kingston, Ontario Canada’s first, Orange Theory Fitness; it’s a keeper!

Our daughter who lives in Red Deer, Alberta suggested her dad to give Crossfit a shot (both her and husband are strong advocates). After some serious consideration, being 59 and all, it wasn’t until an unusual bright orange sign on the side of a trailer not far from our home that read ‘Orange Theory Fitness Opening Soon,’ caught my attention; checked it out and was sold on the logic alone.

Fitness these days has taken on a whole new approach … the complete body, inside and out, verses bits and pieces. Or as founder, Ellen Latham refers to it, “rather than the Vitamin A ¬†approach this day, or at this gym, or the Vitamin B approach, why not a complete a Multi-Vitamin approach that takes care of everything all at once … coached … heart monitored … the works … in a fraction of the time for results … and fun?

TM is not going to get exhaustive, or technical here in this review. Instead, wanted to share an idea of what two very naive newbies to this new fitness ideal have experienced going into our third class, Wednesday January 24, 2018.

Although TM’s bride is much more timid with new experiences than himself, considering when we met thirty years ago she was just finishing up her Aerobics Instructors certification, she did amazing on her first class. My thoughts were, “Honey, you were there, we did it together, we had fun, and it’s just a matter of grasping that we all go at our own pace … and we will learn this after a few classes.

Were we a tad sore and stiff, absolutely! I’d be lying if I said differently … especially considering it’s been 30 years, literally. In addition, when we met, TM was quite involved in martial arts (Shotokan Karate – 10 years – Ninjitsu), and throughout the years tried some self discipline ‘at-home’ workout ideas, from the ‘Total Gym,’ to the ‘Ab-Doer-Twist,’ but hey … boring … not fun … just couldn’t get into it!

Together my bride and I have been in a gym atmosphere, but again, it was always the guessing game … am I getting this right … are we pushing too hard … and it was not an exciting experience, let alone something to see results, and paying for a personal trainer was not an option.

Thus the point being, any athletic exercise approach over the years didn’t last long enough to call it experience.

So What’s So Appealing?

At this stage, it is simply too easy to answer the question, “So what’s so appealing,” to close out TM’s brief post ‘Orange Theory Fitness Boomer Review.’

  1. 100% people-first focus that is evident from the month-to-month membership arrangement, introduction day, and at the start of each class
  2. 100% on screen heart and activity live monitored report and follow-up (emailed after each class)
  3. 100% 1 Hr-Professionally Coached program that impacts every muscle group in our body … according to science
  4. 100% fun and exciting atmosphere … great music … with claims that class programs are unlikely to be repeated
  5. 100% personalized attention when needed, before or after class, for questions or concerns to be addressed … knowing our names at the start of class 2
  6. 100% un-intimidated atmosphere with walkers, runners, and joggers, pro and amateur side by side all receiving the benefits according to their own personal objectives
  7. 100% boredom-free
  8. 100% distraction-free
  9. 100% guaranteed from experience of countless attempts that TM would not be pushing himself according to science, for his own body, if he was in a typical, do-it-yourself gym atmosphere … love it
  10. 100% invigorating experience

Should I take my last breath during an Orange Theory Fitness class, it will be my number being called by my maker, and nothing whatsoever to do with the evident time and thought put into this genius new definition for fitness — Truth Mogul

2 thoughts on “Orange Theory Fitness Boomer Review”

  1. Nice review. Personally, I find it challenging to locate a fitness center that keeps my interest, understands I am middle-aged, and wants to focus on training. I’ve been to gyms where the focus seems to be on getting friends to sign up, selling supplements, or hawking personal training (or all of the above). I don’t mind paying for a gym membership, but I am there to work out, not to be given sales pitches while I’m trying to be fit. Thanks for sharing your experience Truth Mogul. This was the kind of review that summed things up well.

    1. You’re welcome, Ryan…and thank you!

      Orange Theory for sure has something here. There is a display with OT bags, water bottles, T-shirts etc., however never once a sales pitch…which would turn me off as well. There is no diddle dallying around, other than chatting with fellow class attendees so-to-speak prior to class starting … and definitely not during class. It’s merely upbeat, fun, well balanced, and not once is there a time we take the same class over again; no monotony of same ole routine. Very friendly from walking in the door until one leaves after an amazing 1 hour workout, including pro and amateur like myself, lol.

      Have a good one!

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