The marketing kings hired by the conglomerate corporations and government bodies in particular, see the majority of people, their bread and butter (Me, you, and everyone below wealthy status), as ignoramus buffoons; we’re a number and nothing more.

Please, please, please understand that TM is not a pessimist by a long shot. If you want plenty of hardship sob stories, I can give you a few to rival the best of the best … HOWEVER … TM is here to spread TRUTH, nothing but the truth, and not here to whine and cry the blues … ever!

With that said, it doesn’t take rocket scientist education for us to see what is right there under our noses. But know that we have been and continue to be programmed by these so-called masters of marketing kings, to have us believe what their big paying clients want us to believe … think … do … purchase…etc., etc., etc.

If you don’t believe this tell me you cannot finish the jingle, “You deserve a break today at _____________, we do it ____  ____ ____!”

Or “No _________ __________ for 90 days,” or “No _________ no _________ for six __________.”

If you’re still struggling with this, you’re not alone … we don’t even see it coming anymore … we just do what the ads are telling us to do. See HERE!


We are a culture that has also been programmed to believe if something is too straightforward, too  simple, then it cannot be true. Or help me out on this one … “If it sounds too good to be true __ ___________ __!” lol … see!

TM references the KISS Principle all the time. For me, I never use Keep It Simple ‘Stupid,’ … but rather add ‘SILLY,’ instead. Respectfully, those with little education, if any, can easily take offense to the word ‘stupid,’ and rightfully so.

Kelly Johnson (without a ‘t’), an aircraft engineer in his day, coined this phrase and principle that states: “Most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore simplicity should be a key goal in design and unnecessary complexity should be avoided.” Dear friends … this phrase/principle has long been tossed to the curb … discarded along with the bath water, the baby, and good old logic and common sense. And for the purpose of all my posts, EXHAUSTIVE STUDY is simply not necessary to know truth.

For all it is worth to the best of your health that TM has yet to discover in over 20+ years of study and research, by way of actually using some of the finest products made available (Not on the shelf…ever) *** in the right hand column of this blog you will find in bold black writing [ENTER ‘RKMD-47479’ FOR 50% OFF FIRST ORDER] immediately above the title “Original Glutathione Formula, The Science of Longevity,” in red letters.

Click on that graphic, or, G4G in the menu above (latter is best as a quick overview), and see for yourself why the creator of this genius product, Dr. Robert H. Keller, was awarded as one of America’s Top Physicians five (5) years in a row by The Consumers Research Council. *** AND BECAUSE OF BIG PHARMACEUTICAL ENVY financing everything possible to prevent this information from becoming mainstream knowledge… you will seldom hear the boasting (even with the prestigious Composition Patent normally reserved for pharmaceutical drugs) that this product also and immediately boosts the glutathione level in every cell of our body, as with anyone who consumes it, by 263% … PLUS … triggers the body to begin recycling (re-creating) itself that otherwise, causing aging, depletes itself and we die.

In closing, YES…TM uses this product, as did his parents, although too late in their lives (already seriously ill with damage done) … and if you are thinking I am sharing this because of kick-back, then sadly my dear visitor, you’re  missing a serious, important and viable point for you and your family … and if thus the case … this blog is a waste of your time and mine.

5 thoughts on “Not All Vitamins or Supplements Are The Same – Not Even Close”

  1. If sounds too good to be true….. haha! That got me chuckling. Anyway, I also advocate that if a process or anything is too simple, then it might not be efficient. However, this product by Dr. Robert H. Keller seems to be the real deal, and I’ll definitely give it a try.

    1. Hey, Ferd! Glad you picked up on the FILL IN THE BLANKS so to speak, lol.

      Yes, we certainly have been conned into believing this or that is too simple to be of any value. However, something to even substantiate my claim is coming in March of this year that you may want to keep your eye on. An age change, as in a time/age change, into the age of equality that is literally KISS Principle fact. Consider subscribing to our blog…no strings…no catch…no autoresponders…no ads…no pop ups…PROMISE!

      As for Dr. Keller, he’s the real deal. Sourced him out in 2008 myself to help my failing parents, and as a result met this brilliant man personally. I’ve read much of his written research results, and the Composition Patent is another real deal.

      PS: We’ve often heard the bold expression, “Put your money where your mouth is,” right! The two products I share, WEW, and G4G, because of unwavering truth, knowledge, and research behind both of these products, providing all participants intracellular and antioxidant benefits with un-matched potential, especially from the pharmaceutical arena, I’d place $10,000,000 on the line if I had it, for rivals to prove something better. Am I crazy, a fool? I was first a client for years and then became a strong advocate to supplement my income, in a time where this has become a middle class necessity. Both of these product can change and extend life to the point of avoiding unnecessary health issues and concerns; had my parents been using both these products, even 10 years ago, they’d both still be alive, without a second guess. Natural anything remember, prevents sickness and disease … drugs treat sickness and disease because they haven’t been prevented in the first place.

  2. Truth Mogul here! Another reason Social Media is not in our best interest is that the likes Youtube in this case, everyone is a professional offering any advice on any topic, and unfortunately and respectfully, PersonalFitness3 (on Youtube – is a perfect example of what would appear as a source to be trusted, and yet, is boasting up One-a-Day and say Centrum as part of an affiliate program I’m assuming. Both these vitamin companies are two of the biggest culprits for offering cheap, low cost in, big profit out, synthetic vitamins.

    I made a comment on the above noted Youtube link, never in judgement, but rather in hopes of educating readers, and PersonalFitness3 replied back with the following:


    Four types of Vitamin B12:(via the Global Healing Center) 1. MethylcobalaminThis is the most active form in the human body. It converts homocysteine into methionine, which helps protect the cardiovascular system. Methylcobalamin also offers overall protection to the nervous system. This B-12 form can also cross the blood-brain barrier–without assistance–to protect brain cells. It contributes essential methyl groups needed for detoxification and to start the body’s biochemical reactions.2. CyanocobalaminThis SYNTHETIC version of vitamin B-12 is created in a lab, which makes it the cheapest supplement option. It offers the most stable form of B-12, although it does so through the presence of a cyanide molecule. While the amount of cyanide is not dangerous, it does require the body to expend energy to convert and remove it. 3. HydroxocobalaminBact­eria naturally creates this form of vitamin B-12, making it the main type found in most foods. It easily converts into methylcobalamin in the body. Hydroxocobalamin is commonly used via injection as a treatment for B-12 deficiency as well as a treatment for cyanide poisoning.4. AdenosylcobalaminThe energy formation that occurs during the Citric Acid cycle requires this form of B-12. Although naturally occurring, it is the least stable of the four types of B-12 outside the human body and does not translate well into a tablet-based supplement. It can be difficult to find this one in supplement form, although some supplements, like Vegansafe™, have been able to stabilize it.

    Again, and respectfully, PersonalFitness3 has not done his own research, but rather, does what 99.9% of people will do; trust in pharmaceutical propaganda, politically correct justification as to why we can trust something more artificial, like their vitamins being synthetic…and not natural. BIG BIG MONEY using the cheapest of synthetic B12 for example rather than 100% natural B12 in which the latter is digestible and 100% indigestible … not 5% indigestible as with anything synthetic, if we are lucky.
    Point being … One-a-Day and Centrum are two majors in the synthetic game of vitamins … not good. Find yourself an all natural company with a renowned physician like Dr Robert H Keller … 5 year in a row physician of the year in the USA voted in by the Consumers Research Council

    In closing, again, this is not in arrogance, or about rivalry, or challenge, etc., but rather straight forward truth that we are in desperate need of on most topics of this day and age…especially and more so if money is involved…and regarding North American companies, being majority of the time, leading the way.

  3. I’m a big believer in nutrition, particularly through healthy eating. Unfortunately, it’s easy to consume the right foods (especially when you have to navigate through organic, non-GMO’s, etc. I take several vitamins and supplements to make up for stuff I don’t always get in my meals. However, how do you know what’s in the vitamins or supplements? It’s a big concern for me and while I’ve tried to get stuff that other people have used, I still wonder what’s in some of these vitamins and supplements.

    1. I’m too close to this one, Michael! I hate using the word MLM or Mult-Level Marketing, however, if you’re not getting your current vitamins and supplements from the likes, then you can be assured 99% that what you have is not 100% natural.
      I only say MLM because of my deliberate 20 years of study and research of business models, and what I did learn, is that MLM companies spend hundreds of millions in R&D … whereas traditional business models do not do this. They have the FDA approve what they bring to the market. The FDA has been proven over and over and over again to be a reliable as the $3 dollar bill. No different than AMA or in Canada, the CMA (Canadian Medical Association). It’s all about the buck!
      In regards to G4G, Dr. Keller whom I have met personally, now deceased, and his product marketed by his family, has commented many times about the sad state of our world when there is no incentive for the like of homeopathy or anything natural because of Big Pharm money that kicks them out and/or sets up guidelines to prevent what they have from hitting the global populous; they want to do it the drug way…the treatment way, where the money is … not the natural way as in preventing anything … THERE IS NO MONEY IN IT.

      Investigate close OGF … via my links or anywhere … just get the information and you will not be disappointed … OR … TM will buy you 1 years supply!

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