We can accept a glass of water as half full or half empty, just as well as accept a weather report as 30% chance of sunshine in place of 70% chance of rain … but the reality is, IT IS WHAT IT IS!

From another perspective, we can go to all the Tony Robin’s motivational seminars we want, take all the notes and buy one of everything he sells … BUT … unless we have the money to put what we learn into action, we have nothing but notes and mountains of info, alongside the agony of defeat awaiting the oncoming visa bill. IT IS WHAT IT IS!

Jordan Peterson makes reference to the bible that says, “For whoever has, more will be given to him, and he will have more than enough. But whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him.” He is using this analogy to illustrate that if you have money you can always access more, but if you have not, even what you have will remain as such or less as a result of being unable to act.

For the record, in a nutshell as they say, this scripture has to do with obedience and disobedience to God’s word … ambition to laziness for example. Therefore regarding money, we are either obedient (accountable/responsible) or disobedient (wasteful/self-hoarding), thus again, IT IS WHAT IT IS.


Years ago as a recording artist, one of TM’s first producers was Rich Dodson from the band, The Stampeders; he was good, so good that he placed yours truly on the nomination ballot at the Big Country Music Awards, as Outstanding New Artist of The Year.

Rich wasn’t what one would call ‘wealthy,’ yet had enough to live above average (blue collar majority), with choices that really make a difference, simple or not. One being, when his wife, Mary-Lynn became pregnant they were able to pick up and go away for a couple weeks to a nice resort, relax, take on the Lamaze Classes etc.,  without concern for pressing bills or debt; not to mention, Rich still works from his home studio fulfilling his passion in life, while Mary-Lynn remains as his manager, as well as marketing, and publicity representative … enjoying her position of supporting her husband and his amazing talent to this very day.



Approximately thirty plus years ago, a man TM knew and still knows well, was unfortunately caught up in the corporate downsizing fiasco, being escorted out of his office and off the property as though he were a criminal; one of the most integral, honest, and genuine people a person could ever meet.

Once a person is over forty years of age and without work, even thirty years ago, securing a new position, let alone one that pays a six-figure income is much more than just a challenge; next to impossible fits more appropriately. Needless to say, this man as brilliant as he was with degrees in hand was never ever able to regain his standard of living. Had the lack of money not been an issue, he could have had choices other than a package directing him into Real Estate. If a person is meant to be one thing and directed or forced to be another, such as Real Estate where the odds are against success for the best of them, there begins the downturn.

A young man TM also knows very well to this day, wrongfully dismissed by a corporation, renowned for such acts and protected by their name and unlimited resources to do as they choose, lost a full twenty-three year work service pension with said corporation, without the capability of defending himself for two obvious reasons.

A/ the wrongful dismissal mental breakdown was simply too much to face the matter, considering he would lose not just the pension but everything he owned, including dignity and self respect. Sadly, just six months prior to the five year maximum time to rebuke said wrongful dismissal, with a company that would defend him at no cost, he was still too incapacitated psychologically to move forward; now is that not sad! Fifteen years later, this man has still never fully recovered, and realistically, never will.

B/ no money! Without money readily available to defend yourself or move forward, even with the modest means such as with Rich & Mary-Lynn Dodson, to just up and get away to merely lighten the load, the odds are highly against recovery, leaving behind nothing more than an easily forgotten matter, or statistic.

More than ever this very day and age of 2018 heading into 2019, MONEY CAN LIGHTEN THE LOAD OF THE INEVITABLE offering freedom of choice. It is what it is, right!


There is a light that must begin shinning on the living who are being backed into a corner for countless and unnecessary reasons that is quickly turning into a suicidal epidemic; and the only help suggested is more quick-fix depression pills and/or raising the minimum wage; the latter is like the nearsightedness of bringing in another casino to solve a communities financial shortfalls.

That really is the best all the brilliance around us can come up with, with the pharmaceutical conglomerates prioritizing the treatment of disease over prevention for profit, and politicians quick-fix to avoid over thinking.


  • For example, the young woman who just hung herself in Alberta (Nothing in the media), living in the middle of nowhere with family on the other side of the country, nine times out of ten, had she been in a position to just up and take a trip to get away from the plagues of life, young love growing pains, or financial setbacks or or not, her choices are 90% limited, literally, without the breathing room that disposable income can provide.
  • A young man who was wrongfully accused by an ex-girlfriend of not being willing to pay child support, when in fact he lost his job legitimately through a layoff, also took his own life feeling defeated (not in the Media), embarrassed and insulted; an unaccountable Canadian government body (Family Responsibility Office) with too much power and control to offer up nothing shy of false accusations and degradation before proven guilty remains a burr in the side of all Canadians, especially 98% males. Had disposable income been available, this young man would still be alive today … and perhaps with full custody of his child as a result of the real truth being brought to light about the former, sweet and innocent girlfriend.
  • Refinancing could be cut by 95% minimum if disposable income were readily available to the majority.
  • Debt, including long term could be eliminated if disposable income was readily available to the global populous.
  • The economy would remain on a constant rise if disposable income was readily available; good for the people, business, non-profit, and government bodies, with the latter saving billions on services no longer needed.


In closing, this list has no end. Without accessible disposable money in the hands of honest working people, it leaves nothing but the unaccountable to make our decisions for us … and we can look around us to any arena or topic of conversation and see the results of that one.

PS: We must stop following the crowd to discover, not just life altering and equitable solutions, but more importantly, the simple fact that MONEY CAN SAVE LIVES … and a favorable and 100% win/win equitable solution is just around the corner … KEEP WATCH HERE.


4 thoughts on “Money is The Answer For Everything and Here is why ~ Pessimist or Optimist?”

  1. In the immortal words of Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, money can’t buy you happiness. Give me fifty bucks and watch me smile.” Sure, wealth presents challenges and is no guarantee of happiness, but as far as I’m concerned, life is a lot easier when you’re not worrying about whether you have enough to retire on without eating dog food, where you’re going to live, and having money in your pocket (or PayPal account—whatever floats your boat). You’re right about freedom TM. For me, a comfortable living means I’m able to enjoy more freedom of choice. Naturally, if a person earns $100K and they spend $150K, they’re still in financial straits, but that’s by choice. When a person makes a comfortable living, they have more of a choice in how to spend it.

    1. Michael … on that note … as the Answers in Genesis series says in regards to rebuking evolution with undeniable evidence and simplicity … NUFF SAID!

      Your logic and common sense is welcome here any time … and please keep coming back … because THE PEOPLE need MANY MORE SELF-THINKING PEOPLE like EXACTLY LIKE YOU …

      Thanks again … TM

  2. I have a question for you… How does one stop looking at money as a bad thing? My entire life I have had this underlying hate for money. Like I see what it does to me, to my friends, my family. It is bad when you don’t have enough but worse when you have too much. At least this is how I have always seen it. I want to look at money as a tool to a better life for myself and my family. How can I stop being so pessimistic with money??

    1. Hey, David …

      Honesty, especially with self, wins hands down. Great question.

      Now I’ve promised not to preach, and my reply is not preaching as from a pulpit, but preaching a simple truth: “Chasing money is the curse, having money is the freedom, knowing what to do with it is the blessings.”

      There is a simple solution (everything must be kept simple — search out the KISS Principle at to respecting money and not hating it or loving it. Get discipline and understanding of money. Connect with an accountant, or a respected investor, and offer to buy them lunch or a coffee in return for a little insight on how money can be a good thing.

      A brilliant author on this topic is David Bach; seek out the ‘Latte Factor,’ by this guy…truly so simple, yet genius. And then, with simple ideas, imagine having access to that much more finances to work/play with!

      The next author is world renowned, a tad more challenging to work with, is Robert Kiyosaki … has a book out with President Trump (don’t let your feelings good or bad about the latter scare you off their brilliance in tops.

      Point is, when we understand the power of money and what it can do for us and a hurting world around us, miracles begin to unfold … and HUGE is exactly one of the vehicles that guys like Kiyosaki, Trump, and Bach would love to get their hands on … because HUGE is about to change the world as we know … 100% self-funded for the people by the people … returning 200-300% monthly for life; banks and markets can only wish and dream of this … but are still making billions off of us anyhow.

      Thanks again, David …

      PS: Going to send a great video by R Kiyosaki to you via your email address that is hidden by the way by our system for your privacy…TM

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