Regarding the post title … ‘If you could live on 10 percent of your income and give away 90 what would you do with it?’ … WOULD YOU

  • … set up a monthly residual income stream in support of your favorite country in need?
  • … have a ‘Save The Elephants’ kind of foundation to protect your all time lovable animal species?
  • … volunteer your time in a 3rd world country teaching or assisting in some capacity?
  • … found your own ‘well digging foundation’ to help those desperate for fresh potable water around the world, or join and help fund an existing company?
  • … provide musical instruments to talented individuals in your own part of the world who otherwise could not afford their own?
  • … launch a radio supported program to give away 5 or 10 monthly grocery packages to middle class struggling and/or poverty stricken families?
  • … set in motion a quarterly or every six months a city walk-about vehicle upgrade or give-away after finding someone driving a vehicle in desperate need of replacement?
  • … establish a program that randomly selects a home in desperate need of a make-over…and pay to have it done, including lodging until completed?
  • … introduce a ‘IF YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN ON A VACATION BEFORE,’ program that would pay for a family or individual to enjoy a nice vacation for the very first time?
  • … step forward to pay for or help pay for a home and/or its contents lost in a family fire who had no insurance?
  • … arrange to have a foundation dug, a home built, and furnished for your best new friend and his/her family in a country you visit frequently (Dominican Republic/Mexico/Cuba)?
  • … if affordable of course, consider rebuilding a small community within one of the aforementioned countries you visit often?
  • … prearrange a modest monthly income plus funds for a person in an impoverished country to provide hands on assistance to the local poor in their area?
  • … activate a program that transitions agreeable gang leaders from their current violent environment to a new city or country non-violent environment to experience their own potential and new opportunities?

This list could go on forever; please add a few of your own using the comment section below … while keeping Michael Jackson’s quote, “Real charity is giving from the heart without taking credit,” in mind.


We have been programmed to believe this kind of position “living on 10% of our income and giving away 90%,” is only for the elite … the wealthy … well-to-do … the celebrity with all the special talents, education, etc., etc., and this is just not the case. Whether we are giving away 90% or keeping it all for ourselves is not the point … although one worth considering on wisdom alone.

To hold fast to this outdated archaic mindset, surrounded by and witnessing so much technology at our fingertips, while knowing a mere minuscule only of said capability, can enable you, me, and everyone we know, including a public/grade-school student, to push a button, and practically at the speed of light, a text message can be sitting in front of us on our mobile phone from across the globe.

QUESTION 1: How many hockey players, as good as or better than the Bobby Orr’s or Wayne Gretzky’s, have come and gone since their day? Exactly!

QUESTION 2: How many brilliant, successful, yet uneducated or school dropout individuals like Steve Job’s or say Henry Ford have come and gone since their day? Exactly!

Because of technology, and not talent, education, money, or who we know or don’t know, but just using maybe 5-10% of all technology available to us, you, me, and everyone we know … and yes … including a public/grade-school student, within days of this post, will be able to purchase their very own subscription based company (minimal value of $1M unavoidably), for less than a short-term, fifty USD ($50) commitment … few days, couple weeks at most … that will only ever require four (4) subscriptions … unless you choose to grace others with this genius, life changing ideal that benefits everyone involved equally without bias or some hierarchy of favoritism.

Truth Mogul has not lost his mind, as one of the largest network of legal firms in North America (Mills & Mills) had to agree with him in 2012 when they questioned a chapter title [$10,000 Reward] in a book TM had written called ‘$25 Dollar Miracle,’ … that had to be pulled from the shelves the day of release … FOR POLITICALLY CORRECT REASONS (A worthy story to be shared in the near future).

So you’re wondering, how is this possible? Easy! Your subscription based company is digital, not brick & mortar … meaning ‘ZERO’ overhead costs … ‘PLUS’ … your new company offers something the majority wants, needs, and can now afford for less than a $50 USD short-term commitment.

*** The case in point we don’t want to miss is evidenced around us no matter the field of occupation we would care to investigate further. Meaning, FT employment has become PT & Casual, job and income security have long passed the beneficial threshold (we live in a paycheck to paycheck society), and debt is a sad requirement for pretty much anything and everything we need, above $400-500 dollars ~~~ trading our time for a paycheck is as beneficial as a cart before the horse.

Considering TM has been researching this resolve for over twenty years, he would have no problem today offering a chapter title ‘$1Million Reward,’ if his name were ‘Trump,’ ‘Gates,’ or ‘Buffett,’ for which his legal firm would once again also have to agree that it is impossible for anyone to discredit, TM himself, or the genius solution he is about to bring to the marketplace, currently pinned as ‘HUGE,’ for the benefit of the individual, business, non-profit, and government bodies across the globe.

In closing, noting once again, that this will be the last post (April 24, 2018), before ‘HUGE’ is revealed to the public, you’re encouraged to review the blog footer note that reads: “You Could be a Founding Member,” for the following justifiable reasons:

  • 20+ unselfishly driven years of study and research has gone into this project
  • One of the largest network of legal firms in North America has already confirmed this project cannot be discredited … nor its founder
  • This resolve end result is for the benefit of the individual (families/you/me), business, non-profit and government bodies across the globe
  • Something the majority wants, needs, and can now afford to take action on (less than $50) is worthy of investigation

4 thoughts on “If You Could Live on 10 Percent of Your Income and Give Away 90 What Would You Do With it?”

  1. I think that a sad truth is most people today would likely still keep that 90% of their income to themselves or maybe bump it up to 30% and only donate to family or friends. If I was able to make that amount where only 10% was needed, I think I would help animals. I would like to open a shelter for cats where ferals and homeless cats alike can have a safe area (both outdoors and indoors) to live their life. I always loved animals, specially cats.

    1. Hi, Jack Reed…

      Sad to agree with your statement that most would probably choose to keep that 90%, however, as a man of faith, I’m believing that my purpose, thwarted countless times before this very day, will lead and encourage people to test the waters of giving and see for themselves, if what they already have and had is not multiplied many times over.

      HUGE is an answer that yours truly is confident will set the stage as a freedom of choice, no different than our freedom of choice to choose good over evil, and the key to helping people see the truth behind what is claimed will come from the example set, as both myself and business partner live to give … believing by faith that we receive to give … not as the televangelists teach that we are to give to receive. HUGE IS NOT ABOUT BEING SERVED BUT RATHER ABOUT SERVING for all the right reasons, and by the grace of God, the doors will open in the hearts of those who are sought by this great new AGE OF EQUALITY move as found in HUGE coming soon.

      PS: I trust you will have the opportunity to open that shelter for the cats on your heart; something says it will be much more than a shelter … but more like a pet vacation resort … how cool is that!

      Thanks, Jack … TM

  2. When it comes to charitable giving, the best way to do it is anonymously. I am happy whenever someone gives back to the community, but for a true blessing, don’t let people know about it. Don’t take my word for it.

    Mat 6:1  Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven. 
    Mat 6:2  Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. 
    Mat 6:3  But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth: 
    Mat 6:4  That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly. 

    1. You know, Michael, I never let my left hand know what my right hand is doing. Another first lesson learned when I became a Christian, from the word of the Living God, Jesus Christ. In addition, I never accept a charitable receipt for my giving because such an act is not supported in scripture … AND … I give to give what is not mine in the first place (it is His), expecting nothing in return.

      With all due respect, never to judge another for any reason whatsoever, for there is no greater sinner than myself (although saved by grace), I will often make a suggestion for people, if they are genuinely seeking truth, as with what you said, don’t take my word for it, open any piece of scripture from any belief, at any book or chapter, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism, and place it side by side with any book, chapter or page in the Holy Bible, and the truth will set you free on linguistics alone.

      And yes, we are to give in secret … and when we do … many rewards follow … AND THANK YOU FOR these scriptures … amen … thankful that you are seeing this as well as living it out as humanly possible with His help. I’m with you on that!

      Many thanks again from TM …

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