But only a person who believes in this can make such a hasty decision?

I’d have to disagree! Going back to the idea that TM is about truth kept simple, plus, appreciating that most truth does not need to be exhaustive to defend itself as truth, this is probably one of the easiest topics to defend, even though it is one of the most ridiculed, tested and tried topics for the past 2000 years. 

With a ‘Master of Religious Studies,’ it will be assumed that I was brought up in a Christian home as well as in a mainly Christian part of the world, meaning, I’d naturally be biased when comes to questions as noted in blog title.

I would have to disagree! When TM set out on his journey, all he was interested in was truth…securing his soul in preparation for what’s to follow … as in life as we know it.

It didn’t matter to me if Muhammad (allah), offered this to me, Confucius, Buddha, or Taoism…I just wanted truth.

Looking at ‘The Golden Rule’ chart, if we look closely, although a minor but simple means of shortening the labour of seeking truth, we will find that only one of these quotes defers credit and attention from themselves…and that is ‘Christianity,’ Jesus Christ.

Pride leads man in his flesh, to always draw attention to himself. The bible also teaches that pride precedes every mans downfall (failure).

That's pretty weak proof or evidence in support of such a huge question?

If you were to visit Jesus Christ Living God website, you would discover two books (How & Why we Connect With The Living God | Apples to Apples) that were both written in reference to this topic, leading each reader to the book in which the author believes the answers lie awaiting each reader.

One cannot read either book and still come out wondering, “Is Jesus The Only Way to Heaven.”

‘Apples to Apples,” in particular, references information found within the pages of the Holy Bible that some of the finest Christians haven’t a clue exist within said pages.

Who’d have thought that God knew all about the likes of Prothrombin, Oceanography, the Hydrological Cycle, or how man would only just be discovering and understanding time, space, and matter in the 20th century.

This list could go on, and the aforementioned books are full of straight forward, truth kept simple, while remembering that the mind is like a parachute, it only works when it’s open.

Little nuggets for truth can debunk religion at any crossroad. These statues with the crescent moon on their chests are centuries older than Muhammad. Never judging...just saying.
One sect of Hinduism believe that our world is held up by elephants and/or turtles ... and pride will not allow them to turn from what they have been brought up to believe.

There are only two types of religion …

1/ Human Accomplishment (man)

2/ Divine Accomplishment (God)

And thus far, only One can substantiate itself and Himself as the living God…and the winner is…contrary to popular belief…Jesus Christ.

In closing, this is the Truth Mogul revealing holy grail essentials for life (eternal salvation in this case), truth kept simple.

2 thoughts on ““Is Jesus The Only Way to Heaven?””

  1. Truth Mogul, the odometer just turned over to 50 last month and I can tell from searching, I have found there are many religions out there, but only one Jesus Christ, risen from the dead and ascended into heaven. People confuse following Jesus Christ with the many religions that have sprung up around His name, diluting it, twisting it, and confusing people. You may find good principles and teachings from man-made beliefs, but the Bible stands the archaeological test and the spiritual test. Don’t believe me. Don’t believe Truth Mogul. Seek the truth yourself. God has said if you seek Him, He will reach out to you.

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