In a future where people stop aging at 25, but are engineered to live only one more year, having the means to buy your way out of the situation is a shot at immortal youth. Here, Will Salas finds himself accused of murder and on the run with a hostage – a connection that becomes an important part of the way against the system.

This movie with Justin Timberlake, presents a very similar controlling hold as with real-time society, apart from the immortality and time clock run-out slant, typical of Hollywood’s creative, yet all too common fantasy movie style. And no, this is not intended to be a movie review, but rather a reality wake-up call.

There used to be three identifiable classes of people (wealthy, middle class, and poor), and gradually since the move from the agricultural age into the industrial age, there now exists only one true class and that is the super-wealthy who live the life of Riley, as they choose, at the expense of those within their control; banking, financial markets, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, beef, dairy, gas, oil … and worse still … the online king-pins of control including the likes of Google, Facebook, YouTube, Ebay, Amazon, etc., etc.

Arguably, there still exists the middle and poor classes by income portrayal, but neither class has the privilege of living alongside the super-wealthy, unless the desire and ability to fund it is available…on credit…so that the super-wealthy remain in control and in charge enough to keep you coming back.

Fiction you say! Well that depends on where you stand in the food chain and how much pride is in control; reality is reality no matter how we see it! Although one doesn’t need to be super-wealthy to live at a much higher standard from the food chain to freedom of choice, the evident problem being, the current system thrives on debt with cost of living escalating far beyond the balance of employment incomes; the CEO carries debt right alongside the commoner in their own attempt to keep up the ritz … better known as keeping up with the Jones’.


We certainly don’t toss the baby out with the bathwater … as the current system is still needed for employment. In order to have a more equitable system in place we need a self-funded business model to come alongside our seriously flawed and bias system that can first remove the need for debt. Using 10% only of our technological advancements to date, there is no justification for debt, other than big business greed. PLUS a person can then deal with the bank of their choice from around the world, with the one willing to offer the best and most equitable return, working for the people, as it should be, and not enslaving them with the need for lifetime debt.

The end result is where people will continue using what’s in place (Job System) … as we will always be doing something as a job/career. The only difference being, is that the employed will not be dependent upon the monetary return from said job, as the new system becomes our main source of disposable income to keep ahead of the constant cost of living increases … and all this is accomplished 100% self-funded for the people by the people.

  • So the above resolve is good for the individual with an ongoing monthly disposable income that keeps far in advance of cost of living increases.


  • It’s also fair for those who choose to have their own businesses with the need for staff, paying a fair wage in return to people who are there because they want to be and not for the income.


  • And it’s also good for government bodies, saving billions in social programs, as one mere example, no longer required because of the people being self-sufficient with the assurance of automated disposable incomes in place … and again 100% self-funded.


Our current goods & services system or business model (Job/Financial) requires the majority of those within said system in order to keep it afloat; there always needs to be a means for cashflow. Therefore, this is the main reason everyone cannot be a CEO, or at the least, making the CEO wages. As it stands, realistically 95% of all monies going into our current system, bypasses where it needs to be and goes directly to owners & shareholders (business owners), who then share a modest, yet controlling figure to their operators (CEO’s), leaving only 5% within the system for the majority of people … thus the reason for living the paycheck to paycheck lifestyles … or say businesses taking away benefits and hours because minimum wage is increased; the latter cannot and will not work.

In other words, 99.9% who enter this system are needed to fund it … therefore they never leave it … and if they are fortunate enough to leave, it is more often than not, short lived, and their back; like 30 & 40 year old’s coming home to live with mommy & daddy because they simply cannot make it otherwise. Now we can turn a blind eye, however this is not up for debate … it cannot be challenged … as this my friends is taking place all around us this very day and age as of 2018.

As for the resolve, simple! As described above in the solution, we merely flip what isn’t working upside down. Think of a pyramid (triangle), flat side down, point up (our current JOB/Financial system) … and now … flip it upside down so it’s standing on it’s peak with flat side at the top. So no matter how we see either system, everyone enters as usual from the bottom, but no longer is the top crowded using the new system … as with the old, only a select few reap all the benefits.

The old system is structured as a hierarchy … whereas the new system, metaphorically speaking, might be compared to a piece of wood in the bottom of a pot, and when water is added (a new person becomes part of the new business model), the wood or the people rise along with the water or wealth that passes through said system … so no one is left behind.

Only if we choose to complicate this simple solution will it become difficult to adjust and/or take action when officially brought to the worlds attention, right here in March 2018.

Kelly Johnson (1910-1990), an aircraft engineer pinned the renowned KISS Principle (Keep it Simple Silly) that says: “Most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore simplicity should be a key goal in design and unnecessary complexity should be avoided.” *** THE ABOVE NOTED SOLUTION AND EXAMPLE FIT THIS LIKE A GLOVE.

TM has been seeking this answer since 1996 after finding himself with $250K of music investor debt that he wanted to be responsible for. Unfortunately, said system back then, far worse today (worse debt load in history for the individual, business and government), was not capable of allowing him to be accountable for such a large debt while having any kind of life at the same time; not too much to ask!

The suggested business model has been attempted numerous times over the years as discovered by TM, while missing two essential points.

*** Offline … not Online

*** Equality mentality … Not get-rich-quick mentality

Noting a couple posts by TM regarding Social Media, we must get back to face to face (Offline) dealings in order to win back trust … that has been lost to a faceless (Online) society that according to a Harvard Study, is killing us … and it is.

Not to mention, after 20+ years of online study & research, there exists a 98% online business failure rate … and if the Affiliate Marketing companies and gurus, along with the MLM companies were subpoenaed to disclose exclusive ‘online marketing success’ records, they too would reveal exactly as TM discovered and attempting to share … THAT 98% OF ALL WHO ADOPT THE ONLINE MARKETING GET-RICH-QUICK MENTALITY FAIL. And companies like Facebook,  reaping 9.6 billion per/quarter in profits, could never in a million years justify equitable returns to 99.9% of all who purchased their ad campaigns … leaving the .1% who would no doubt profit having to invest hundreds of thousands to millions yearly in FB ads … PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF 7-FIGURE PROMISE GRAPHIC linked to article who claims to have spent $3 Million on FB ads.


TM is pretty good with a computer and after 20+ years, has received ZERO – BENEFIT from online marketing or social media networking … with 5 attempts on having a FB page alone, only to leave frustrated beyond imagination witnessing zero results and too much control by FB.

I close leaving you with a few graphics of online guru ads who claim super success with FB ads … and again … I challenge our legal system … any and all authoritative and/or regulatory bodies to subpoena any of the noted boasters to discover that they are not as rich as they claim … and guilty of leading people astray with wild and very false promises … resulting in the 98% online business failure rate.

PS: Keep watch right here for the March 2018 solution as promised that can provide you and anyone you know a way out from under the control of our current bias system … all 100% self-funded freedom for the people by the people. See the HUGE link in menu!

4 thoughts on “‘In Time’ The Movie is Much Like Real Time Today”

  1. Truth Mogul, I am glad you’re spreading the word. Sure, other people discuss income inequality and the way the system is stacked against 99% of the population, but you put things in easy-to-grasp terms and explain things logically. People need to realize that the current economic system is just a form of control, whether it’s health care or a credit-based economy.

    1. Thanks, Mike … really!

      I guess this is why the politically correct standards, and my support by faith, have brought me to this date and time for the world change needed; I call it the Age of Equality, and thus the need more so for easy-to-grasp terms by way of logical and straight up relatability to the commoner who is currently losing big time … and that can all change in a heartbeat. And you are so, so correct … it is a form of control that currently rules the roost … however … it must be understood that what’s coming is nothing such as a revolution, but rather, a genuine and failproof business model that will come alongside our current bias system (business model); the latter becomes the job without concern for the monetary return (although still provided), and the new ideal provides the income that automates 100% self-funded for the people by the people. This post ( sums this up profoundly if I say so myself.

      Again .. thank you for your comments and time …

  2. Truth Mogul you do a good job explaining things. I especially liked how you discussed the poor and middle class (do they even exist anymore?) having to buy on credit to try and have anything resembling a decent life. Our income disparity has never been so bad. At least it seems like that to me. The days where people could work in factories and make a livable wage or learn a trade to do the same are slipping away. Even people who go to college find themselves buried in student loan debt with four-year degrees that will get them a dollar or two above what McDonald’s employees make. When will it end?

    1. Hi Hugh…thank you again…

      “When will it end,” you close with, after addressing some pretty serious concerns, and the answer is, it will not nor can it using the same system that is failing us and has for centuries.

      This is not pessimism, but rather, optimism speaking; although by more of a paradoxical fashion. The issues addressed are very real, and to the point of the majority being so caught up and lost amidst it that we are missing life itself. However, optimistically speaking, ‘HUGE,’ the resolve for all this foolishness, is coming believe it or not … the answer that TM has been promising for some time and supposed to be March 01 2018, for which my sincerest apologies are given. Literally, the answer our world needs, to remove the likes of “Who cares,” or “Not interested!” or “Don’t waste my time,” attitudes as a result of going through the motions of life with nothing to show for it, for which we cannot blame anyone, THAT WILL ALL STOP … at least … it will be an option for those who are not too far lost in the devil’s grip with zero faith to trust or believe anyone; AND SADLYTHAT IS A VERY REAL MIND SET THAT WILL PREVENT COUNTLESS NUMBERS FROM SEEING THE TRUTH THEY NEED that ‘HUGE’ will bring to public awareness in the next short while.

      What I can say, is that this project is coming together unlike any other time…including my programmer receiving assistance from another brilliant mind across the globe to make it happen, in cohorts with a company who also sees and believes in what HUGE has to offer.

      Thanks again for stopping by…TM

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