If you were to visit Student Debt Crisis (.org) you would find hundreds immediately, and thousands deeper in, who were motivated and confident in moving forward to fulfill their dreams with a degree or diploma in their field or career of passion, only to end up with debt and no career … or no job or two or three jobs to make ends meet.

Following the status quo or hearing out guidance counselors that this or that is the course we need to take us where we want to go is all a person can do … AND if the system is fallible before take off, then what more can we expect!

Jobs are out there, but few and far between, and all offering up zero job or income security. To make matters worse, what became the essential target and necessity to obtain a degree, is now showing up as not enough. An ICU nursing friend of TM’s, with a Master’s degree is now setting her sights on a second Master’s because of the position she is after; her boss holds two Master’s degrees. Now although nothing is in writing that states a 2nd Master’s is a requirement, TM’s friend is feeling the need, as well as the pressure, to be proactive and beat her competitors to the position she wants.

But the question is, how many students without family support will ever afford to meet this new demand … and where will it stop? Or will it, and will this multiple degree necessity become a new educational and/or job strategy to cover tracks as a means of hiding the shame of a system that is now backfiring, unable to satisfy the student to job ratio demand … being false hope from the start?

And if you can imagine, Canada’s Globe and Mail who has reported on this very concern already in 2016 with students facing an unwelcoming job market, are in addition offering articles such as, ‘Ways to Save up For Your Child’s Postsecondary Education,‘ being somewhat counterintuitive in the mind of TM.


You’re right … come on already … what about some good news. We see and hear all the bad stuff day in and day out … so where is all this hope you keep preaching about?

Fair enough, and in regards to ‘HUGE,’ TM is still waiting on his programmer … one of the finest in the world, literally! Four times previously, TM has attempted to reveal to the world what he believes to be a genuine, people-first-everybody wins-nobody gets left behind-business model. Previously it has not come to fruit only because of political correctness and business bodies unable to adapt to the times.

  • For the record, HUGE is not a Christian business, however, TM and his partner are Christian leaders, for which we are not ashamed, make excuse, nor here to preach other than leading by example.
  • HUGE is not a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company. All online marketing, MLM included, comes with a 98% failure rate; TM would not spend 20 years researching a solution only to introduce the world to more failure than what life already dishes out; which is no longer acceptable.
  • HUGE is not a traditional business model, nor is it being offered as a replacement, but rather, a business model that can come alongside our failing system and provide you and your family (the majority) a monthly disposable income that is in fact 100% self-funded.
  • The end result is worth getting excited about FOR REAL! The income provided, self-funded, replaces our need for concern about the monetary return from our job … that never stops growing month after month for life … far ahead of the rising costs of living, plus, avoiding our need for debt. All meaning, we can now have a job because we want to be there and not out of obligation.

Now I know you may be thinking, “How is this possible?” or, “I’ve heard this before,” or, “Ya, ya, ya, blah, blah, blah, get on with it because I know I’m not going to see or hear anything I haven’t already,” etc., etc., and TM doesn’t blame you one bit. How he’s still here himself is a miracle in itself, but the truth of the matter is, someone has to take the reins in the accountable people-first leadership arena while taking a stand without waiver … and I’m offering to do this … but I need your help and support to bring this to the world … OFFLINE … not ONLINE … face to face to win back trust.


Everyone is Special Unique and Deserving of Freedom and Choices with the ability to Dream and Live Big Dreams

The question is asked, “If you had a choice what career of passion would you start tomorrow?” … and TM wants to add to that question “IF YOU KNEW YOU COULD NOT FAIL?”

If we were to ask just a handful of those with more debt than employment from Student Debt Crisis (.org), this same full question, chances are, if not too discouraged, they would respond in favor of their original degree option chosen in the first place … especially knowing that HUGE, on the word of TM, can take what’s coming and play catch-up unlike any other option available to us this day and age.

It is and can be a beautiful thing when a career AND a passion come together … and it can be our new reality … including living like a celebrity without being one ‘IF’ we will trust in a very simple but genius business model that can place a smile on our faces just like that of a child in our days when we would still dream big dreams while believing in their eventual manifestation.

Any career we choose out of passion or otherwise always cost money … and currently … we must borrow or have in our possession the monies needed to invest. Well, as claimed, with the help of HUGE, it can provide us the monies needed to launch that dream and career of passion … and do so that much faster as we grow from Phase 1 and into Phase 2 and Phase 3 without investing one more nickel out of pocket.

Oh yes … and TM will confidently close this post with a very bold statement in regards to the added tail-end to the question as the top of this block ‘IF YOU KNEW YOU COULD NOT FAIL,’ because … said business model in question coming our way sooner than later is literally failproof and infallible when put into action … not to mention … less than a short-term one month cell phone bill investment prior to returning 200%-300% month after month for life.

4 thoughts on “If You Had The Choice What Career of Passion Would You Start Tomorrow”

  1. If I knew I could not fail? I would become a teacher for underprivileged kids. I think there is a real need for education throughout the U.S. and there are many children who don’t get the same opportunities as others. It’s a big responsibility which is why I would like it with the “can’t fail” proviso. Looking forward to the big announcement. I’ve been on this site for a couple months now and really anxious to see what it is.

    1. Hey, Hugh … how’s it going?

      Thank you for stopping by once again. First, my partner, Gigi and I are also anxious to get this rolling, however at the moment we are at the mercy of our programmer … the perfectionist he is and in demand to say the least. Because he knows TM’s story and history, and has been working with him since 2010 originally I believe, trying to bring this together, he is helping out from what would normally cost us thousands of dollars, and well worth it, to much less … and with that said, our mutual respect allows his big in demand and paying clients to take precedence … and fair enough.

      And, Hugh, this is what I’m talking about; passion! To teach underprivileged children…how cool and awesome is that. Six feet of snow, hurricane, you’d be there for the kids, no question. Same storm, same weather, and working at wherever to pay the bills and debt, hell you’re staying in bed and/or calling in sick…AND WHO’S GOING TO BLAME YOU…lol…not to mention…no one even gets fired these days, because employer couldn’t keep staff.
      And the courage to lean on the ‘can’t fail’ proviso … hey, no problem either. It’s the idea of where you heart is … that’s what gets me to admiring people driven with passion, because the courage follows.

      In closing, in all fairness, “How can anyone find the energy living a monotonous lifestyle…we get up…shower…get dressed…eat breakfast (maybe, maybe not)…go to work…come home…eat dinner…watch boob-tube/play on computer/veg out/put in time etc…go to bed…REPEAT…REPEAT…REPEAT…oh yes…get paid…pay bills…fix the car…fill up with gas…get some groceries in prep for TGIF…figure out if we can afford a holiday and when…can we get the time off…REPEAT…REPEAT … REPEAT you get the picture.

      TM says … ENOUGH ALREADY! Time for change and that change includes people taking the lead with freedom and choices to stop and smell the roses if they choose…and by living on their terms…not the demand of pressures upon pressures…deadlines upon deadlines…and the monotony of day in and day out; IF LUCKY … pretending all is good and OK.

      Sorry again for rambling, but this stuff seriously irks me…especially seeing young people at my own place of employment working 2 & 3 jobs with zero focus to offer the clients we serve in need…crazy!

  2. This article has got me thinking about things that I haven’t in some time. I really enjoyed it and I will come back and read it again and again. As for your question, I honestly don’t know and I think that is part of my problem. If I knew without a shadow of a doubt I would not fail and I could do anything I wanted – I still can’t answer with what I would do. I will brainstorm this and come back.

    1. Hi, Adam…

      Thank you for your honesty and transparency. Majority do not know, because most will stop pondering ideas when they know they could not move forward anyhow because of you know what … MONEY!

      Jim Rohn said, “If you work hard on your job you will make a living … if you work hard on you, you will make a fortune!” He has a point.

      The idea with this post, is leading to what TM expects to be releasing in the next couple weeks; supposed to have been March 1st/2018 … but hey … it is what it is and when HUGE comes to the people, it must be damn near perfect in my humble way of thinking, lol; people deserve the best because up until now in 2018, that is not what they have been given, on any stretch of the imagination.

      HUGE will bring the people a first indicator of THE AGE OF EQUALITY at their finger tips … and from here … will have a tool that will enable them to begin a planning process while testing the waters as to what it is they might want to do for the rest of their lives … BECAUSE … the funds without debt will be available to them … because of something everyone wants, everyone needs, and everyone (majority) will be able to afford; unless of course they wouldn’t care to sacrifice on dinner out to harness life as ALL PEOPLE deserve.

      Thanks for you comment, Adam…please stay in touch … TM

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