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  • I don’t want to drive a vehicle because it’s affordable, but rather by choice … especially when I know it’s possible using a different business model that offers a more favorable and equitable means of wealth distribution
  • I don’t want to fix something only when affordable, but rather when it needs to be fixed … especially when I know our current business model (Job/Banking/Financial) manipulates our need for debt to keep the wealthy wealthy and the rest of us poor
  • I don’t want to take a vacation on someone else’s terms, but rather, on my own terms … considering yours truly knows that just 10% of technical know-how can make this happen for anyone who wants it
  • I don’t want to be limited to $5, $20, or $100 dollars in my giving … considering the exponential increase of poverty and debt being suppressed to appear as under control, is in fact quite the contrary, and real people are in dire genuine need
  • I don’t want to live in a side by side look a like home or condo as Dick and Jane, unless by choice … especially when I know that mortgages can be paid off in months, not years, as a result of listening and following people-first-leadership

TM remains a fan and admirer of both the above individuals, and many more insightful like them, and yet respectfully, with that said, not all supposed great quotes stand up to the test of time.

One of the most abused phrases by world-changing people, at lectures, seminars, you name it, is in relation to what Steve Jobs is referring; “My favorite things in life don’t cost any money.” What Steve is really striving to get at, is that from the top, after much success has been achieved, he is naively missing the little things, affordably immune, in other words, money isn’t everything … and it’s not, depending of course where you’re coming from.

Money isn’t everything today, but everything takes money..

For example, another brilliant man in his own right, is renowned for the truth of the profound quote, “If you work hard on your job you will make a living … if you work hard on you you will make a fortune!” And yet here we find Mr. Rohn saying “we can get more money but we cannot get more time,” which in fact when we really think about it, the latter may be true but the first is not … unless of course we follow the long worn out tradition and visit a 21st century loan shark (bank) to get what we need.

The point here, is that the quote by Steve Jobs is coming to us from two extremes: A/ Like Steve, you have money already, or B/ You don’t have money and have accepted the fact that you never will … and if you follow tradition, this is guaranteed. However … TM is here to tell you that that no longer needs to be the case … and encourages you that something big is on its way; thus the reason to contact your local paper and/or radio and ask them to initiate The Press Conference That Never Happened.

As for the quote by the wonderful and late, Mr. Jim Rohn, with all due respect, although its intentions were meant well, the young ambitious person today cannot always get more money, unless by credit, and the teaching of credit for investing is a seriously high risk unless you have money in the first place to back it up; and our bankers will not afford us this knowledge and dare lose interest from one more debt.

6 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Live in a Side by Side Look a Like Home or Condo as Dick and Jane”

  1. As the Ramones once sang, “I don’t want to be buried, in a pet cemetery. Just as much, I don’t want a cookie-cutter home aka an over-priced McMansion. I want a home with style that is well-built (which means my home will probably be built by my friends). Good quotes from Jobs and Rohn. Time is a precious commodity, especially the older we get. Don’t waste time because we have a finite amount with no way of telling when it will run out.

    1. Hey, Ryan … and myself also appreciated the quotes from such brilliant men as Jobs and Rohn. After 20+ years, yes indeed time is precious, and all I need for my said time to be worth while is for my programmer to connect with me in the next day or two (this week I suspect after testing), and even if my numbered days come due, my partner has access and control of everything to bring this message and resolve to the world; TM is good with that, if that’s part of the plan.

      To close, I believe deep down, thus the reason for this post title, is that the majority buy what they buy because of what’s affordable and not necessarily what they would do if they truly had a choice; homes, cars, location of home, design of home, vacation choices & destinations, the style of this or that, stone or wood or log, career paths, etc., etc., etc., and HUGE will enable all this to take place AND LITERALLY MY NEW FRIEND, for the benefit of the INDIVIDUAL, BUSINESS, NON-PROFIT, and GOVERNMENTS. And when TM speaks of ‘The Age of Equality,’ he means that people can actually grow to have a choice to reverse the tradition of working 25-40 years, only to retire to do for a few years what they have always wanted to do. All the GET-RICH-QUICK ideas perhaps were intended by desire to make this happen, UNFORTUNATELY, they were simply going about it in the wrong way.


  2. I think a lot of people live unhappily because they are so focused on their money, incoming and outgoing. You should be wise with your money but you shouldn’t settle for something that makes you unhappy either. I really enjoyed this read. I’ve been looking into a lot of spiritual aspects in life and I have found that people in general accept lies as truth and truth as lies. This is why the mindset of “I’m okay with knowing I will never have a fortune” is stuck in many heads. If you think on something enough it becomes meditation. Meditation then becomes an outline of your reality. The spiritual always lays way to the physical and if you want to improve your life, you have to improve your thinking!

    1. Hey, Seth…great comment. Thank you for stopping by!

      Yes, Stinkin’ – Thinkin’ is leading the way these days, and in defense of those being drawn into this ignorance, it is the result of listening and watching the propaganda being shoveled our way to keep us thinking and following the ways of the very companies paying big bucks to media to keep us here. In other words, Seth, we are being dummied down at every commercial and FB post and text we receive…unless from a friend for the help of a friend; otherwise…anything electronic is killing us.

      Pssst! The latter is not about being paranoid, but rather the result of 20+ years to give THE PEOPLE a fair and level playing field … coming any day now … HUGE

      Thanks again for great feedback … TM

  3. Buying on credit has the potential for disaster, particularly when people use it to live beyond your means. You want a new big-screen TV that will be obsolete by the time you pay it off (with interest rates so high, you’re probably paying 1/3 or more on the purchase price)? We’ve got a “deal” for you. As good as home-buying can be, people find themselves confused as to what (if any) are good mortgages to get. Should I get a 10-year? A 15-year? A 30-year? Can I even afford one? What will my house be worth when it is (if ever) paid off. There are so many things creditors do to trick people that rare is the case where the average person doesn’t get suckered into paying back with heavy interest.

    1. When banks boast of billions in profits, while paying 0-2% interest in deposits, that should trigger a bell or two that we are playing on the wrong side.

      The top 3 US banks in 2016 generated in access of $6 Billion dollars on two fees only from ATM Machines; late fees and ATM charges. Canadian banks average, as of 2016 fiscal year, $4 Million P/Hr.

      But then, Facybook reaps shy of $10 billion every quarter for nothing, called advertising that returns zip … unless of course you have millions to spend in the first place, lol.

      So no, TM doesn’t want to live in a side by side look a like home or condo as Dick and Jane, unless by choice … and really … who would really want to live this way by choice, with neighbors breathing down your neck, staring in your windows, or watching you trying to enjoy your 5′ square back deck or yard? YUK!

      PS: And as for interest reaped by the cons from 20+ year mortgages, I believe I read somewhere not too long ago, that you pay 2-3 times the price of what the home is worth … unless of course … like many … you have to continue refinancing in order to upgrade and/or make changes needed … and on and on and on … EEEEKKKK!

      Speaking of rambling, lol…thanks again, Ridge … TM

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