To go through the trials of humiliation is not an easy road to travel. The New International Version (NIV Translation) of the Holy Bible, in the book of Proverbs Chapter 15 Verse 33 teaches the world that “Wisdom’s instruction is to fear the LORD, and humility comes before honor.”

Considering I claim to be the ‘TRUTH MOGUL,’ which should represent not only sharing nothing but the truth, but just as importantly, being 100% transparent of self as well. To be specific, TM has been struggling through the profound agony of humiliation since the fall of 1987 when he went from seeing the world in full color, to black and white, literally; ‘I was blind but suddenly able to see like no other time in my life,’ sort of thing.

Weird, I know! Most would be thinking, “What did he expect?” And before this gets into a Christian testimony post, for which it is not, let me just say in short that when the Living God taps you on the shoulder you will know exactly what I mean by absolute truth … as the world unveils itself before your eyes and the blinders are off.

Coming into 2018, TM says that knowing the truth means humiliation stops here – truth must get through to the people on all counts, and I’m looking for the honor that follows all this humility.

But what humiliation are you referring you ask?” Let me share it this way.

  • Being the laughing stock: “You believe what? Why that’s just foolishness … that’s not feasible … not possible!”
  1. And yet, yourself, myself, or anyone who has done their homework knows differently … no matter the topic … and a whole other story if you have not done your research.
  • Seeing what others are missing: “There is nothing wrong with our banking or financial system … you just need to be wiser with what you earn … learn to save!”
  1. If there is nothing wrong with it, how do we justify the majority who live paycheck to paycheck, as do you?
  2. If the system is fair, why is global wealth controlled by only 1-3% of the worlds population?
  3. If this system is under control, how is it that when the markets crash the only reapers are those who did the crashing of said system?
  4. If there is nothing wrong with the system, why does it take $1M invested for every mere $50K needed of ROI to maintain dignity? … THIS LIST COULD SIMPLY GO ON FOREVER
  • Reading the writing on the wall: “You can find the truth you want on YouTube … Hydrogen in water is of no benefit with endless posts on FB to support that claim … One glutathione product is of no advantage over the other … etc., etc. etc.
  1. I agree there are billions of un-researched, uneducated comments on any topic to be found on social networks … but do you want the child or the doctor?
  2. We can probably find someone to disagree that two electrons will tend to repel each other because both have a negative electrical charge … or that two protons will also tend to repel each other because they both have a positive charge. And yet on the other hand, electrons and protons will be attracted to each other because of their unlike charges … fair enough!
  3. There are some who will argue the power of gravity, while refusing to test their theory for all to witness apart from the obvious reason.


After far too many years of attempting to rationalize with people to see what they are not seeing … hear what they are not hearing … and do what they are not doing … and having them mock and scoff with no evidence to back it up, surely the proclaimed honor at the end of this humility must be just around the corner!

Can Diabetes be prevented, absolutely! *** Can diabetes be cured, Type 2 yes … and Type 1 well on its way! *** Cancer? Prevented and cured, absolutely! *** Is tap water as good as bottled water; 99.9% of the time, yes! *** Is it possible for the little guy to receive 200%-300% ROI on less than a $50 short-term investment, absolutely!

There is so much information available to us to substantiate natural healing (preventive medicine vs. reactive treatment), but it’s being kept out of reach of the majority thanks to the power of Big Pharma money … that should never be taken lightly.

For example, it was reported that 9 out of 12 voting members for the release of the Swine Flu Hoax were shareholders in the vaccine itself … with profits expected to hit in excess of $40 Billion Dollars … and all one big hoax.

It’s been reported by inside sources that many FDA approved studies had more animal testing performed than human studies (2 only) on the disastrous sugar substitute, Splenda.

Did you know that the pop/soda/carbonated drink conglomerate companies continue to write bigger and bigger checks to all the right people and Media to keep the real trugh about ‘ASPARTAME‘ hidden … and/or … minimized?


  • Truth is, can diabetes be prevented, absolutely!
  • Truth is, can diabetes be cured, Type 2 yes … Type 1 well on its way!
  • Truth about Cancer, can it be prevented and/or cured, absolutely!
  • Truth is, is tap water as good as bottled water; 99.9% of the time, yes; test it yourself!
  • Truth is, is it possible for the little guy to receive 200%-300% ROI (Return on Investment), on less than a $50 short-term investment, absolutely! (keep watching TM Blog for more info).
  • Truth is, is it possible to live without debt, absolutely!
  • Truth is, is it possible to remove the likes of mortgages in months rather than years … ABSOLUTELY!

6 thoughts on “Humiliation Stops Here – Truth Must Get Through to The People”

  1. Always insightful! TM doesn’t mince words when it comes to speaking the truth. Here comes another one; this time, on humility.
    I’m glad I read this piece.

    1. You know, Jenny, TM had a young co-worker friend say to him recently, that “everyone on staff likes you, TM, that’s for sure, because of your honesty and insight from years of experience,” while adding the somewhat annoying part even though with a chuckle, “and of course because he always has to be right!”
      This fringes on the humility I speak of, because, with my seniority and age, I genuinely attempt to reach my young colleagues with insight that they could learn from, and being the Truth Mogul, I have to be right in my claims, and the health and faith topics I share, in genuine humbleness, I am right as humanly possible.

      For example, G4G I speak about on my blog, is 2nd to none, as humanly possible when it comes to what it does; maybe .5% of all vitamins or supplements that hit the market today will ever receive a Composition Patent…not to mention boost anything in our bodies let alone GLUTATHIONE found in every cell in our body, plus, reprogram the body to begin replenishing it as though young again…LITERALLY!
      I share this not as in having to be right, but in hopes of people realizing the importance of listening and following the right people for all the right reasons; my young friends/co-workers, could learn from my experience in invested research and study to save them many unnecessary hospital or doctor trips.

      Lastly, WEW, much like G4G, provide our bodies INTRACELLULAR BENEFITS. Tap water, or the best of bottled water, or reverse osmosis water (no minerals), and 99.9% of all vitamins/supplements can only provide us EXTRACELLULAR BENEFITS because their molecular structure is simply too big to penetrate our cells. Is the cleansing of the INSIDE of our cells not important? When we do our homework, we discover the significance of INTRACELLULAR care, and both WEW and G4G literally enter every cell in our bodies and clean them … this is a huge event that the health societies and pharmaceutical world is not going to be broadcasting to the world…because there is no money in it for them.

      Very few will read these comments or get this far especially I suspect, lol, but humility comes when both truth and being right is shared, as no one has the time (not truth time) to slow down long enough to hear what is really important…’OH WELL’…’WHO CARES’…or ‘HE ALWAYS HAS TO BE RIGHT’ (while missing the very thing that could prevent an avoidable future incident or premature death).

      Thank you, Jenny!

  2. I’m sure you’re familiar with the term “checkbook journalism.” I think it can also be applied to corporations making sure the media keeps the inconvenient truths out of the public’s view, whether it’s aspartame, questionable surgeries, or unnecessary drugs. Yes, people will criticize you sometimes when you buck the system, but who cares? I’d rather speak the truth and help people than lie and give them false hope. Keep spreading the word.

    1. Hey, Hugh…appreciate the follow up again…thank ‘muchly!’ (my own word…who cares…it fits, lol)

      Oddly enough, I never thought of that before, but yes you are correct in reference to ‘checkbook journalism.’ In a similar arena was ‘payola’ playing a huge role years ago in the music industry; MD’s paid big bucks to play who they were told to play…and just the way it was and still is in many circumstances.

      And I’m with you, thus TRUTH MOGUL … and the truth on all basis will be shared, not necessarily from an exhaustive perspective, but enough to get people thinking that just maybe we don’t need to have all the facts to get ahead of the gamut of deceitful information that finds its way into the public spotlight without the other side of the story ever being told.

      Thanks, Hugh …thank you for taking the time to stop by…


  3. Hey Truth Mogul. Another spot-on look at the way society tries to manipulate our thinking. Have you ever read the book “Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media” by Noam Chomsky? It’s an excellent analysis of the United States media’s complacency in furthering America’s often imperialistic agenda. Talk about an eye-opener if you think the press is working for you. It ties in well with Chomsky’s book, “Who Rules the World?”

    1. Hi, Mike … Haven’t read this book but will now. I’d like to add a little more substance for reference points, as we know the Media is bought and paid for, as well as are those who pay them right up to the control tower.

      I do know one thing, there is a similar idea out there as to what’s coming with ‘HUGE,’ with three quarters of a million people aboard, 360K active, and dropping, only because of said system believing in online marketing as their gate-opener, and TM knows this to be very naive advice along with the fact of a 98% online marketing failure rate. POINT BEING, if HUGE gets its shot, the other idea will join us in capitalizing on face to face essential element, and this Media and Control Tower system (Neoliberalism if you will) that rules the world will suddenly begin to lose hold of the financial control they currently have … because HUGE will enable the people to take this control, mainly out of a new trust and bond as a result of what face to face dealings can provide us; IF HOWEVER THEY (the people) CAN BREAK FREE OF THE CURRENT MIND CONTROL that has them following and believing the very thing that has entrapped generations from the truth of true FREEDOM and CHOICES since moving forward into the industrial age.

      Thanks again, Mike…thank you for this support … you’re a good man

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