The unselfish claim by, Denzel Washington, “Don’t aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference,” is a quote that could easily sit amongst the cornerstone foundation of what’s coming, currently being referred to as HUGE (see menu).

It simply doesn’t make sense to move forward with any less of a vision on any project we act upon, small or large. Companies like Amazon, Virgin Mobile, and Vista Print are three companies that come to mind who are today following this principle. 

When we come to the realization that we need a million dollars invested for every $50,000 of retirement income needed … life’s future plans can become somewhat unravelled and seriously challenged …


When we come to the realization that double standards have us beat from pretty much every angle … wisdom suggests there must be a way out … and TM is inviting the majority to consider trusting him for a solution that is on its way …


This post covers just one double standard around the topic of health … your health … how it’s being snuffed out from under you because of bias and a lack of funds to take appropriate action.


The exciting news is … what’s coming is not about disgruntlement or rebellion, but rather, it will lead us into the age of equality for the benefit of the people, business, non-profit, and government … truly win/win!

Once Again, HUGE Aspires To Make a Difference on These Grounds

From every angle possible, TM aspires to make said difference by touching on topics that reveal their own insanity as well as double-standards that are ignored by those with the power to change them, and excepted by the majority who have become far too exhausted to worry any longer, after being knocked down one too many times.

Please consider this particular double standard, a label, found with similar wording as well on all 100% natural products, something to the affect: “THIS PRODUCT SHOULD BE CONSUMED UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF A PHYSICIAN OR PRACTITIONER, AND IS NOT INTENDED TO CURE OR TREAT MEDICAL CONDITIONS.” 

This particular label is found on a product called Barley Gold, “100% Certified Organic Barley” Gold. In a nutshell, it’s a product that has made it possible for the body to digest 95% of the barley seed; seeds themselves are not digested in the body beyond 5% under normal circumstances. In other words, BG presents to us a new and raw, all natural, super/brain food, literally, coming straight from the farmers field, offering up benefits too long to list; problem being, it still becomes a p/m cost factor to consume at $120p/m + shipping.

The double standard I’m getting at are similar labels enforced into law under the influence and deep pockets of BIG PHARMA … FDA … and AMA/CMA … and yet … drug companies continue creating and prescribing 100% unnatural, man-made substances with side affects a mile long, causing sickness and death, and all justified by excuse only with no accountability; and realistically, how could one begin to challenge such a powerhouse?

The dilemma is simple and requires no PHD to understand its practicality; put literally anything 100% natural into the body and the body knows what to do with it, remaining in perfect balance. Contrarily, put a man-made substance like drugs into the body and it throws it into a tailspin, its own little chaotic environment, 100% out of balance. Why does this go unnoticed in North America only?

PERHAPS NORTH AMERICAN DRUG COMPANIES SHOULD BE REGULATED BY WARNING LABELS ATTACHED TO EVERY PRODUCT THEY INSIST ON US TAKING, suggesting before consumption that said drug must be approved by a licensed naturopathic doctor! As it is, this is a clear and legal DOUBLE STANDARD … good for BIG PHARM profit and to hell with the health benefits of the consumer.

HUGE aspires to make a difference on these grounds alone, showing clear evidence of serious double standards.


Before moving forward, allow TM to clarify that anything shown or identified in this post has nothing whatsoever to do with HUGE (see menu), or TM, other than sharing a few 100% all natural product examples capable of aiding us in preventing disease that happen to come at an affordable, but still relatively high monthly cost; this is where HUGE will come in, providing us the disposable income to afford access to any all natural health products we choose.

GoYin as one example, can provide nutritional support to help our body deal with everyday stressors. Created on the premise of 5,000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it contains a proprietary blend of 16 super fruits, herbs, and other fruits that have been traditionally used to help bring the body into balance (Yin & Yang) and enhance overall well-being.

*** TM has personally met the doctor who helped formulate this product (no current relationship with the company or its product), reviewed the research, and has personally consumed GoYin with nothing but praise to share; gave it up only because of out of pocket p/m cost.

And speaking of BIG PHARM DOUBLE STANDARDS, if you click on the ‘goyin’ graphic above, you can read about this powerhouse and see the Double Standard that states: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This products is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; “anything to distract the people from discovering the truth behind such potent, life-changing all natural products.

Carelumina is one of the newest additions to the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) family of thousands, especially in the health and wellness sector.

This juice product is better known as PHYSICIAN FORMULATED COLD-PRESSED JUICE CLEANSE. In a nutshell, these cold-pressed juice regimens are formulated from raw, fresh, non-gmo produce and developed by a team of board certified physicians. Each serving provides your body with powerful antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, vitamins and minerals.

*** NOT A TRICK QUESTION … what do you suppose is better for us, ‘Cold Pressed Juice, to help prevent disease’ or another pharmaceutical man-made drug to treat disease after we’re sick? Exactly! 

Now as common place would have it, the same big dollars that propagate the double standards are the same big dollars that have done an incredible job of misleading … LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN … misleading the public by funding larger than life campaigns via the media, to discredit not only the MLM product lines, discreetly of course, but the MLM business model itself, sharing that said business model is a pyramid scheme; this is a blatant, gravely misunderstood lie, and HUGE, which is not MLM, will reveal the real truth to the world using a side-by-side, apples to apples illustration graphic.

*** THREE KEY POINTS that will answer a legitimate question: “Why is TM sharing MLM products?”

  • HUGE (what’s coming), or TM has nothing to do with MLM
  • These products are shown because MLM companies, although overpriced and home to a 98% online/offline failure rate for lack of disposable income to sustain the efforts of those who try to sell said products (reason majority are now sold on Amazon), truly do offer up the only assurance of high end quality, 100% natural or next-best-thing product lines.
  • Because of HUGE, these product lines, from multiple companies, will suddenly become affordable … meaning much healthier, active, and purpose-driven lifestyles.

With that said, OGF, now sold by the family of the late, Dr. Robert Keller, is the best TM has ever come across and comes with what is known as a Composition Patent, normally reserved for pharmaceutical drugs. Not many all natural products carry this privilege, and the only reason for this is that it can accomplish what even drug companies can only dream of, and remain notably envious to say the least.

*** In searching out a product, although a few years too late for his parents, TM made a point of meeting the late Dr. Robert Keller. There is simply far too much articulate information available on this product for TM to attempt an explanation. You’re encourage to click HERE or on the above graphic for full details.

HUGE Aspires to Make a Difference on These Grounds …

HUGE aspires to make a difference on these grounds … that people can soon position themselves financially to purchase all the 100% natural, disease-preventing products they want … and on the same note, they too can ignore by choice and affordability, the bias and wrongfully placed double-standard-warnings, found written on every product they will purchase that’s been bought and paid for by a very greedy and selfishly driven industry.

In conclusion, what more can be said?

Keep a tab on the HUGE link in the menu bar, and perhaps, begin jotting down some changes that you and your family would like to see happen once HUGE is revealed and together, we all begin moving forward with hope and joy and full anticipation of a much better future as a result of nothing shy of a healthier lifestyle and secure tomorrow for our children and grandchildren.

6 thoughts on “HUGE Aspires To Make a Difference on These Grounds”

  1. I think most people know they say about prevention, but for those who don’t, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I like to think of healthy eating and fitness as a person’s way of preventative maintenance, the same thing you do (hopefully) with a car, tool, or other equipment.

    1. Thanks again, Michael …

      I hate repeating myself about ‘MONEY’ however, there is simply no other way around it; money truly has become the answer for everything that is important in life, especially something as necessary as healthy eating habits, and disposable income is essential to make it happen, let alone put food on the table, other than government subsidized bags and bags of rice, in which too many of my Latino friends can relate all too well … needlessly!

      Allow me to be so bold as to proclaim, without a PhD to do so, other than that from SHK (School of Hard Knocks), that if the majority of people could afford a mere $300 p/m to consume a couple or three of the products shared in this post, the intentional, or counted on self-absorbed world by the likes of Big Pharm, FDA, AMA, and CMA, would quickly begin to dissipate from its ignorance bound to treat disease rather than prevent it. Access to self-funded disposable income to take positive action, enough so, to impact the health of themselves and family members, the majority of people could experience life as intended.

      Add to this the freedom to have simple choices in life; 1/ mortgages paid in months, not years, DONE 2/ no more need for debt, DONE 3/ vacations paid in full when booked, on our terms, without credit, DONE, 4/ used car upkeep is HISTORY 5/ four, five, or six figure giving, DONE, 6/ new roof needed on the house, DONE, 7/ 100% certified organic healthy eating, DONE, 8/ working out of passion rather than obligation, DONE, 9/ launching our dreams into reality, DONE, 10/ zero need for education debt, DONE, etc., etc., etc.

      In closing, I believe that if we were to take away the need to chase money for survival, we would no longer feel the need to KEEP UP WITH THE JONES buying stuff we don’t need, nor really want, but instead, going through the motions of life at ease without worry, stress, anger, frustration and concern.

  2. I am going to keep an eye out for these products. I am always looking for natural ways to get healthier. I know I can’t rely on diet alone with my current income. I can’t afford to eat how I want and I don’t have the time or knowledge to grow my own garden. Supplementation is the next best thing! I would rather be on 3 shakes and 6 vitamins a day than 1 pill given to me by a clueless doctor!

    1. Hey, Sara …

      Well, as I noted in this post, TM or what’s coming, HUGE has nothing to do with the products listed; they’re simply not affordable to the majority at the present time, as you have so honestly noted that 3 shakes and 6 vitamins over 1 Big Pharm pill makes a whole lot of sense, and now, having the money to make that possible is and has been TM’s objective for the past 20+ years of research. AND THIS IS WHAT HUGE will offer up on a platter for the people to suddenly have a completely separate income stream from their job…therefore…not needing the job for the income but rather for the fun of doing it. The real income will come from having a subscription HUGE that will become self-fulfilling if you will, and that monies, rather than going into the pocket of another greedy company, it will flow into your pocket.

      Keep watch … because … when HUGE is launched … it will enable us, the little guy currently living paycheck to paycheck, surviving, but not really living life, to have the disposable income available to add these kinds of GENIUS PRODUCTS … all natural products … NOT SYNTHETIC VITAMINS either by drug companies … but pure anything you choose for health benefits.

      Get ready Sara, to not only supplement your income, but by far surpass it, and again, a simple subscription that will quickly begin self-funding itself, for the people, by the people.

      Thank you for stopping by … TM

  3. I enjoy reading about nutritional supplements and healthy beverages (as opposed to junk like high-sugar soda pop and juices). Some are very good (and good for you) while others are just plain gross. There are so many products out there that I like when someone recommends one so I can decide for myself whether it might be worth trying.

    1. Hi, Mallory …

      First, I am so grateful for you stopping by. I have a few followers, and just thinking to myself that if this were a few dozen followers, making regular visits, leaving feedback (I know a lot to ask this day and age, lol), I honestly believe we could start a beneficial turn around needed in society, especially where HUGE is concerned.

      Speaking of HUGE, it is a solution on its way, Mallory, that will afford the majority the opportunity to bring a few of these dynamic products into our homes, otherwise as it is, remain unaffordable only because of limited up and down incomes from our jobs.

      And yes, most of the products available to us, with value, with life changing ingredients and where millions of dollars go into R&D and not into traditional advertising is where the disease prevention hits the road; these are companies worth looking at … and TM knows this first hand after many years of deliberate research into said companies.

      Thank you for your kind feedback … and time; and just in case you’re not back soon … MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY 2019! … TM

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