Facebook Social Media Rules One Addiction at a Time

Harvard says social media is killing you … TM knows from 20+ years of research and study online that social media is not as it claims to be.

To top that off, Thought Catalog says: If connectedness is the main benefit of social media sites, it may be working a little too well. Participants in a University of Salford study reported feeling badly about themselves when comparing their own accomplishments in life with those of their online friends. Users also reported that they find it hard to relax or sleep after spending time on social networks.

What most are missing with social networking, one of the biggest culprits being facebook, is that the idea of sharing about self in most cases is a lie; people can be whoever they want themselves to be or how others will perceive them…successful…on top of the world…when in fact if the truth be known…and no better off than those they are attempting to impress…and thus the reason TM believes we should be LESS FACELESS and more FACE TO FACE with meaningful reality.

A 2015 politically correct statement from a renowned university enlightens us in regards to the social networking issues by saying that “addiction may play a role.” No kidding, do you think!

Same statement expands by suggesting that “according to the study, when users are “self-disclosing” on social media, pleasure centers in the brain are activated. These pleasure centers are the same ones that light up during sex, or when someone eats or receives money.”

In other words, when we build ourselves up, including propagating inspirational quotes, our pleasure centers light up like a Christmas tree, BUT, when we leave that fictitious world of FB and other social sites, reality quickly sets in and begins to negate our confidence and self-esteem. Eventually our pretend world can no longer be filled, thus a more regressive and permanent depressive state takes over. So yes, this addiction is something we must begin to curb sooner than later.

Chemory Gunko from Biz Community says: “I was an early adopter of social media… my Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts all kicked off around 2006/7 – and once again I find myself an early adopter as I join the ranks of millions of people around the world who are shutting down their social media profiles.”

Chemory (cool name), goes on to say: “In fact, a recent Princeton University study estimates that Facebook will lose 80% of its users by 2017, likening Facebook and other social media platforms to an infectious disease that the societal immune system is finally fighting back against.”

TRUTH MOGUL has been shouting and/or preaching this tune for years and no one has been listening; no platform perhaps … but the message matches one of the most infamous lines of our time … RUN FOREST RUN!

Social networking is not only addictive and unhealthy, it is pointless contrary to the billionaire owners who run them. Their big money dollars are no different than the oil, gas, dairy, beef, pharmaceutical, or telecommunication dollars that are invested in huge marketing campaigns to read us like a book … and they do! IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY TO THEM without the slightest interest in you or the rest of the world.

TM has also been talking about why social media is here in the fist place: TO FURTHER PROPAGATE FEAR MONGERING for starters … and people still look at me like I have three heads. Kendra goes on to share: “As if our self-compromising comparisons to friends weren’t enough, there’s also the sharing of news on social media. Each headline left me feeling more hopeless than the last. Whether it was about Trump, the environment, or the sad fact that I may have to compete against a brainless algorithm for a future job; I felt like I was living in the middle of the blitzkrieg—but the flashes of lightning were pictures, and the exploding bombs were news and status updates.

TRUTH MOGUL is with Kendra on this one, that “we are pioneers in a digital and technology obsessed culture. It is not normal to have direct access to every thought of every friend of every second of the day. It is not normal to have billions of bits of information, most of it not at our request, in the palm of our hands. It’s like having some sort of technology induced schizophrenia, with millions of voices gaining privileged access into our minds.”

Hal Conick from ‘The Writings of Hal Conick’ says: “Perhaps the very thing that’s converging our worlds is helping us lose focus of life’s grace and humanity, its atrocity and inhumanity *** Have we simply become too used to watching and lost touch with the human element of it all? Is it too surreal for our own good?”

And then as Hal closes out his article with ‘The Great Irony,’ knowing and seeing all too well, the flaws, faults, and dangers of social media, says: “The great irony of this post is that as soon as I’m done, I’ll post it across social media sites. Then I’ll kick back, take a sip of water, and unlock my phone. Oh well, see ya online.”

TRUTH MOGUL has saying or quote if you will that says: “Change is inevitable, but change starting with self is worthy of applause.”

Who should we be following? One who writes about and sees the dangers of whatever, in this case, social media and cell phones, but keeps going by inviting followers into the same lions den … OR … the likes of Chemory Gunko, who is joining the ranks of millions saying enough is enough of social networks?

I’m for Chemory!

Whether Einsteins Quote or Not We Are Living Proof Going Into 2018

TRUTH MOGUL has attempted many times since 1996 to make the social media thing work … and finally about 2012, with zero results, literally, for business or personal social media attempts I called it quits.

Feeling left out, or not wanting to be left behind regarding technology or being ‘IN THE KNOW,’ I attempted three more times with Facebook between 2014 to 2016 and again to no avail…zippo…being more convinced than ever that it was a typical money thing marketed to appear as family friendly and what society needed.

Around September of 2017, the fool within once again thought, maybe I should pull up FB, despising its founder to no end because of my own values and principles, and use it to help share with the world perhaps my authorship … my new blog (TruthMogul.com) … and more so … in prep for what is coming in March 2018 for the benefit of the majority, researched since 1996.

So I sucked it up and launched another FB account … and sure enough, right from the get-go, the rules of what I could and could not do, post and not post, etc., etc., etc. came crashing down. I bit my bolder than bold tongue a few times, so I could maybe  connect with our beautiful daughter in Alberta, alongside my business objectives. I sadly got convinced for the fourth or fifth time, to do some FB advertising as a drawing card to my business pages.

Enough said … if you’re not spending money with Facebook … averaging $200 weekly … you’re not getting any exposure period!

I’ll close with a bold truth about the LIKES, and FOLLOWERS on FB and Twitter. Just in case you’re feeling left out when others have hundreds if not thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of likes and followers etc., sometime you must compare the number of comments on your posts in comparison to the big guns (or the hired help who does the work because it is not the big guns themselves…such as TRUMP), and you will see that no one is liking those posts anymore than your own when it comes to comparing apples to apples of likes or followers … NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Friends on social media cannot and must not be compared to face to face relationships.

Dear friends, this is TRUTH MOGUL saying from the heart … dump the phony faceless world and trade it in for a face-to-face life with family, friends, and experience true fulfillment … because no matter how big your social following is, you will never get a hug online like a hug face to face offline.

Truth Mogul for the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

4 thoughts on “Harvard Says Social Media is Killing You”

  1. Obviously, I buy TM’s idea of being more Face to Face to reality, and not just posing and living fake lives online. It’s unhealthy and addictive – I can list many things social media has cost me due to its addictive nature. But I’ve got a question; while social media has unimaginable good things including information to offer, Is it wise to shut down virtually all my social media accounts? Personally, I do get tired of the lies and addictive nature of these platforms.

    1. It is good to see that others, like yourself, Michael, are experiencing the true ramifications of using social media platforms; the big one I’m personally not a fan of is Facebook. Been there done that a number of times (5 to be exact), and in days, closed them out. From a business perspective, no one can convince TM otherwise, that it’s nothing shy of 100% money for FB and nothing to do with privacy or the people they claim to be here for. As from a personal perspective, ID-Theft is skyrocketing, and again, if we believe social media platforms are not selling the information collected, we are fools.

      As to your question, Michael, should you shut down all social media, NOT ALL ALL. Use it within reason and not having it consume your life! Use it for a main purpose, such as family and/or friend connection across the miles, but, simply do not get involved as ALL SOCIAL MEDIA HOPES YOU WILL DO, in helping to globally propagate the garbage that is not worth worrying about because we cannot do anything about anyhow. Politics … celebrity issues … rumors about wars or be-headings here and there … LET IT GO ALREADY! The media alone are paid big big money to be the masters of fear-mongering and they do a great job of it. WE ARE LIVING IN FEAR. Fear of wars, fear of Islamophobia (what hogwash – beautiful people – and there are extremists everywhere not just the middle east as Muslims.), fear of neighbors, fear of trusting too much, fear of running out of food, fear of the world ending, fear of not getting to heaven…and on and on and on. We must begin listening, trusting, and following the right people. If they’re not consistent in their messages, as in politicians, lol, then turn and RUN FOREST, RUN!

      Recent personal experience from another 5th attempt to use facebook (why I don’t know , other than connecting with our daughter), was stopped within hours, once again because of TOO MUCH FACEBOOK CONTROL ISSUES. TM made a comment on a friends post, agreeing totally with what he was sharing, and at the end of my brief comment, added for him and others to view my blog (this blog … TruthMogul.com), and it was marked by FACEBOOK AS SPAM … really! Not no more Mr. Facebook!

  2. Social media is killing us. I remember when I went back to college in 2008 and couldn’t believe the number of students mesmerized by their phones. It’s even worse now with seemingly everyone staring into their phones, tablets, and PC’s to update their status. Enough! There’s nothing wrong with utilizing new technology, but people need to use the technology and not the technology use them. Social media is mostly used for collecting information on its users for marketing purposes and for the government to monitor you. Don’t be fooled. Thanks for this blog, Truth Mogul.

    1. Am I hearing you correctly? How cool is that, that people are actually seeing this for what it is worth. I so hold fast to your words ‘people need to use the technology and not the technology use them’ … as thus is the problem today. We are so fast to believe what social media, any media are telling us, rather than the faces in front of them they know the can and should trust.

      This flow of conversation is so tied into what’s coming in March 2018 with ‘HUGE’.

      You’re a great writer, Vince … at any time … if you have your own blog or website, even if under an alias name … really … you are welcome to post it here and I will make certain it is left. If any problems, please contact directly … Kevin (TM)

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