Fast-food outlet serving up namesake root beer & floats, plus burgers, chicken, hot dogs & fries …


OK … at every A&W location everywhere


The Challenge is On

Truth Mogul has no connection whatsoever with A&W, owners, staff, corporate, zippo! This is merely one more truth post for the collection, and truth is truth and the challenge is on!

Am I a huge advocate for fast food … nope … but the majority of us cannot help but indulge once in a while … some more often by choice … and hey leave them alone … and if a burger is calling your name, we may as well make it a healthy one from A&W, ‘Home of the Burger Family,’ … where good food makes good food news worth spreading.

We’ve all seen or witnessed for ourselves the big burger guns trying to claim the steroid, antibiotic, hormone-free products … and if frank … the only reason they put it out there once in a while in the blink of an eye, is to look good to an audience easily distracted from the truth.

And let’s face it, those Mc/King burger kings and others, know they cannot post such bold claims as A&W because, A/, they’d be lying, and B/, they simply cannot produce the facts to support what could quickly become an unnecessary costly and foolish move as a result of false advertising.

At A&W, everything from the presentation of the finished product, to the taste, is the difference of night and day. Not to mention, we’re not hungry again 20 minutes later; that’s one way we can tell we’re eating the real stuff…including their all-day breakfast … or sipping their classic ROOT BEER!

*** So the challenge is on to every burger house and restaurant and supermarket; the people want real food … not food full of hormones, steroids, or antibiotics, fillers or the likes of GMO infected/affected foods etc., etc. There should be strict fines to any distributors/sellers of food that has been altered in any fashion, period. And voters, IF YOU VOTE, strive to vote in those who feel the same way you do on these issues … and hold them accountable.

TM is a Fan of Multicultural Staffing

Speaking briefly with one manager from a Kingston location, and considering TM is a fan of multicultural staffing, I noted my appreciation that their location appeared to be more so multicultural … always prompt and professional whenever I had been in or via the drive-thru. Her response, although reluctant to come right out and say what needed to be said until TM put the words in her mouth, was in line with a Dutch Dairy Farmer in Alberta posed with a similar sensitive-feeler question: “As much as my father & I have wanted to provide an equal employment opportunity for everyone over the past 25 years, the majority of white Caucasian employees simply do not have the consistent and genuine work ethic. Their main concern from hire is ‘when is pay day and how many holidays do I get’.”

Truth Mogul has always been a strong proponent for landed immigrants, including those who had to leave their homeland in Syria because of what I call, chaotic nonsense. Leaders everywhere, as bad here in North America without the blatant slaughter, are simply not held accountable because of political correctness. And why we must still act as children in adult bodies, drives me crazy!

In closing, and before TM get’s too fired up about something more he cannot resolve himself, lol, he wants to encourage other North Americans, especially Caucasian, to welcome and learn from our fellow immigrants and not feel threatened. Immigrants, I believe for the most part, see what we have come to take for granted, as a golden opportunity. That means, the grass really isn’t greener on the other side of the fence … unless of course it’s found somewhere on the ‘98 Ranch‘ in Lake Alma, Saskatchewan … one of A&W‘s business partners for quality food that resulted in the ‘Good Food Makes Good Food’ slogan.

4 thoughts on “Good Food Makes Good Food News”

  1. Being one who loves his eggs, after breakfast this morning at A&W with my bride prior to heading out of town, one thing is certain to change on our home effective immediately; it’s farm fresh organic eggs or nothing!
    Feeling my Saturday morning eggs weren’t just right…as enjoyable as usual…after A&W eggs…now I know why. The eggs we have at home are not organic…and clearly not from hens on a vegitarian diet and void of animal by-products.
    Difference of night and day…reminding me of childhood wholesome breakfasts when food was real straight from the farmers hen house to the kitchen table.
    Shame how government control and regulations are adding to the disappearance of quality food.

    1. You are correct in saying, K Simpson … it truly is a shame how government control and regulations are adding to the disappearance of quality food; and then some if honest…

      Thank you for noticing and commenting…please spread the word

  2. Truth Mogul, I don’t think I could ever eat a vegetarian diet, but I am for raising our animals in a humane way AND doing so without the use of GMO’s, hormones, or any of those nasty ways that make us sick. I’ve only been to A&W a couple times (sadly, there are no ones nearby), but I will make it a point to go to one when I am on the road and have to choose a fast food place to eat at (as you pointed out, sometimes convenience trumps our wish to eat a home-cooked meal). BTW, I’ve never been a big root beer fan but A&W has fantastic root beer. Love getting it when I am at one of their restaurants!

    1. Ya, never a fan of Root Beer myself, however, when I go with one of my best friends in the whole wide world, a man I used to support, and now, just a true genuine friend who just turned 58 on Sunday (March 04), and had to have an ice-cold-root-beer with his dinner, lol … I also get one so he can have it also, lol, lol.

      And I agree with the vegetarian diet … I don’t believe it to be necessary … but A&W masters the avoidance of antibiotics, hormone shots etc., and their eggs are amazing … just like the days of old when I was a child living next to a farm where I used to walk and get our milk and eggs; if Grama didn’t have any of course 🙂 So yes, A&W is worth a trip for sure … difference of night and day in fast food burgers.

      PS: Knowing you believe as I do, did you know we were created Vegetarians? … Only after the fall of man did God move us from vegetarians to carnivores?

      As always, thank you, thank you, Mike!

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