How many times have you responded, “Great thanks, and you” when deep down you knew different, yet not on your life would you or will you, let your guard down to share your true personal feelings? Nothing less than keeping up with the ‘Jones’ right! Pride is not cool today, unless in tune of course with more me, myself, and I time.

This is just one piece of what TM is getting at with the post title, “Going against the grain for you and your family ~ the world.” Pride is killing us. It is noted in scripture as preceding every man’s downfall. Like gravity, we don’t need to believe in it, just merely test it out, as today’s Wall Street Executives are doing so in crazy numbers.

We have become complacent and withdrawn to the point of destroying solid and meaningful family and close friend relationships. Unable and/or no longer willing with genuine interest, to strike up a conversation with our neighbour, let alone a perfect stranger sitting next to us wherever that may be; check out the bus stop … all heads are bowed, and not in prayer.

Instead, we’re victims held hostage in a new world of mastered marketing techniques resulting from behavioral economic studies. More specifically a heuristic technique, perhaps briefly defined as a means to motivate our brain by way of a mental shortcut that influences our decisions to become as human robots, literally.

Not me, you say! Think again about how much time you give to your cell phone, facebook page, your HD-TV over quality time with family or being more productive. TM is not judging, but rather attempting to direct attention to areas way out of control … above and beyond serious concern.

DON’T MISS THIS … as this so called robotic affect that is in your face and 99.9% of every home with internet accessibility, is why we find ourselves never being satisfied, always tired, exhausted, mentally burnt out, because unless we are seeing flashy ads, graphics, bright multi-colored life-like screens, or 3 & 4D attractions, the simple SHOULD BE IMPORTANT STUFF is no longer of interest … NOT EVEN CLOSE.

this simple and trite package of zeal, King of Inspiration at minimum, kept his audience riveted to their seats

Meeting the wonderful and genuine, Zig Ziglar in California in 1992 at the ‘From Success to Significance’ conference, was a treat to say the least; so full of life, humor, fun, and instigator of hope he was.

Not knowing much of Mr. Ziglar at the time, my naivety led me to ask, “Mr Ziglar, what inspiring words would you provide me as I move forward in this challenge of life?” Without hesitation he shared his renowned quote, “Kevin, you can have anything you want in this world if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Three years earlier, determined to meet the infamous Norman Vincent Peale (The Power of Positive Thinking – Pastor of the Marble Collegiate Church in NYC), I discovered he was speaking at a conference in Laval, Quebec Canada, approximately three hours from my home; tickets please! lol

Mr. Peale (Reverend), needless to say, the eldest (92 at time I believe) to speak at said (All French) conference, won the crowd over with his straightforward logic and common sense, opening with, “My grandfather told me, Norman, you can be happy or unhappy, and what do you suppose my decision was!”

Multiple young dynamic speakers took the platform, before and following Mr. Peal, with much to offer, and yet, this simple and trite package of zeal, King of Inspiration at minimum, kept his audience riveted to their seats, intrigued, entertained, and near dumbfounded that his approach in dealing with life and its unavoidable challenges from family to business success, were undeniably dead-on, with periodic scriptural trinkets dropped in to match; sharing … never preaching.


Before proceeding, I want you to know that sharing my brief personal meeting with both Zig Ziglar and Norman Vincent Peale was for no other reason than to help get my point across, evident in most of my posts, that simple is best … KISS Principle Simple is a path to which we must return to win back our sanity.

Currently we are losing what is truly important to us, and for the purpose of this post and for what’s coming, two solutions for you and your family that can break you free of our controlling new world  will soon be revealed via the HUGE link found in the menu bar.

So what are those two solutions?

  • 1/ We need our lives back. It’s been said that the television is the poor mans source of entertainment, and if honest the majority are locked in, hook, line, and sinker, leaving said majority going through the motions of life rather than living life itself?
  • We cannot begin to live life while being manipulated to stop thinking for ourselves (heuristics / Behavioral Economics), almost hypnotically driven to watch more and more of every screen we can get our eyes on, capturing exactly what the marketing control freaks want us to watch, from their innocent appearing commercials, to the manipulated script messages in the actual programs themselves; from electoral slants to the long and disproved idea of evolution, the latter especially in children’s programming. *** TM is not judging those who believe we evolved over millions of years, as I love all and judge none … just making a point of the power of lobbies via big and deep pocket budget ads.
  • The only way to win back our lives, to prevent this from happening, is to have access to a means that will give us better things to do with our lives … fair enough!


  • 2/ The only way to get our lives back, with freedom to breath from financial bondage, to the disease preventative super/brain foods available to us, yet unaffordable, is to have a self-funded, inexhaustible stream of monthly disposable income (cashflow) … all of this happening for the people by the people. 
  • To put it bluntly, when we’re not chasing money to avoid robbing Peter to pay Paul month after month, with disposable cash available, we can and will find better things to do with our lives than sit in front of a TV, or live on our cell phones; there is simply too much excitement to be found around us when we can affordably access it. PS: And please don’t come back on this with the sad and worn out reply, “But there are always things we can do that don’t cost money,” … REALLY! We know this already, but it’s hard to go to the ball game or even the theatre, movie or otherwise, and pay for it, including a simple treat while at an event without money in your pocket to pay for it, let alone get there.

The ‘MONEY TOPIC’ could go on endlessly, with absolutely nothing to do with money itself and everything to do with what it can do and make happen for those in need of a break to those who are starving to death or living in shame as a result of lost dignity while the select few hoard it and lock it up.

Keep watch, because for the first time in many years, what is being promised as a miracle, will indeed actually be one for you and your family.

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4 thoughts on “Going Against The Grain For You And Your Family ~ The World”

  1. I wonder how many people will look back at their lives and say, “Did I really need to get level 10000 on ‘Candy Crush’ or was there something more out there in that thing called life?” When people have time to think, i.e. they’re not working nonstop to pay the bills, they often get a better idea of what is really important in life.

    1. Always nice to see and hear your feedback, Michael…

      I empathize with the majority, unable to see their reasoning behind what it is they do; Candy Crush, Facybook itself, or consuming themselves with more of the poor man’s source of entertainment than they truly desire, other than being blinded by pure evil to keep them off track from the path they are worthy of; being much much more.

      Much like the tattoo business that has boomed, and nothing against tatto’s or those who have them, as many close friends do, however, I also appreciate the fact that that very same evil one guides the bored, lonely, and oppressed to keep up with the Jone’s, or those appearing cool, to go along with the crowd of tatto’s, even though truth suggests they do not (HERE), and so we do.

      After speaking with a few elder people, today regretting such choices they made to go alone with the crowd, it gives me further motivation to win back FREE THINKING which has become a lost art as a result of our heads being too full and too busy with everything but what’s important in life … and that is the ability to buy ourselves out from under time-wasters … and HUGE will do just that.

      Yes, Michael, I believe disposable income, replenished like interest on investments, will give people the choices they need to avoid wrong decisions made without choices.

      Thanks again for stopping by … TM

  2. Thanks for the reply TM. Just read your latest blog about people spending more time talking with the dead than they do with the living. Guess they forgot when Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead.” LOL.

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