There are many variables to take into account in respect to this blog post title ... BUT ... for simplicity's sake, let us consider the bad as acidic, and the good as alkaline, to see if we can uncover some truth and logic worthy of food for thought.

It’s fair to say that not just anyone can step up and explain the laws of thermodynamics … the laws of physics … mathematics … or say gravity. But then, we were not all created to be Einstein’s, Bell’s, Ford’s, Newton’s, or Jobs, or like the fiction character, Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series. We were however, created equal, and by equal TM means, equal and entitled to equality right across the board in all things.

We were created rich and poor, both to help each other and not to tear each other up or keep the other down. To come alongside someone who may be at the top or bottom of the food chain and give them a complement. To honor the need for both gratitude and respect at all levels of society.

But where are we at today? Where are you at today with a world that can get so strung out on a post title emphasizing a simple statement that disease thrives in an acidic environment not an alkaline environment? Does it really really matter one way or the other when such a statement is not killing someone, taking their rights away, judging them, robbing or hindering them from getting something more beneficial out of life?

The point being, we have forgotten ‘SIMPLE’ and the likes of for no better words, ‘LOGIC’ and ‘COMMON SENSE,’ not to mention, just letting people be to make up their own minds without the unnecessary rant and curve ball being tossed at them with a 99% chance of stealing a momentous good feeling about a new possibility discovered or one coming down the pipes.

It’s OK that one chemist says it’s impossible to change the size of a water molecule cluster, while another says it is. It’s OK when one chemist says there is zero advantage for the body using alkaline water over drinking acidic tap or bottled water, while another disagrees … including the social media comments by someone who just wants to be heard, whether they know what they’re talking about or not (respectfully the odds are pretty favorable for the latter on Youtube … and TM will remain SM-free).

For example, with the one chemist who says it’s impossible to change the size of a water molecule cluster from say 15-20 count down to 4-6 count, then how is it that science is continually confirming that such can take place when water is passed through some form of an electrical charge or current? Or who’s to argue with the 42+ year old company that has proven not only resizing but intracellular benefit as a result … and paraded by hundreds of thousands of people, endorsed by 6500 doctors and used in 200+ hospitals in Japan alone, who have all consumed and experienced the winning edge water as TM calls it, rewards for simply trusting and trying.


A few more key points for clarity to see if we can further uncover some truth and logic worthy of food for thought:

  • So we cannot change the size of a water molecular cluster … but then it’s been proven time and again that we can … and endorsed by 6500 doctors; can they all be wrong? Is that really a chance worth taking to avoid cleaning the inside of every cell in your body with every drop of WEW you consume, because someone says all the ‘FACTS’ are not yet in?
  • One says there is no advantage of drinking alkaline water over acidic … and yet there has to be … because according to the Pinpoint Marine ORP (Oxygen Retention Potential) meter, ‘Smart Water,’ for example can read +400 or higher (seriously acidic and not so smart) … and Winning Edge Water is reading -400 to -800 (seriously alkaline). And the title of this blog post is what? “Disease thrives in an acidic environment not an alkaline environment.” Do we wait until Jesus walks on water in front of us again … or do we step out in faith now and drink what is evident to those without a PhD?
  • It’s not that I’m right and someone has to be wrong … or he’s right and I’m wrong … it’s the logic and common sense apart from having that PhD that TM is attempting for us to see. If it sounds good and makes sense to you, and there’s a hint of evidence to suggest that you could have clean cells over clogged cells … instead, holding fast to the fake pharmaceutical ad ‘stuff,’ do we just sit around watching life pass us by, making no decisions, only to find on our deathbed that we had the chance and we didn’t take it … all because one chemist said yes, and the other said no?

We are better than this. We are worth more than what we are giving ourselves credit. There is right and wrong when it comes to ethics and morals, however, this particular angle on right and wrong comes down to not choosing to think for ourselves.

It’s OK to agree to disagree, and either way, one thing is certain from both sides of the chasm … Disease thrives and always will thrive and steal lives in an acidic environment not an alkaline environment, and no chemist, fifty chemists, or a million doctors cannot attest differently.

TM is not here to sell you anything but truth. It’s irrelevant as to where you get what you need. I just do what I do for the truth of it and just so happens that I am a huge advocate of G4G and WEW because they work … and all the science in the world cannot discredit what both of these product accomplish inside the body once consumed … period.

I leave you with this. Over the course of 20+ years of researching another project, coming out in March (HUGE), TM has been conned and scammed for in excess of $50K; not your problem … and I’m not complaining. However, do yourself one big favor. It is in my humble and rightful opinion that when it comes to Winning Edge Water shared on this site, it is a Medical Grade Kangen Water Filtration System … and it is not a North American made mesh water filtration unit that thousands upon thousands of North American’s are being left without recourse because there are no stores or offices to be found to hold money-first companies accountable; but then if the financial firms and banks and market leaders are not held accountable, why should any North American company be held accountable? THIS MUST STOP!

PS: Watch for water filtration system/unit competition review post … regarding the likes of warranties … the manufacturing global outreach process vs. in-house at Kangen.

2 thoughts on “Disease Thrives in an Acidic Environment Not an Alkaline Environment”

  1. Critical thinking seems to be taught less in our schools and used less by people in society. Learn how to think critically before you buy something promoted as the next cure-all. There are an amazing number of so-called wonder drugs that were promoted a few years back, and are now being featured in attorney advertisements telling you how you might be entitled to compensation for damages caused by what was once a “wonder drug.” Truth Mogul isn’t telling you what to think, but he’s asking you to think before you blindly purchase something. That’s good advice IMO.

    1. Hey, Vince … your analogy regarding attorney advertisements on how to collect compensation for damages of false ‘wonder drugs’ is what we would say in the music industry … KILLER!

      Thank you for that, for it should very well help to clarify the point of critical thinking in which TM strives to get across. Thanks again….

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