If TM Were to Remain on The Politically Correct Path to Reveal Truth, Following The Advice of The Crowd, The Online Guru’s, And Our World Leaders … ‘HUGE’ (Menu Link) … Would Still be Sitting Back in 1996 Awaiting its Discovery Initiative … And The People Would be Left Footing The Bill For Another Hundred Years or so as Our Current System Depends on And Prospers on Our Debt to Satisfy Luxurious Lifestyles For The Select Few Who Live, Come and Go by Choice, And All Thanks to The Little Guy

Please take note of the last three lines of the above referenced article as to why people have depression.

My point is, what about the loss of hope and joy and the reasons for this?

A slap-happy phrase from the online get-rich quick prosperity crowd, “We become what we think of most,” can in fact relate to those who lose hope, who then lose joy, and then, once caught up in this devilish strong hold, we begin our slide down the slippery slope of becoming exactly ‘what we think of most‘ … and depression tops the list leading to suicide.

Looking at the above article once again (click on it to read full article), it confirms TM’s thoughts on the rise in suicide rates, one of thousands available, clearly warning us about technology and how it is leading us to increased isolation, replacing face to face interactions, which in turn leads to further depression, suicide, etc., etc.

So regarding my title, ‘Disappearance of Hope Leading to Our Lack of Joy is Believed to be a Primary Root of Depression,’ TM is smack on … who also being the transparent person he is (See also phony paycheck post), can confirm this title from personal experience … right down to suicidal thoughts and plans.

Let me ask you two questions:

  1. How do you like me now?
  2. Is this honest and transparent enough … relatable?

I cannot begin to tell you what has transformed in my life since walking away from my music career in 1996 … something I thought I always wanted, but by the time I got it, I no longer wanted it (Management deal – Mary Bailey Management Team / Shania Twain’s claim to fame). It’s too long and too depressing of a story for this post, and the real answer in my humble opinion had to be found; so before sharing … let me leave this paragraph with a personal reality check:

  • $250K of investor debt back 1996 is $530K today … BUT YOU ARE WORTH IT!
  • I’ve danced up close and personal with the devil himself one too many times … and can assure you … it’s not the nicest feeling being at the edge of life and death … something kept me going … I know exactly what that is … but if I tell you too much you’ll turn and run the other direction because that’s what the world tells you to do… follow the crowd, right … but again YOU ARE WORTH IT and that’s why I’m still here.

MONEY … THE LACK OF DISPOSABLE INCOME … PLAYS A KEY ROLE in the disappearance of hope and the lack of joy that is found at the root of depression

99% of Christian church lobby is the biggest baboonish flock of people on God’s green planet. They know what God’s word teaches and yet still see and think about money as the root of all evil … when in fact the smartest, wisest, and wealthiest man to ever live, and ever will live states, that money is the answer for everything.

What this man is saying is that everything takes money. The love of money is the root of all evil, not money itself. Like alcohol, the bible doesn’t teach not to drink, but rather, responsibility and accountability; DO NOT DRINK TO INTOXICATION in other words.

As noted thousands of times in articles and posts and books over the years … WE MUST BEGIN LISTENING AND FOLLOWING THE RIGHT PEOPLE FOR ALL THE RIGHT REASONS … and stop following the crowd while beginning to teach ourselves once again to start thinking for ourselves; we’re really not that important to live on our cell phones or post STUFF on our facybook pages that means absolutely nothing to your future.

For clarity and simplicity sake, when the majority of people live the monotony and routine of life, paycheck to paycheck, month in month out, with nothing but debt to show for it, not really owning a whole lot of anything … unless that is all life is lived for  … one cannot help but become depressed for the lack of hope and joy in one’s life.

HUGE is not about money, but leading us into the Age of Equality, where everybody is worthy … everybody wins … nobody is left behind … as it should be. You’re encouraged to keep monitoring the HUGE link. No effort whatsoever goes into letting people know about this blog unless done so face to face … and all for good reason; my family, friends, and those I meet like yourself perhaps, are far more important than wasting time online in another system that is already far too manipulated for me to waste time and lose sleep over.

HUGE is coming sooner than later and I will announce on this site how you can see up close and personal what I (TM) believe to be, after 20+ years of research, a true life changer for the little guy across the globe … availability to access an ever increasing monthly disposable income, 100% self-funded for the people by the people.

PS: TM would not waste twenty years of his life to play a trick or gimmick on millions of lives who need answers.

So here is the exciting scenario to visualize.

Millions of people, 70-80% of the majority global population reported as hating what they do for a paycheck … working out of obligation to pay life time bills and debt rather than out of passion with a reason to be there.


Get up in the morning … go through the ritual routine but never without cell phone and facybook as a priority along with coffee fix … go to work but not before stopping for  latte’ and muffin for the second fix while arriving, in your mind, when you get there … hating Monday’s living for Fridays … puttering through the day while getting by with facybook and texts for important messages … gossiping about what you like and don’t like about life and work with fellow staff … counting down the seconds until time to go home … have dinner whenever and whatever … concluding it’s simpler to just eat out AGAIN … watch the boob-tube … post and comment on facybook … send and reply to texts … go to bed whenever … wake up to start your wonderful life all over again … for the next whatever number of years living paycheck to paycheck … one week maybe two week vacation per year that goes on the credit card to pay off until next year or two … but not without having to add the car and house repairs … school supplies and clothes … the prescriptions not covered … or the lawn mower that won’t start again and only 1 year old … like the refrigerator that only lasted 5 years when they used to last 25-30 years … and with the mortgage due again for renewal we may as well consolidate one last time for the breather we need, never to do that one again … only to find that the car can no longer be fixed and it only makes sense to afford a brand new one at 0% finance considering we no longer have pressing debt so we’re good … forgetting that the license and plates need renewing this year and income tax says we owe them another $600 … along with the bank overdraft fees of $120 including the NSF check charge before the consolidation refinance took place … and Tuesday both the cable and cell phone bills are due for $250 and payday isn’t for another week so it shouldn’t hurt to use the Visa until payday … honey did you see what Bobby posted about ‘TRUMP’ on facybook … Hold on, just sending Rachel a text to see if she knew who was in that accident on Bath Road this morning … ETC, ETC, ETC.

Now there may be sports games and/or events with the children over and above this, meaning more costs that we certainly don’t want to deprive our dear sweet children of … but the point being … who cares about Trump or about an accident earlier in the day … we can’t fix that … we don’t need to feed off a fear mongering negative world.

But take all this rushed and worried and haphazard lifestyle VOID of properly balanced quality time relief and ‘PAID’ vacation, not just time off … and add to that one less income, layoff, fired, quit, whatever, nothing but debt to deal with and suddenly reality takes on a whole new perspective, with only so much raw, raw, raw such as … “WE CAN DO THIS!” to go around.

Depression and suicide is very real and happens in a heartbeat. Hope slips away along with the joy that began at the wedding vows … and yet … if it were not for the lack of monies … if disposable income was more readily available to get us out from under the crunch of life, especially after a layoff or to replace the car that needs replacing without having to charge or refinance, AGAIN, it is believed by TM that life could take on a whole new direction, first and foremost, back to thinking for ourselves and not filling the EMPTINESS of life with technology and foolishness and carelessness.

If there was ever a time to trust a human being to lead us into a solution so simple to provide us that disposable income needed by said majority, it is now … and you truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain by monitoring the ‘HUGE‘ link on this site … as that answer could be any day now … and rest assured once again … TM would not waste twenty years of his life to play a trick or gimmick on millions of lives who need answers.

6 thoughts on “Disappearance of Hope Leading to Our Lack of Joy is Believed to be a Primary Root of Depression”

  1. It seems like a lot of people are lost because they don’t have a sense of purpose and a lack of the feeling of freedom. Some think they are okay with this because they focus on other things but over time, it just ends up eating away at you. Your job title should never define you, you should define what you do with your own life.

    1. Well said, Dave … thank you!

      I have to add as well in defense of the majority who are wandering around in the fog so to speak, void of that sense of purpose and feeling of freedom, is that our younger generations have no job or income security in front of them to look forward to. Degrees are simply not enough; check out http://www.StudentDebtCrisis.org as one mere example.

      On top of this, look at the babyboomer’s predicament today! A good many were counting on the markets and lost x2 with crashes, while those responsible for said crashes were rewarded multiple million dollar five figure bonuses for doing so, and literally not a conviction, therefore they also need a solution that thus far appears as impossible; one needs a million dollar saved and invested to receive a mere $50K before fees & taxes to help with retirement … but how many millions does each baby-boomer have saved?

      In order for dreams and aspirations to be fulfilled, it take money. For clarity, money isn’t everything and never will be nor should be … BUT … today everything takes money … therefore there is a solution coming and, Dave, I want to encourage you to monitor the HUGE link on my blog … for there is coming a solution that can lead us into the Age of Equality that’s as simple as Uno, dos, tres … Thanks again for stopping by … TM

  2. I spent many years hating my job and I can tell you first hand, sticking it out doesn’t make you feel better. You become more bitter, more depressed, and more angry at yourself for having not done something about it sooner. We all fear change but without change, we can’t grow as human beings. Really honest read, I enjoyed it a lot.

    1. Thanks, Melissa! You have heart and I respect that; love the transparency for which I live.

      So glad you enjoyed my heart being shared 🙂

      PS: Here is a quote of my own, speaking of change: “Change is inevitable, but change starting with self is worthy of applause.”

      Thanks again for stopping by … TM

  3. There is such a thing as clinical depression which is usually based on some sort of chemical imbalance. However, depression can also be caused by being in deep financial troubles. Taking a pill because you’re drowning in a sea of debt isn’t the answer. It may be un-PC but it’s the truth.

    1. Hi Michael!

      The system knows where the people are and refuse to see it for what it is because they don’t know how to solve it … nor do they want to lose the BIG PHARMA bonus bucks to pushing pills.

      If we do the research into the lives or stories of those who have fallen prey to suicide, we will find that 97% suffer from what is called clinical depression, when in fact, it’s true root can be found in the predicament that life has sprung and continued to haunt upon them…WHEN A SIMPLE MODEST AMOUNT of disposable income at their mercy to empower them to just get away from it all without further financial pressure, could have resolved, realistically, 70+% of the 97 tested, with full anticipation to commit suicide.

      Now, TM, is this scientific fact, can you proves such? No! Nor can the the doctors and pushers of pharmaceutical drugs by conglomerate Big Pharma; WITH THAT SAID … any time they are up to a challenge, I’ll take the international television witness stand and prove my point. People are dying here, literally, because a select few dictate and run the lives of the majority. I AM NOT JUDGING ANYONE … but truth is truth and ignorance must no longer rule in the lives of said majority.

      Well, said, Michael…and thank you again…TM

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