Timmy Wanted FREE Chocolate Bars For Life

Timmy wanted free chocolate bars for life so he added ‘gratitude’ and ‘4 friends’ to help bring his idea to fruition.

He would simply buy 4 chocolate bars himself and invite 4 of his friends to do the same. He would emphasize the power and need to say ‘thank you‘ to the person who thought that they too might like chocolate bars for life, by giving them 2 of the 4 chocolate bars they purchased plus, 2 of their 4 friends invited. Sounded like a plan to get the ball rolling!

At first glance, his idea appeared that he and his friends would be losing 2 bars and 2 friends, when in fact, the 2 friends remaining (4-2=2), would both follow suit by saying ‘thank you‘ for thinking of us with 2 each also (2 x 2 = 4 free bars and 4 free friends).

In Timmy’s way of thinking, this quickly went from an OK idea to a cool idea … because this cycle shouldn’t stop; what kid wouldn’t want chocolate bars for life. 4 becomes 8 more FREE … then 16 more FREE … 32 FREE … 64 … 128 … and so-forth.

A smile came over Timmy’s face as he realized how simple it was to never have to buy another chocolate bar. Whether it was the healthiest move on his part was another story for another time … but for now … his objective had been accomplished … Mmmmm good!

“Grampa, Grampa, Wait Til You Hear What I did”

Before Timmy had a chance to buy, let alone savor one of his favorite chocolate bars, they were off to Grampa and Grama’s for Sunday visit and brunch; Grama’s baking was tops, and Grampa’s homemade ice-cream was certainly a step up from the carton at home, but Timmy was still wrapped up in excitement about his latest accomplishment of never having to buy another chocolate bar for the rest of his life.

Mom & Dad heard his story and gave him the usual high-five and ‘Way to go, Timmy,’ kind of stuff, which was awesome, but somehow he just felt it was worth something much bigger than the ‘Way to go, Timmy.’ “Chocolate bars for life, and never having to buy them, how cool,” he thought.

They were barely stopped and parked in the driveway of the beautiful ranch-style bungalow home belonging to Grampa and Grama, when Timmy was out and calling to his grampa; “Grampa, Grampa, wait til you hear what I did. I will never have to buy another chocolate bar for the rest of my life. Grampa, Grampa!”

Timmy’s voice could be heard loud and clear and getting louder the closer he came to his grandparents beginning their stroll across the lawn to meet their kids, and of course, their favorite and only rightfully spoiled grandchild, Timmy.

After the hugs and greetings, although somewhat quicker than usual, Grampa was already walking along with his grandson to find a nice quiet spot to hear all about the very thing that had Timmy so excited.

“Timmy,” Grampa Shouted, “Your OK to Cool Idea is More Like Genius And Only The Tip of The Iceberg as to its Potential.”

“You are really excited young man. So let’s hear it! What’s this about chocolate bars or something.”

“Grampa, you’re not going to believe it. You know I love my chocolate bars, and I know I have to take care of my teeth,” giggling and smirking all at the same time.

“Well, I did it … I wanted chocolate bars for life, without having to buy them, and I did it. You wanna hear how?”

“Of course,” Grampa shouted back with as much genuine excitement as his grandson, as he could see that Timmy was really pumped about his latest discovery … that kind of peaked his own curiosity. “So let’s hear it! How will you get to eat chocolate bars for life and not have to buy them.”

Timmy jumped right in. “Well, I will simply begin by buying 4 chocolate bars myself and invite 4 of my friends to do the same. What kid wouldn’t want free chocolate bars for life, right, Grampa! Now, we must always say ‘thank you,‘ so each person who likes this idea, will say thank you by giving 2 of the 4 chocolate bars they purchase plus, 2 of the 4 friends they invite to the person who thought of them.”

Grampa sat up a little straighter, winced his eyes, while prompting his grandson to continue; “And ….!”

“Now Grampa, even you might be thinking, at first glance, it would seem like we are all losing 2 bars and 2 friends, but really, the 2 friends we keep (4 – 2 = 2 Grampa), would also be saying ‘thank you‘ for thinking of us with 2 each (2 x 2 = 4), meaning 4 free bars and 4 free friends coming our way … and it can’t stop there. I would already have 6 chocolate bars. 2 after giving 2 of my 4, plus, 2 each from the two friends I keep, right! Do you want me to continue, Grampa?”

Grampa, who couldn’t believe what he was hearing from such a young man, his grandson at that, thinking way beyond his age, blurted … “Yes, of course, Timmy, tell me the rest of your story.”

“Well, Grampa, I think my OK idea turned into a really cool idea because I don’t think this will stop; what kid wouldn’t want FREE chocolate bars for life, and the first 4 FREE will become 8 more FREE … then double again being 16 more FREE … and double, double, double. We could end up with a lot of chocolate bars, Grampa, don’t you think?”

“Timmy,” Grampa Shouted, “Your OK to Cool Idea is More Like Genius And Only The Tip of The Iceberg as to its Potential.”

“What do you mean, Tip of the Iceberg, Grampa?”

“Well, son, in short, this same principle can replace or at least come alongside any business model, especially a failing one, and if chocolate bars were replaced with ‘dollars and cents,’ with an attractive product in return, and the face-to-face (your friends/our friends) concept, rather than the faceless online approach was maintained, society could see debt and paycheck to paycheck living a thing of the past. That is what Grampa means by, ‘Tip of the Iceberg.”

Chocolate Bars For Life – From Cool Idea to Genius really and truly is the tip of the iceberg going into 2018. The business model presented by Timmy, recognized by his grampa, offers us a self-funded solution, and because of technological advancements, needing to utilize maybe 10% of it, if that, while incorporating the gratitude element within the business model infrastructure, we have us a means to remove the need for debt and paycheck to paycheck lifestyles … not to mention, a vehicle to place financial control into the hands of the people and not a system.

TM holds no hindrance in admitting he has always been a few fries short of a happy meal; not the brightest candle on the cake; never did the orthodox pathway to his degree; holds a failure track record to rival the best, including the likes of President Lincoln or Thomas Edison, however, he chooses to remain transparent in his faith and in his weaknesses, believing said position to be the humble leadership our world is in desperate need of.

No one has to agree with what TM believes by faith, nor must they embrace his boldness, but people everywhere must confess that leadership has long taken a back seat when it comes to integrity, accountability, honesty, sincerity, and straight up unselfishly driven motives, without waiver or bribe … and this must change going into 2018 and beyond.

Our children, grandchildren, all future generations of local and immigrant status are worthy of far more than what they are currently facing; no income security; no job security; debt until debt do they part; and literally irresponsible and unaccountable activities from Presidential, Prime Minister, and Pulpit platforms … continually hiding behind ulterior motives. Enough already!

There is a solution on its way that didn’t fall into place overnight (20+ years and 3 previous attempts to bring this to light) … and TM has a programmer from Portland, Maine USA, finalizing a business model that carries similar principles as addressed in this post thanks to, Timmy … and you’re encouraged to watch right here under the link HUGE to catch it when it is revealed; carrying the potential to not only provide unceasing disposable income … but more so, to change the way money is controlled … handled … earned … and invested.

*** This really is and will be HUGE … and for anyone subscribing to the TM blog (right hand column) to keep abreast of what’s coming (HUGE) prior to being revealed to the world, should they like what they see and decide to take action, will be granted FREE registration and recognized as Founding Members of this upcoming genius ideal … PLUS … will also receive a surprise benefit yet to be decided with TM’s partner.

***** This is not MLM … and the furthest thing from a jokeĀ  … and can be trusted when TM says you and your family have NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN by watching closely for when ‘HUGE‘ is revealed to the world in the next couple weeks.

5 thoughts on “Chocolate Bars For Life – From Cool Idea to Genius”

  1. Amazing how the mind of a child can look past things that adults see as impossible. There’s something to be said for child-like faith, and I think there’s something to be said for the power of a child’s simplicity when approaching problems. It doesn’t always work, but it shouldn’t be discarded immediately. Looking forward to seeing what this concept is all about.

    1. Hi, Mike …

      Thank you for your comments/feedback! You hit the nail on the head pinning ‘child-like- faith, as that is what I believe Jesus was referring when He said, “Let the little children come to me. Do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” The latter in other words, we cannot as a global society lose our ‘child-like’ faith … who still dreams and believes in such … who still thinks for themselves and out loud and outside the box naturally … holding fast to the innocence within for the simplicity when approaching and solving problems. Thus precisely what is coming in the next couple weeks.

      Thanks again…TM

  2. I have always been one to believe that in order to see good and produce good in this world, you need to humble yourself like a child. I think the Bible even speaks on this… To come to God as “children”. There is a reason for this! I really liked this article. I am going to read others. So many people suffer, especially children, in this world and I think to return to that “child-like” mindset of openness and straying from the judging will do us all good in making this world a better, safer, more happy place.

  3. I have never heard this story before but I really enjoyed reading it! It just amazes me how things like this can come to be just from a little creative thinking. It shows the power we have inside ourselves when we just allow ourselves to be children at heart. I was discouraged as a kid when I spoke about ideas I had and it has shaped me to have a very backwards thinking in life. I am working on fixing that!

    1. Hey and welcome, Jessica … thank you, thank you for stopping by.

      I did volunteer counseling at ‘Harbour Light’ a former division of The Salvation Army, and one man whom I still have a great relationship with, him and his family, spent 22 years incarcerated for drugs and alcohol abuse, as a result of watching his mother murder his first step-father at age 7 … and then at age 10 … he watched her do it to his second step-father. So upbringing plays a serious role in lives, especially in a way that impacts a child positively or negatively, and even the slightest discouraging suggestion, around ideas coming from a child, can have life challenging effects; as you say, backward thinking, Jessica, for which I am so sorry. Good news is, you’re aware of it and working on fixing them; for all it’s worth, ask for a little help from all the right people you know and trust … more so … our living God, Jesus Christ. Have a peek, HERE

      Thank you for stopping by, and more importantly, for your honesty … TM

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