This Post Was Originally Posted March 05, 2018 And Resurrected Back to The Top Because of its Significant And Relatable Content … You Are Worth it!

PS: If you knew me (TM) personally, as my PT employer for the past 18 years for example, you would discover a man who is respectful, yet loathes today’s leadership from government to front-line management; the latter not getting any closer to front-line than to pass along another job responsibility rather than stepping in and doing it themselves.

What I want you to know going into any of my posts, is that by nature, TM is not a whiner; a complainer; a propagator of negativity; and more importantly, not one who judges another. Instead, I have always lived, and still do, to uplift the spirit … encourage and find the best in others. Yet, over the years I have watched societal leadership deteriorate exponentially … to the point of stupidity and  ignorance guiding them, with nothing shy of self-serving objectives as their end means.

*** If nothing else, for the benefit of you and your family, there is a simple solution to be discovered with the power to remove what I call ‘THE EDGE’ that has stolen our minds and souls to the level of being unable to think for ourselves. Out of boredom, accepting the monotony of life as just the way it is, opens the doorway to allow technology to fill the void in our lives (cells phone and facybook over family quality time for example).

Instead of something of value like ‘ANOTHER’ family vacation, or freedom to finally get rid of that old clunker car with a new one without having to finance it, we have succumbed to becoming a generation of technological robots … conversation-free, heads down, shoulders slouched, at home, in the car, at the bus stop, laundry, bathroom, toilet … and soon cells for the shower; THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY!

*** THE SIMPLE SOLUTION IS HUGE … and it’s freedom for the people by the people that is called DISPOSABLE INCOME … with the intention of providing us with a few more choices to be creative while discovering that there is more to life than facybook and cell phones, media propagation, and simple minded authoritative bosses. Depiction of The Predicament Today’s Majority Are Facing

Are you familiar with the expression ‘Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place,’ as TM’s objective is to uncover real life examples to substantiate the depiction of the predicament today’s majority are facing.

Toon Clips may or may not be specific on where this fits into society but either way, if frank, the impact carries the power to lead good people from honesty to thievery, from moral ethic to detestable activity.

One small clothing store from a conglomerate corporation group locally, shared today, “As of March 03, 2018, our small location has already had 18 caught-in-the-act felons, 95% in their teens.” Another young couple were caught stealing baby formula … two men recently on camera who pumped gas and simply drove off.

Too broad to speculate, understandable, however the question must still be asked, “If either of these people were without the pressure of living the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, if a job at all, with any type of security to keep said job, being all too common in USA/Canada alone, would they still be performing these blatant and bold wrongful acts?” TM is suggesting, not supporting these activities that the probability is next to nil.

People do not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy his hunger when he is starving (Prov 6:30). *** This act is not stealing food, but the $144 may be for groceries long overdue.


So would TM report this if social media was used … probably not! “But who’s side are you on,” you ask? TM stands for the people. What this man did was wrong, but again, would he be doing this, would he be feeling the pressure if he had the hope of security, not to mention equality in the system he is counting on for his future? Benefit of the doubt says no! Oppression is a big deal and we are living in a time when oppression is disguised as tough times, while the times orchestrators are living in castles, driving the best vehicles, traveling the world to the best of hotels, while wasting monies on foolishness and without the slightest care about anything but their own positions.

Full time employment much above poverty level is pretty much history … along with the days of job and income security. FT employment has become PT and Casual employment so companies can cut back and/or avoid paying out benefits … and there is no accountability nor concern for this action.

Over and above this, hours are cut, people remain at the mercy of their employer who knows they need work and will bow to their beckoning call upon demand. This is not a figment of TM’s imagination … the reports and studies are available online to anyone desirous of truth.

TM works in the health field with the majority of younger staff, who are working 2 & 3 jobs, with no control over life, bounced back and forth from project to project, signing obligatory forms, some legal, some otherwise, and with each one risking their job reputation (no one gets fired this day and age), should something go wrong while on shift. Problem being, clients are at a daily risk, surprisingly nothing thus far of too serious of a nature to bring about reprimand activity. With that said, example after example could be shared showing just how unfocused staff are while on shift; their heads are anywhere but where they need and should be, 75% of the time.


To another example, although extreme and the fault of a system that has long forgotten about ‘PEOPLE,’ if you were to search engine stories as to why Canadian and American men and women go to the extreme, joining the likes of ISIS for example we begin to find three common denominators; sad but true … Oppression … Money … Rejection. So whether someone is stealing, addicted to drugs, alcohol, pornography, joining ISIS or any form of radical oppression of others, we cannot discount the fact that they too could very well be acting out as a result of societal rejection, a lack of financial need, or oppression themselves from a system that has lost its need and responsibility to care.

Caught between a rock and a hard place is not by any means going to shift the majority to become extremists, or any of the above by any means, however, take away the predicaments of such things as oppression, money, and rejection, ESPECIALLY MONEY, and people will not only begin to think for themselves, they’d be more naturally susceptible to wiser decision making in all areas of their life; back any person into a corner and chances are the fight or flight will kick in, and either way, it’s not going to be the most favorable for themselves or society.

We can go on in our naive attempts to play down our current conditions, perhaps because we are strong enough to remain moral or ethical, but is this a reason to belittle those with less ability to stand firm?

Just maybe Canadian and American family morals and ethics have slackened to the point of where step-mom’s/dad’s, live-in temporary mom’s/dad’s are catching up with us to the point of payback time; TM is guessing, and offering realistic defense in regards to many choices being made that society is 90% guilty for rushed, impatient decisions, believing the grass to be greener anywhere but where they are at the present.

TM is not aiming to make excuses out of nothing. We must sooner than later consider the values and principles surrounding and smothering us this very day and age with everything from aborting unborn living human beings by the millions (majority being irresponsible accountability), to squashing human rights of free speech … and/or on the other hand … judging others for what and why?


Time for some more TM transparency … just to make clear this is not a joke … and yet … perhaps an uncomfortable crossroad that the majority must come face to face with sooner than later.

Meaning, no one needs to know all our details, should we choose not to share all, however, in order to fix this problem, it all starts with the person looking back at us in the mirror; stop pretending already we’re happy as things are … or accepting such foolishness as, ‘THIS IS JUST THE WAY IT IS,’ … when in literal fact, it does not need to be that way.

So here goes TM’s confession … keeping in mind TM makes less today than 15 years ago at his current health field job …

  • I have a 2010 vehicle in desperate need of new tires…un-affordable!
  • The speakers in same vehicle have been gone for almost a year, meaning no stereo or blue-tooth (latter for safety) …   and $450+ installation … un-affordable.
  • The brakes and a tune-up on vehicle is long over due … but again … un-affordable …
  • A covering over back door of home to prevent ice melt and/or build-up … now beginning to flood … but un-affordable
  • What started as $250K of music investor debt in 1996, is now $530K … fortunately not pressing but still owing … and how is this possible?

Sadly enough, TM could go on. With everything from the appliances in our homes, to the printer’s we purchase for less than replacement ink cartridges needed to make them worthy of owning, irresponsible money-first corporations are not held accountable and the people are left with products and necessities, vehicles included with no recourse to keep them up to date or maintained, and thus in constant need to refinance once again, into the very system that thrives and prospers on their debt.

IS TM TALKING THROUGH HIS HAT … or does this all sound a little too familiar?

Enough is enough, wouldn’t you say!

But TM, you said if the system of the times ‘The Cause,’ is oppressing the people ‘The Effect,’ we simply resolve the problem, so where do we go from here?

This brings TM to yet another crossroad in life, in which he must stand firm on faith alone that ‘HUGE‘ is a plan laid out for him by his living God as promised in the book he believes that reads: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Each reader who has genuinely read this far, understands from all the above that TM has no funds to exploit this as the world needs, deserves and as those would do with promotional dollars.

Each reader, if they have taken the time to brief other posts because of interest, would also understand that TM is anti-online marketing and social media … that HUGE is attempting to direct people back to Face-to-Face in order to first win back trust in society, and to place money control into the hands of the people … THAT CANNOT BE ACCOMPLISHED ONLINE in favor of the majority.

*** NOTE *** Just before publishing this post, when TM did a search engine check for ‘Truth Mogul,’ it did reveal the domain along with numerous Facebook account attempts that were dissolved by TM. With that said, TM was prompted to re-opened one FB account ( to piggy-back FB to bring attention to each blog post, while giving ZERO/ZIP/ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FURTHER to this social media capitalist who profits approximately 9.6 billion per/quarter (2017) off its people led astray to believe in its deceiving money-first mission. LEGAL DISCLAIMER – TM is not suggesting you avoid or not use FB … just because of his opinion.

6 thoughts on “Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place”

  1. Truth Mogul, you have a knack for showing the other side of the story. You would have made a great
    advocatus diaboli during the Middle Ages. You are right that times are getting extremely hard for people and that opportunities are shrinking. It must pain you to see the younger generation working so many jobs. It pains me to see this, especially when they aren’t getting ahead. I know many Baby Boomers worked overtime or two jobs because they wanted something special for their family. Now, it’s different as people work these extra jobs just to keep their head above water for the week. I can relate to someone feeling forced to steal to survive, but wish people would rally together to overcome this oppressive system.

    1. Hello, again, Mike … I’m beginning to expect you with each post, lol …

      Thank you for seeing what I attempt to get across, and by humble and genuine means.

      And it is the younger generations that I see weekly, new staff included, that plays a big role in driving me forward; and for this, I am trusting my God sees and knows my heart as being true to the cause. I reference my faith only to help people appreciate that I stand unashamed of who I am and what I believe, but more importantly, that I am true to my word while loving all and judging none during all things I do; we need this today!
      As for keeping the head above water, that is why I believe that HUGE can and will open the door for anyone who chooses to be fed up enough to make change. In my humble opinion, it’s either change or continue to be changed by a system that wants and needs you so they can continue to live on your efforts, and efforts of all who confuse truth with falsehood.

      Lastly, I believe people will rally together if they will give themselves a few quiet minutes to review HUGE when revealed … and trusting any day now to hear from my programmer with the GO-AHEAD!

      Thanks again …

  2. Ya know, so many people are simply addicted to this culture of “Me. Myself, and I”. Thanks to social media, it has turned people into these self-absorbed zombies willing to do anything for attention and people wonder what is wrong with the world. The boom of places like Facebook and Twitter has unearthed people willing to do anything that makes them look good, including sailing their own country down the river to die.

    1. You’ve got my vote, Paul … lol. But we must stop talking this COMMON SENSE stuff, lol!

      I have a couple posts about Social Media … and the big bucks that FB rakes in (9.6 billion per/quarter), doing absolutely nothing for it, other than monitoring anyone and everything they do.

      My research has shown me that the whole social media game is one big control system, in which billions are made off of frustrated ‘unearthed people’ propagating FAKE news Media, and fear-mongering, whom in addition become desperate and willing to do anything to look good and be popular; not to mention the world of LIKES, and SHARES, and TWEETS, etc., etc, that are as fake and phony as they come…resulting in one big waste of time for the little guy and worth billions to the conglomerates.

      Sad, Paul…and thank you for picking up on my blog of being caught between a rock and a hard place…TM

  3. Thanks for reposting. Sometimes it’s easy to miss out on good blogs when there’s so much other good content. The reality is that we live in a money-driven society. Whether you like it or not, disposable income is what people are looking for when it comes to relieving the stress of functioning in a money-driven economy. No other way to look at it.

    1. This is true, Terry…thanks again.

      We have been manipulated intellectually to actually believe that money is a bad thing, for which nothing could be further from the truth. Money makes the world go around, and as I am about to point out in a new post, thus the reason I am here now at 0147hrs, replying to your comment, using a simple analogy can demonstrate just how bias and twisted society is, especially by the likes of the FDA (Food & Drug Assoc) and AMA/CMA (American/Canadian Medical Assoc)…and again all coming down to dollars and cents … more into their pockets and more coming out of ours … the little guys.

      Please visit again…and tell your friends about this blog if you would be so kind … thank you … TM

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