IT’S NOT A MATTER OF ‘IF’ IT’S A MATTER OF ‘WHEN’ It’s no longer ‘IF’ we will need legal representation in this busier than ever life, it’s ‘WHEN’ It’s not ‘IF’ we are going to die it’s ‘WHEN’ It’s no longer ‘IF’ our ID, our bank account, or social media will be compromised, it’s ‘WHEN’ Read More

Freedom For The People By The People

10% TECHNICAL KNOW-HOW ONLY … AND (90%) GRATITUDE … CAN CHANGE THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT … IN FAVOR OF THE MAJORITY … PRACTICALLY OVERNIGHT The most profound truth of the matter is, is that too many big guns don’t want the likes of this to manifest. It places too much control into the Read More

The System Needs us More Than we Need it

From the days of thirty-six to sixty to eighty-four months to make car loans affordable is crazy. But crazy is only the half of it! Reality is, we cannot fix what is broken by using the same system. *** If we look closely at the following triangular graphic shown here, we can see the inequity Read More