The all too popular response to the likes of: “Can you relate to the middle class struggle?” is “It’s all good!”

Why is it so tough to just be honest with self and/or the world around us. On a topic like this, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  One more time on that one … YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

In Canada specifically, the Globe and Mail released in 2017 that, ‘One third of generation ‘Y’ are not working in their field of education ~ 21% are working more than 1 job ~ and half are seeking a new job.’ Now knowing the Media will ever only give us about 10% of the truth at the best of times, TM is with Trump on this one and we’re in trouble. Rather, our children and future generations are in trouble if they don’t get their heads out of their cell phones and off facebook long enough to listen, learn, and start thinking for themselves!

Yours truly is not the bad guy here … he’s just speaking bold politically incorrect truth according to our needs. We don’t need to dig too far to discover the new reality that 25-40 year careers, with pension plan security, has become 5-7 year careers with zero job or income security and our generation has fallen hook line and sinker for this insecure, sad and unstable, state, while accepting ‘it’s all good!’ when in fact, deep down, we know damn well it’s not.

We don’t need to dig too far to know without knowing other peoples business that they too are living hand to mouth … on credit … one pay day to the next … month after month … pretending in the same system we do … sharing smiles and  ‘It’s all good!’ … while the profiteers of bank and financial CEO’s profit on our good and bad debt, laughing behind closed doors at us SUCKERS! *** No! See for yourself what US Senator Elizabeth Warren shared as a professor at Harvard prior to becoming ‘POLITICALLY CORRECT.’

We don’t need to dig too far to see the banking system is as crooked as is the markets and every other financial entity … or that the pharmaceutical conglomerates have been kicking and buying out anything natural in its path to fortunes for centuries and will continue doing so for the almighty buck, without accountability or consequence. From oil & gas, beef & dairy (see China Study on latter), the Monsanto GMO kings, to the FDA, AMA, or CMA regulatory bodies … they are the bile of the world that feeds off the weak who have given up the right to think for themselves … who deliver almost hypnotically the dog-eat-dog mentality that is stealing away the true fabric of what life was intended to be; people first, not profit … natural first, not unnatural.

TRUTH MOGUL says it’s time we tipped the status quo and began speaking up and out against the ‘politically correct’ culture few who are dictating to us for control, when we ourselves can be in control of life and the money…seriously!

We Are Being Mislead and Misinformed

In the graphic immediately below we see a triangular shaped business model. Few questions:

  1. Is it or is it not in the shape of a pyramid?
  2. Have we not been told for years by government, media, friends and family, university, and colleges to avoid the pyramid scheme at all costs because only the people at the top make all the money?
  3. Is this graphic not our very own JOB system …our renowned business model used by every form of business we know including government and military?
  4. Do you or anyone you know pay cash for your car, house, roofing, car repairs, roof repairs, dinner out … OR … do we charge 95% of the time?
  5. If we are living in a time noted as the greatest debt load known to mankind, is it not fair to say this system model immediately below is seriously failing us?
  6. In the last two market crashes, were the guilty parties, and many were found, did they suffer the consequences or did they receive multi-five & six figure bonuses?


Could it be that we are being mislead and misinformed?

Take Note of The Following Graphic

Or How About a Side by Side View

We Cannot Deny The Above Left Pyramid as Being Our Current Business Model Structure

So why on earth continue using what isn’t working? … Why not live life on the wild side, for your benefit and not the benefit of a system that needs you? Let us open up our minds together to a business model for equality that empowers and embraces all people on our terms. You too see the drawbacks of living under oppression to prevent true freedom of choice  … in a world where money rules … and now the ‘Age of Equality,’ is upon us offering ‘ALL PEOPLE’ an option for immediate change with greater things coming.

Here are a couple videos I invite you to watch. 1/ (CLICK HERE short version 3.5 min) or here (CLICK HERE longer version 12.5 min ) … and 2/ HERE (1.57 min)

We can learn to appreciate that the system we have put our heart, soul and faith into, has been, is, and will continue robbing us blind until the day we die. If we cold just ask our parents,  grandparents, great grandparent, and great great grandparents … YOU GET THE PICTURE!

We can see the proof on this post alone … with the links above to share one business model with a much needed product for equality, to help put people first above a system that exists to dominate its people. It may or may not be for you … but help us to spread the word that there are solutions available … with one HUGE solution coming in March 2018 … Subscribe to our blog posts so you do not miss this … THE TRUE AGE OF EQUALITY is about to fall upon us … Only the truth and best from TRUTH MOGUL.

6 thoughts on “Can You Relate to The Middle Class Struggle”

  1. Apparently, so many things going wrong are left unattended. Now, the middle class struggles to survive, with the untrue expression “it’s all good.”
    While the middle class work relentlessly, those at the top bag the big chunks. I’m glad the solution is at the corner – HUGE, and I can’t afford to miss out on this.

    1. Thank you, Mariam! It is untrue the expression, ‘It’s all good,’ or rather in my part of the world better known as ‘phony.’ With that said, many say this almost hypnotically as a result of gradually being dummied down by well paid parties delivering messages through the power of social media that gets its listeners/viewers to think the way the system wants them to think; buy this/buy that *** do this/do that *** wear this color or that *** cut your hair this way or that *** driving this vehicle means success *** this kind of music or movie or ??? is in … etc., etc., etc. Sad my friend that the majority are no longer capable of thinking for themselves … and will not change unless they get out from under the spell of said social media that steals their lives and brains. PS: I believe this is what Einstein meant when he spoke of the ‘GENERATION OF IDIOTS’ referring to new technology. Thanks again for this comment

  2. The middle class struggle is all too real. Sadly, too many people are blind to it because they are too busy working 2 or more jobs to keep their heads above water. Things haven’t been this bad in a long time for the middle class and people need to know there is a way out. Thanks for spreading the word, Truth Mogul.

    1. Hey, Hugh!

      I volunteered with intellectually challenged individuals since 1979. Eighteen years ago, shortly after leaving a music career and adding onto my learning curve shortage, lol, I came into this field for compensation. The truth is, I make less today than I did 15 years ago…fact!
      It is not a nice scene today, and yours truly is standing on faith and faith alone, as that is all I have in a world that has abused me financially over the past 20 years doing research for a solution, of $50K; thanks to internet gurus abusing billions from people with a 98% online failure rate…thus TM’s position that we need to use technology for our benefit and not have technology abuse us for its benefit…as noted by another comment earlier.
      ***Will people listen to HUGE … or are they too distracted and consumed in the very thing that is not only stealing their souls, but their minds in the meantime. Only one source will bring this to the people for which I am trusting for their benefit.

      1. TM, People might not believe you when you say our actual income has decreased, but there are plenty of statistics to back it up. Even better (since statistics can be manipulated) are the personal accounts of anyone who worked in say the 80’s and works today. Sure, you earned less in the 80’s, but wages have not increased to match inflation. So you may earn 20% more, but things cost 30% more. Worst of all, it’s not getting better. As James Brown said in “Funky President,”: “People it’s getting bad.”

        1. lol, amen, Mike, and people it’s getting so bad, it’s cooked!

          I work pt with intellectually challenged individuals, not by choice initially, but today FT is simply not available, nor with any guarantees if it were. Point is clear! “Looking at a T4 (Canadian) dated 15 years ago, I make less today than I did then. TM is not alone here! Somehow for some reason, I knew this was coming since 1996 when I wanted to be accountable for $250K in music investor debt. That debt is now in excess of $530K, I’m 59, PT employment and nothing in place for retirement. NOW CATCH THIS…no matter where you live…a person needs $1 million invested for every $50K of retirement income; how many millions do you have saved? Case closed! We need answers and it must be a self-funded solution where no one, especially banking/financial system has any access control except the person who the money belongs to. TRUTH MOGUL FOUND THAT ANSWER … AND IT IS COMING IN MARCH 2018. This is not a joke. TM am no fool! His partner, who is like a second daughter, whom TM met on a plane to Florida, from Nigeria, an Engineer, saw what TM was doing and wanted on board because of what she sees that this solution can do for her own country.

          Our only drawback is that we have ZERO BIG MONEY to let the world know … and there will be ZERO NEED FOR SOCIAL MEDIA AND ZERO ONLINE MARKETING … AND IF ANYONE IS SERIOUS ABOUT CHANGE … and it will change life as we know it … it must be done FACE to FACE. Why? To win back trust.

          The faceless society known as the INTERNET or WORLD-WIDE-WEB is as corrupt and beneficial (contrary to popular big buck backed propaganda), as a dead rat … no different than our current offline system that thrives and prospers off the debt of everyone in the system (PROOF WILL BE REVEALED IN THE WEBSITE…APPLES TO APPLES THAT CANNOT BE DENIED) It is stealing the life from people who are so manipulated and consumed in anything and everything that means absolutely zip to them. In simple terms…brainwashed…dummied down…unable to think for themselves/ourselves. Just watch the link HUGE on the blog

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