Are you searching the internet using Duck Duck Go? You should be, because they are determined to offer us online privacy; you know … stuff that the google’s and bing’s and yahoo’s of search engines take for granted and then profit serious big bucks by tracking every move and search we make, to the tune of billions in profits from ads!

Worse still, I’m confident you can relate, searching out whatever it is we are looking for, only to jump onto another familiar site and find pretty much everything we’ve been searching for in the ad columns; that’s not a coincidence … that is you being tracked … and they know everything about you; how you think; what your favorite color is; what your income bracket is; whether you’re employed or not, etc., etc., etc. OH YES … your computer IP address and your set up.

Facybook reaps over Ten Billion each quarter in profits … just by tracking your every move … every like … every comment … every dislike … and if you don’t behave, you get spanked with no access to your fb page until you learn to behave the way they want you to. NOT YOUR FACYBOOK YOU SAY … think again my hope to be new dear follower … and check HERE! *** Grant you, a little slap on the wrist of $100 million dollar fine isn’t going to stop the man who had the audacity to cheat his friends out of the Facybook idea in the first place … just not going to happen!


There is a critical misconception taking place about online activity, more so for online business. Meaning, it’s one thing to have a business website in which you can direct your own traffic and quite another when you are led to believe you can draw on traffic to support your site. After 20+ years of online research and study, TM has had zero success with anything to do with online marketing, search engine optimization, and more so, with social media.

Yup, I’m bold, and say it as it is, and contrary to popular belief, there exists a 98% online business failure rate. DON’T BELIEVE ME! Just visit DDG and search out youtube online business success stories. And if you’re lucky to come across a new one, watch what happens in 2-3 months … trust TM on this … IT WILL DISAPPEAR and become old news.

TM has lost Fifty plus thousand over the years to outright scams and cons during his many years of deliberate research to learn, from the likes of Blogging For Millions, Selling eBooks, eBay success, Affiliate Billions, lol, and of course the highly UNREGULATED Autobots to Success with online trading platforms.


Another means to verify what TM is suggesting, is that if online marketing was working, MLM companies, at the least, a good majority these days, would not be selling their FAR SUPERIOR products on Amazon. Also, we would be finding endless youtube testimonies with more than 25-2500 views.

In being fair, during his research over the past 20 years, TM has also seen both good and bad with MLM. However, for the time being, even with FAR SUPERIOR PRODUCTS than what we find offline in stores with practically zero regulations regarding the ingredients, because of the MLM marketing platforms, their products, even though worth every dime, must have a price point to meet the demand of their systems (pay outs to those pushing their products). Therefore, because of a couple other hindrances, one being what is known as AUTO-SHIP, a monthly quota needed to earn PV (Personal Volume) to generate commissions, said autoship becomes higher than what is being earned … therefore … MLM is also unnecessarily failing the majority as a result of not being able to support the effort put forth.


Unquestionably, TM’s suggestion as for a solution is going to appear as being bias, however, if you bear with him a moment, he can justify as to why this is not the case, and the solution coming is literally genius for the benefit of millions; the people, business, non-profit, and even government bodies across the globe.

How about the greatest subscription in the world capable of returning 200%-300% month after month almost immediately … and we do this face to face, not online, using online benefits for only 10% of everything available to us … because it is simply not needed.

Let’s clarify what is being said here. With all the technology available to us, with all it’s tracking and ads for profit surrounding us, AND USING ONLY 10% OF IT … BECAUSE THAT IS ALL THAT IS NEEDED … the majority will soon have access to a solution affordable to all that will quickly, practically immediately, not only remove their short term less than $50 dollar investment, but will begin to automate an ever increasing monthly disposable income that will remove our need for debt, long term included.

Are you capturing a visual perspective as to what is being said? An ever increasing monthly disposable income stream that can remove our need for debt … long term included, is just around the corner from being revealed to the public. And if that isn’t enough, how about the fact that it will be 100% self-funded for the people by the people; exactly, pure genius!

You’re encouraged to keep monitoring the HUGE link in the menu bar … as said solution is expected to grace us all any day now.

PS: Imagine having access to a disposable income that will replenish itself monthly, often multiple times, all because of being self-funded by the people themselves, and verified by TM’s legal firm.

This means zero need for debt, plus, we can also secure employment out of passion rather than our current predicament out of obligation to pay bills and debt. WHY? Because future job income will not be our primary source of income…we will have no further concern for it monetary return, other than being gravy from doing something we love to do … because WHAT’S COMING (HUGE) will lead us into what TM sees as The Age of Equality … something long overdue for the people.

PPS: Thanks for stopping by and please consider leaving a comment or two on a few posts. TM (Comments are not set up to typical autoresponders and your privacy will stay with your comment…guaranteed!


4 thoughts on “Are You Searching The Internet Using Duck Duck Go?”

  1. Funny I should be reading about this. I started using it last week! I use it for things that I want unbiased and real answers to. I noticed Google has an agenda to brainwash people with only information they think is correct and that ain’t right. I also don’t want Google labeling me a racist, sexist, or any other “ist” there is based on me asking questions about today’s society. I highly recommend everyone uses Duck Duck Go for everything you take seriously.

    1. Absolutely, Paul … and glad you heard of it.

      I use no other SE now … period! TM is 100% anti-anything that robs, steals, or manipulates the people for it’s own benefit … and that pretty much is 95% online anything!

      When a person has been researching as long as I have, you quickly begin to know things that would make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, almost horrifying the information that companies and social media and SE’ companies are doing, especially Google, Facebook (over and over over with fines and continues doing it…and why not at $10 BILLION PROFIT EVERY QUARTER), twitter, pinterest, youtube, you name it.

      NOW CATCH THIS ONE … TM is delivering HUGE very soon and all that is needed out of all the technology available to us today is maybe 5-10% … that’s it … TO CHANGE OUR WORLD for the benefit of the People, Business, Non-profit, and even Government.

      So, keep watch … and thank you again for stopping by and taking the time to comment … thank you, thank you … and welcome any time … TM

  2. Never heard of Duck Duck Go but I’ve been looking for a way to do my browsing without Big Brother and Big Business getting all my personal information including my Internet history. I will have to check this out and see how it works for me. This might be a nice alternative to a VPN. What do you guys think?

    1. Hey, Terry …

      Thanks for stopping by. Just started using DuckDuckGo, and it really is refreshing. One perfect example, is that I hate using Youtube, like facybook, they track and sell your info, as do all social media I suspect, however, when I seek out a youtube video, it allows me to watch under the DuckDuckGo covered or masked protection without actually having to watch on youtube…coolest. Now have this on my cell as well; it’s great.

      For example, people can see how they are being tracked very simply; do some searching on google for say shopping needs for example, and then pull up your facybook page…and low and behold, there you have the ads all primed according to what you have been searching…BUT NOT ANYMORE with DuckDuckGo … amen for that! SPREAD THE WORD, Terry … SPREAD THE WORD!


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