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Are you guilty of driving in the wrong lane or making improper left hand turns, on the highway, in the city, or anywhere. It’s ‘slower traffic keep right’ … ‘keep right except to pass’ according to law … our drivers handbook!
Ever noticed more and more Canadians and Americans are staying in the fast/emergency vehicle left lane (45-60%)? Not you and I, but…
Truth is, the Drivers Handbook states: (Freeway | Multi-lane Highway)
“Once on the freeway (multi-lane highways),a safe driver travels at a steady speed, looking forward and anticipating what’s going to happen on the road ahead. Traffic should keep to the right, using the left lanes for passing.”
“Use the far left lane of a multi-lane freeway (Highway) to pass traffic moving slower than the speed limit, but don’t stay there. Drive in the right-hand lane when possible. Get into the habit of driving in the right lane, leaving the other lanes clear for passing.”
So let’s be honest … “Are You Guilty of Driving in The Wrong Lane or Making Improper Left Hand Turns?”
According to Whitney, LLP Attorney’s at Law, any number of factors can cause or contribute to automotive accidents, such as poor weather, road debris, and mechanical defects present in the vehicle. Yet as varied as accident causes can be, most of them stem from human error – and some types of human error are more common than others.
A 2008 crash causation report by the NHTSA ranks 15 different driving maneuvers based on how often they were involved in traffic accidents. So where did left hand turns fall on the list?
  1. Going straight – 1,014,835 crashes
  2. Navigating a curve – 459,920 crashes
  3. Stopping in a traffic lane – 349,627 crashes
  4. Slowing down in a traffic lane – 96,329 crashes
  5. Making an emergency avoidance maneuver – 64,923 crashes
  6. Changing lanes – 46,426 crashes
  7. Turning left – 36,757 crashes
  8. Speeding up in a traffic lane – 31,693 crashes
  9. Passing/overtaking another vehicle – 22,352 crashes
  10. Turning right – 13,189 crashes
  11. Starting in a traffic lane – 12,806 crashes
  12. Pulling out of a parking spot – 10,961 crashes
  13. Merging – 5,884 crashes
  14. Backing up (for non-parking purposes) – 5,270 crashes
  15. Making a U-turn – 4,300 crashes
As you can see from this data, left-hand turns ranked among the top 10 most common causes of car accidents nationwide, accounting for nearly 2% of all crashes and collisions in the United States. Left-hand turns caused about 2.7 times as many accidents as right-hand turns, 3.4 times as many accidents as pulling out of parking spots, and 8.6 times as many accidents as U-turns.
A few graphics from the drivers handbook can help keep ourselves and everyone else safe and less impatient to and/or from a hard day at the grind.
And none of us want to face this sign any time soon ... Nope not me ... Truth Mogul keeping to the right ... over & out!

4 thoughts on “Are You Guilty of Driving in The Wrong Lane or Making Improper Left Hand Turns”

  1. If we’re honest, there would be reduced cases of accidents as we’ll maintain good traffic behaviors. If we can all drive in the right lane and maintain good traffic ethics, the number of accidents would definitely go down.

    1. Hi, Michelle … I have a serious pet-peeve, and that is how, why, or where we ever came up with being so bad at following the very roadway driving handbook rules as we do today; 6 out of 10 cars, often 7, either way, somehow and suddenly became British and live for the left lane…in the city…on the highway…whatever and wherever! That left lane is for emergency vehicles…faster traffic…KEEP RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS…SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT…etc., etc.

      People often say, no, Keep Right Except to Pass is for highway only. No it isn’t! Ask any driver training company, and especially in the city…we turn left into the left lane and then signal and look and move into the proper right hand lane to carry on.

      But then, if law enforcement no longer enforce, then really, what does it matter right! Problem being, the next time you’re poking along in the wrong LEFT lane, and an ambulance is 20 back trying to get through traffic, on their way to your mother/father/son/daughter, etc., accident, or somebody’s family, and as one example, they don’t make it in time, was it worth not obeying what you were taught in the first place on how to drive? Respectfully of course … not in arrogance or in judgement … just trying to understand why we don’t carry what we learned into the drivers seat of our vehicles.

  2. Truth Mogul, I like how you post things that many people don’t (but should) think about. Most people spend considerable time in their motor vehicles, so it’s important to know what to do to avoid accidents. Yes, you need to look out for the other guy and practice defensive driving, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re Mr. Perfect behind the wheel. These tips were helpful and I plan on looking them over again.

    1. Hey again, Vince…lol…so so true…

      Just a pet peeve of mine, but I guess from the old school. What I was taught, I do. law is law. Rules are rules. Unfortunately, like most things these days, we’re kept so busy with so much coming at us from all directions, that everything is watered down and no longer important; sadly, this causes accidents driving and/or turning into wrong lanes. These links refer to the increase in ambulance delays reaching various emergency cases, and much is to the fault of traffic congestion, and we cannot deny, people driving in the emergency lanes (just poking alone texting, listening to radio without consequence), when unnecessary, is a serious problem…however…when laws are not enforced, what’s the big deal, right! HEREHEREHERE (1990) … and HERE … Eeeeek!

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