TM is said to be a selflessly caring individual according to
TM is said to have an emotional IQ intelligence level between 130-140 according to
TM loathes oppression ... aimes for deserving societal change ... & driven by truth according to
TM is gentle, astute, thoughtful, enlightened and trustworthy according to
TM is unselfishly ambitious to impact the world to be a better place for humanity according to
TM is naturally gifted to make change with amazing ideas earning genuine respect according to
TM's spiritual power is LOVE offering unfamiliar transparency for the good of all according to
TM's real name should have been HANK for reasons worth noting according to
TM naturally appears as a caring, selfless, compassionate, warm and sensitive THERAPIST according to
TM at heart is 28 according to
TM is only 22 years of age according to ... As of this post - 59.5 - Aug/02/1958

4 thoughts on “According to Bite Charge Truth Mogul is a Leader to Trust And Follow”

  1. That must have been quite a thrill seeing those results, TM. Sometimes it’s good to get an independent assessment of yourself, a reality check if you will. Sure, you can ask friends, but there’s always that question of bias. Just be ready to look at what the person says and see if there’s any truth to their comments. They may be off the mark, but be honest with yourself when you go over their comments.

    1. Hi again, Mike …

      There is a piece of scripture that says: “A prophet is honored everywhere except in his own hometown and among his own family,” and thus yours truly has always thought it best to deal as you say with an independent service etc., whenever possible, and this Bite Charge is a pretty cool tool for anyone to find out where they stand by submitting the information; give it a try yourself! When we submit info as honest as we can … voila … to like for personal info, or in my case, to share it … as the answers were literally, humbling speaking, dead on in my own estimation. For me, I call it a God thing…as without Him, this ‘HUGE” 20+ year effort would never have been so unselfishly driven and motivated to make happen.

      Thanks again for stopping by…love the support…TM

  2. Very impressive results. I have only read a few of your articles on this blog and I must say, you are a real honest and down to earth guy. We need more people like you spreading the truth. So many church members I am friends with or simply just have conversations with are so judging and pessimistic! It is quite sad.

    1. Hey, Laura … thank you for your honesty!

      And thank you for the compliment, as it really is what Bite Charge claims from what we honestly feed it; I was humbly, not surprised…if it’s OK to say that…for when I boast of anything, I boast first of our Living God, Jesus Christ, in whom the world is being seriously deceived from ‘HIS’ truth we need.

      In defense of those in the church, as a former pulpit preaching pastor, who has become saddened with the church leadership, deserving themselves of Revelation 3:15-16, we cannot expect people to be optimistic when they are perishing as a result of said leadership; from get-rich-prosperity-preaching from coliseums, to purpose driven deception of Chrislam or holding out a ring and a hand to be kissed and worshiped while proactively introducing the world to New World Order…sad, sad, sad.

      Please come back, Laura…thank you … TM

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