Kevin Simpson a.k.a. Truth Mogul

·         Married to his bride Vicki 30 years October 25, 2019

·         Two children Guy & Natasha

·         Master of Religious Studies

·         Volunteering his time with Intellectually Challenged individuals since 1979

·         Loves all judges none

The Truth Mogul ‘answers and solutions,’ is a transparent, people-first blog, sharing truth from health to faith one post at a time, with a high priority focus around ‘money and debt,’ in which the latter is at its highest peak in history for the people, business, non-profit, and government … known and provable today as 100% unnecessary.

In 1996 after walking away from an estimated multi-million dollar music management deal, leaving $250K of investor debt on the table, TM quickly realized two things: A/ our current system back then could not provide a means to remove this size of debt while having any kind of life at the same time, and B/ this wasn’t just about TM, instead, it was about a system that instigates debt for control and prosperity, while the people within said system was its fuel, always needing more; greater the debt of the people, greater the control and wealth of the system … and so it is!

Therefore, over the past 20+ year time frame, TM has been eagerly and diligently testing the waters of systems, business models and ideas, to find a resolve for two major problems currently haunting society: Debt and Poverty … for which an answer has been found.