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Before TM jumps into this brief post about 3 things they’ll never tell you about social media, said post is over and above the obvious:

  • Holstering your identity
  • Making you depressed
  • Being a serious haven for trolls and bullies
  • Manipulatively being the new age cash cow for ads that simply don’t work … unless of course you have a big corporate budget under hired management

So what are the 3 things they’ll never tell you about social media?

  1. It’s stealing your life and personality
  2. All your social media friends you’ve never met are nothing more than SM Trophies – ‘He with the most followers must be the most popular’
  3. And the biggest of all … SM would go bust if the people knew how to use SM to their advantage

Did you know Facebook Raked in $9.16 Billion in Ad Revenue in the Second Quarter of 2017 from its current 1.32 billion daily active users. Imagine for a moment if the people knew the truth prior to their advertising dollars being placed into the hands of the social media roulette advertising machines, and just stopped throwing away their money, how the likes of Facebook and other social media platforms would have to redefine their strategies because people actually started doing their own research and thinking for themselves?

Seriously, can you afford to throw money out the window, feeding the mouths of those who care nothing about you and the rest of us little guys, especially knowing of the blatant legal thievery … where cued in sync technology returns 99% invested back into their own pockets, leaving just enough teaser (1% maybe), out there to keep the faithful and naive coming back for more, investing hard earned funds by the billions, believing¬† ‘THIS TIME,’ it will work!

People actually believe they are going to spend a mere $100 to $1000 p/m on a FB campaign and rake in millions in return, as a result of crafty ads and technological jargon. The little guy can do all the fine tuning he wants, this city, this sex, this age, this income bracket, this time of day or following these demographics, but unless they are part of some big corporate name with a big corporate budget and they are the hired help to manage said account, it’s not going to happen for 98-99% who try.

And we mustn’t miss the millions being spent on ads to promote phony success stories from the online guru’s (to their benefit to promote what they know maybe 1% only will be successful) … or worse still, the ignorance or innocence behind website design and the online store business companies,

So how would you like to use your social media to kill two birds with one stone … or just for the fun of it?

Boycotting of whatever has always caused havoc for companies, however nothing comes remotely close to being as powerful as the internet from one quarter of the globe to the other in the blink of an eye. And social media, portrayed as the family-friendly platform to keep in touch, is currently the largest and fastest means to propagate the bad news … exactly what said platform was created for … and all under the guise of innocence.

And now for killing two birds with one stone, or just for the fun of it, we’ve all had our share of frustrations with gas pricing … taking out of the blue hikes whenever the conglomerates feel like a hefty raise … by the billions daily at only pennies per gallon/liter. So why not do your own propagating (TM doesn’t use SM), using a more straight forward, KISS Principle approach to boycotting these gas companies … which in turn cannot help but eventually affect the SM bank accounts at the same time with unreliable advertising platforms, all thanks to the people becoming wiser and more vigilant?

In Kingston, ON Canada, we are always the highest priced gas in the area. 20 minutes to the east or west, gas is always 10-20 cents per/liter cheaper. And the companies who lead these hikes consistently, are either, Petro Canada (American company, not Canadian), Esso, and Canadian Tire.

So for an example, what the Canadians should be doing effective immediately with these 3 companies is something very simple for habit forming. February 2018 being boycott Petro-Canada month … March being boycott Esso month … April being boycott Canadian Tire month … and reverting back and forth every three months … so these gas hiking king pins are taught a very expensive lesson every four months, costing them billions, once again, thanks to the people using SM to their own benefit.

The same think can quickly take place for the residents of the USA and their gas hike bullies as well. Do you suppose they will get the picture, with Gulf gas boycotted starting the month of February … Exxon is boycotted the month of March … and say Shell being boycotted in April … and so forth.

So shall the take-over begin? Who will launch this simple boycott principle to their SM crowd first … USA or Canada … or shall it be shuffled off as a waste of time?

2 thoughts on “3 Things They’ll Never Tell You About Social Media”

  1. If it’s on the Internet, it must be true, Truth Mogul! If people knew how bad social media can be for their mental and spiritual health, they’d delete their accounts immediately. Yes, social media can be used to stay in touch with family members, but I think people use it too much as a crutch. Oh, I liked that cat video Grandma posted so she knows I care about her. No need to call her or visit her. I also feel social media cheapens our discourse on important issues thanks to cyber-bullying and people trying to discuss complex issues in a few words or with a meme.

    1. Hey, Morgan … how are you?

      And of course, everything on the internet is true, just like the reports from CNN or NBC, ABC, CBC, lol. A conversation I had with a man today with his own investment firm, said he sees our system as that of a large dial, and when the orchestrators need a raise, they simply turn the dial to frighten the weak at heart and patience, bringing the market down low enough for them to sell…the dial is turned back up shortly after selling, but not until those desperate sales are repurchased by the dialer … etc., etc., etc.

      I see SM as stealing away the personal hands-on touch and opportunities to make true bonds, thus the reason for HUGE when it comes any day now. It will be primed to pass on online marketing and social media time wasters and get back to face to face relationships. CATCH THIS … if this can happen … if people are willing … for less than a short-term one month cell phone bill … they can find themselves on their way to living a life self-funded unlike any other time in history … fair game for the majority … the little guy … and only the tip of the iceberg, literally.

      ***IF I MAY REFERENCE MY FAITH IN THIS CLOSE*** “As Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and personal witness, HUGE is and will be everything as claimed

      Morgan, you are greatly appreciated for stopping by and taking the time to add a comment onto this blog … and if I may be so bold as to ask … consider subscribing to this blog. NEVER, EVER, EVER will your email be abused … no pop-ups … no google ads or PPC ads, etc … YOU HAVE MY WORD!
      Thank you …


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