Separating The Job From The Income

Equality For The Majority is The Objective of Separating The Job From The Income Have you ever pondered the idea as to why, 99% of the time, you find yourself having to finance this or that … and too often … following another debt just paid off … when you thought a financial breather was Read More


Separating the job from the income is truly genius.     There are many things preventing mankind, not people-kind, from reaching their full potential … one primary for which the door has been shut, case closed, end of story; although to our loss for its ‘MUCH GREATER’ good!   From a Band-Aid perspective, if we Read More

A True Awakening

Apples to Apples Comparison – The Holy Bible and The Quran In all fairness, who wouldn’t have a look of surprise like this on their face if someone they knew, who had died, was suddenly standing before them. In, Thomas’ case, considering he wasn’t around when, Jesus first appeared to His disciples, being told “We Read More