Money is Only a Bad Thing in The Hands of Selfish Greedy Manipulative Proud People

This is not going to be as much of a ranting post as it is a straight forward say it as it is post, while as always, remaining politically incorrect when necessary … and the truth of the matter is, is that money is only a bad thing in the hands of selfish, greedy, manipulative, proud people, no matter how we look at it.

It can also be substantiated with little effort, if honest, opening our eyes beyond manipulative guidance, that money does the talking and those who have it move forward as they choose, and those who have not, reap using what everyone else has already used (Used clothing, furniture, electronics, sports equipment & toys), including credit to the max with debt until debt do they part. Dear friends, this doesn’t need rocket science research to both see and read the writing on the wall as to how we are living.

You’ll have to ignore and forgive TM’s blatant boldness here, but the majority are being hoodwinked to say the least, meaning you and every other reader of this post. FYI, people with money in the bank, or money to burn as they say, don’t waste time on facybook, twitter, or social media and very seldom take time to read any blog let alone one that speaks bold truth. And if you believe President Trump is doing his own twittie posts, you’re seriously in need of a social media flush from all the dumbying down that it dishes out.

People with money are sitting on beaches the majority can only dream about; driving cars, boats, vacationing when they choose on their terms, fixing what needs fixing without credit, and just living the life of Riley because they can; AND SO CAN YOU if you would just slow down long enough to see and understand how.

And here is the #1 kicker! Over the past 20+ years of research, TM has discovered a very interesting, yet alarming and growing trait amongst the majority of all ages, struggling through the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle; their pride is keeping them from the answers they need, using the all too familiar “I’m good thanks, and you,” without the slightest bit of genuine interest in what they reply is. They have become so self-absorbed, living the social media dream that life is passing them by … EXACTLY WHAT SOCIAL MEDIA WAS AND CONTINUES TO BE DESIGNED FOR. “Keep these dummies distracted and they will think, do, and go wherever, and buy whatever we want and need them to.”

And the #2 kicker is what is separating those who can and those who cannot. This blog should be full of 100’s of comments. Why? Because it’s TM? No! A/, because it’s revealing a truth and transparency that we never find in today’s society of pretending all is well when it is not. And B/, this blog is saying to it’s readers that there is a solution that can place anyone who chooses in the same or better position than those already living the life of Riley; 95% of the worlds wealth is controlled by only 3% of the global population … UNNECESSARILY, and we accept this as JUST THE WAY IT IS, and TM has said it before and says it again that that is simply UNNECESSARY and foolish.

Regarding The Post Title, ‘You Tell Me 2 ~ Is Money Good or Bad … Give Me Your Thoughts

This is a similar approach to another post, however, it often takes a few times through varying ideas before it stirs up the attention needed for people to take it serious … so here are a few real life scenarios to answer, “is money good or bad;” … noting the resolve (***) is speaking about already earned available money … NOT CREDIT.

  • We don’t have disability insurance, our unemployment funds have run out, and our savings lasted maybe a few weeks if lucky, so what now? In the system we have, and if we’re fortunate to secure some form of welfare assistance (and that’s a big IF), what kind of life is that compared to what we had hoped for? *** If we had an income source separate from our job that could more than suffice any partial or full loss of income, would it not remove any and all concerns over such predicaments?
  • Used vehicles are in constant need of repair, from brakes, muffler, new windshield, new transmission, starter, etc., etc., etc,. so what do we do? Like the majority, saving the ideal emergency fund to have on hand is virtually impossible, therefore we charge it, with full expectation to begin dwindling away at it over the next few months … UNTIL THE NEXT EXPENSE HITS HOME … and before we know it we are suddenly in need of another  consolidation/refinance loan … AGAIN … and so the story goes. *** If we had the money available to just fix these ongoing trivial but costly and consistent problems, while still having sufficient funds to invest for our future, does this not make perfect sense?
  • Our son or daughter from across the miles was just informed they have cancer with major decisions to be made that they’d like our help with. No problem, that’s what credit cards are for right … if room is available over and above the vacation still being paid off, along with the roof shingles that lasted only 5 years instead of 15-25 years as promised, etc., etc. Thankfully, there’s enough credit to afford for one of us to go for the time being and once we see what’s needed, we can connect with our all too eager banker to refinance to free up our CC for the next lot; *** If this cycle, which has become the standard of living as though we had no other options, living to pay bills and debt, could be replaced without need for debt of any kind, long-term included, is there a reason we should not consider said option?
  • We’re an avid protector of endangered wildlife species and a celebrities child has just shot and trophied an African Elephant, the earth’s largest walking animal, causing one of the biggest awareness fund raisers ever against such foolish atrocities, as well as against the ignorance of poaching, but to add another $500 or $1000 onto our line of credit is simply not an option. We therefore find ourselves moved to an intolerable low that steals away days of our life as a result of frustration unable to help in the only way we know how, to realize we can’t even do that. *** If there was an option that could begin leading us to never have to face such an unhealthy, unavoidable state of mind again, positioning us to give $10,000 or more to a cause or need close to our hearts upon demand, what’s bad about this?
  • Life is beating you down. No matter what you do, where you turn, who you talk to, nothing is working, including prayer, meditation, medicine man, music, kick-butt movies, lover flicks, animation comedy you name it. And yet you find yourself stuck like glue with zero options to just get away from it all to think, relax, ponder life. Worse again, a boss saying they cannot afford to give you the time, nor pay you to do so. Could the monotony of life, the missing hope and joy that should be naturally filling you to the brim be the breaking point, unable to make sense of life? *** When the majority can read in most of these posts that they could have access to a lifestyle that meets or beats those who already live by choice without need of robbing Peter to pay Paul month after month, year in year out by means of a self-funded solution, why on earth are we accepting to live life without when plenty is available for all … and BONUS … without the need for social media or internet marketing?

We Can Agree ~~~ Job and Income Security is History ~~~ Retirement Pensions are History ~~~ 5-7 Year Careers Have Replaced 25-30 Year Careers ~~~ Retirees Are Living on 60% of Their Employment Income ~~~ Working 2-3 Jobs is Commonplace Going Into 2019 ~~~ Living to Pay Bills and Debt Until Debt do us Part is The Norm *** However There is a Genius Inerrant and Infallible Solution on its Way For The Benefit of The People, Business, Non-Profit, and Government Bodies Worldwide … a Simple Subscription For Less Than a Short-Term $50 Commitment That Will Begin Returning 200%-300% Month After Month for Life, 100% Self-Funded For The People by The People …


2 thoughts on “You Tell Me 2 ~ Is Money Good or Bad?”

  1. Money is good. The more money you have, the better-if you know how to spend it. Money is a tool and people can use it to help themselves or hurt themselves. For many of us, accumulating money is the first challenge. The second is figuring out how to use it.

    1. I have shared this quote before, Morgan, but perhaps not with you, as it is in direct alignment with your last the sentences; “Chasing money is the curse, having money is the freedom, knowing what to do with it is the blessing. TM

      Thank you so much for stopping by, then leaving some honest insightful comments, Morgan … really appreciated … TM 🙂

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