Near ten years ago now, Truth Mogul brought a thought to the attention of his Part Time employer for what he felt could open doors to a world in which many are still somewhat standoffish, but only as a result of genuine ignorance; we don’t know what we don’t know, right, fair is fair, so let us open some new doors for new learning and launch what we could call, “Have I Got a Friend For you!”

It was a bust … a no go. TM has volunteered in the field of supporting intellectually challenged individuals since 1979 and as a second career in said field has actually been paid to do so for the past eighteen. And when we step out of the familiar and into the unknown, not always, but quite certain, stepping into this arena changes your life, and with empathy comes unimaginable blessings.

This is my friend, Mo, who started it all for me back in 1979 at a place called ‘Arc Industries,’ where he would anxiously greet me every morning without fail when I stopped by to service their vending machine in the cafeteria. With a broom in hand, never in a wheelchair until his latter few years, would quickly and simply melt TM’s heart with a hearty, “Hello, Kevin, how are you?”

I was 21 years of age at the time, and Mo would have been 36, born in February 1943, exactly 20 years younger than my dad. Oddly enough, thinking back, the expression, ‘Have I got a friend for you,’ hit me like a ton of bricks back then … and from that day forward, we became the best of friends for many years; one of the most warm, kind, charming, giving, and comical people I have ever met to date. Mo passed into paradise, purpose served beyond what we could ever fathom, on September 21, 2017 in his 75th year … where there had to have been trumpets and angels having one of their finest hoedowns to date for my great friend. Point being, the minute we place ourselves in the shoes and lives of those with similar or worse challenges than our own, empathy takes over with unimaginable blessings to follow.


KEEP READING … for what follows is for the majority caught up in a system that thrives and prospers on their debt … with no JOB or INCOME security … or worse still … no job in degree field.

Like many things, empathy can be relatable from all angles, especially if you’re a blogger with a name like, Truth Mogul, attempting to reach the world offline, face-to-face, for all the right reasons, at a time people don’t know who or what to trust, while being dummied down in the daily rat race of life with no fix in sight.

With that said, TM does empathize beyond those trapped inside bodies that don’t work … and our student bodies … our younger generations are being backed into a corner with ZERO JOB or INCOME SECURITY, no job in degree field, while the world leadership around them haven’t an honest clue what to do about it, nor do they care, other than front their ignorance with the same old tactics with evident agendas attached; people are not as important as profit and status; remember … being bold is not judging just seeking answers/truth!

And what about those baby-boomers caught up with nothing to fall back on and/or desperate to play catch up for retirement? PLEASE KEEP READING!

Again, with empathy comes unimaginable blessings, and in this case, if the younger generations were to pull together for all the right reasons, they will discover a HUGE subject about to challenge the world’s thinking by introducing a ‘KISS Principle,’ simple solution, a business model unknown to said majority that can and will offer them unimaginable, un-compromised blessings, capable of changing the course of history for the benefit of all future generations and their families!

Those Who Serve us in The Dominican Should Not Have to go Home to These Conditions

Jesus Christ Living God dot com Truth Mogul
Our Filipino Friends Should Not Have to Room and Board With The Dead

Founding People of Australia Should Not be Kicked to The Curb to Live as They do

empathy unimaginable blessings Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
Relationships Should Not Have to Live Until Debt do They Part Leading to Divorce

And Then in Many Parts of The World we Find a Work Ethic Second to None Who Live to Serve The Tourist and Yet Unable to Afford to be The Tourist Themselves to Escape Their Own Monontony of Life … THIS TOO CAN CHANGE


First, keep watch on the TM Blog Link called HUGE!

Over the past twenty (20) years alongside diligent and deliberate study and research TM has personally witnessed and experienced every kind of false promise, con and scam known to man, resulting in a clear and definitive understanding of a few things we can no longer pretend do not exist … as TM knows first hand …

  • what it’s like to be conned out of $50,000+
  • what it’s like to seek truth in a world so lost in anything but the truth and no name or advantageous platform to do anything about it
  • what 99.9% of politicians say are 99.9% lies
  • we are in serious and desperate need of integral, accountable and transparent leadership … the latter being an absolute primary must
  • people around the world are valued less than the almighty dollar … lower than ever in history with no means of betterment … until now HUGE
  • we must begin sooner than later to trust and follow the right people for all the right reasons

So how do unimaginable blessings happen for you, TM, and the majority around the world? 


If we can empathize with the simple fact that everyone around us, especially those whom we love and/or respect the most, are all fighting the very same bias and manipulative system we are, we can place a good portion of the financial control of our world into the hands of ‘THE PEOPLE,’ in a good way for the benefit of all ~~~ the individual … business … non-profit … and government bodies … 100% self-funded.


Meaning …

  • if we already love what we do, we do it on our terms, on our schedule, while enjoying life in the process; PT, FT or Casual … and not like chickens with our heads chopped off under a system of oppression with zero freedom or choices
  • if we don’t currently love what we do, then we can begin the process of deciding what we would love to be doing because HUGE will soon provide us the discretionary income needed to make such choices available to the majority…that means YOU!


… although a bit behind schedule … and with its fourth attempt to be revealed since 2012 … will, any day now … introduce ‘Phase 1’ of a 100% self-funded solution (For the people by the people), using a business model unknown to the global majority that will require zero internet marketing or social media networking … NEEDING ONLY … 10% Technical know-how (Because majority are computer illiterate), and 90% Gratitude (When everybody says thank you everybody wins) … HUGE can be our new reality!

Humbly speaking … TM acknowledges being the holder of a Master’s degree … as well as his partner, like a second daughter really, also comes to you with a Master’s degree … and we are here for one purpose only … TO OFFER A SIMPLE SOLUTION to a serious problem that must be addressed and HUGE will be one of many solutions to come our way to put us all on the right path for total equality.

KEEP WATCH … with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

6 thoughts on “With Empathy Comes Unimaginable Blessings”

  1. I graduated from college in 2007 and 11 years later, I have yet to land a job in the field I drained so much money in to learn. I have been working on becoming an online entrepreneur for the last few years and while I have a ways to go, I am hopeful. I want to create something people can enjoy. I not only want to work, but I want what I do to be a blessing to someone. I think that you are spot on with empathy but being grateful makes these blessings even more profound. Enlightened read!

    1. Hi, Mike … TM here … thank you for stopping by my blog…

      I always reference, in favor to our younger generations, http://www.studentdebtcrisis.org because it provides a ton of 3rd party references to real people with real student debt. We live in a time where JOB & INCOME security is dead…history if plain out honest. It cannot give us anymore than it has to all previous generations since the inception into the industrial age from the agricultural age. Sadly enough, Mike, said system is a system that thrives and prospers on debt; our debt…everyone’s debt. We’ve all seen the signs … guaranteed financing … good credit … bad credit … no credit. No matter what, what we want it can be ours.

      United States Senator, Elizabeth Warren, prior to getting involved in politics, at least elected, was a professor at Harvard, and released this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ws9Kyypunq4) and today, she practically ignores it all and now plays the politically correct game of politics; trust them as far as you can throw them!

      TM does not aim to be disrespectful, quite the contrary, however, if we want respect we must earn it, and earning respect doesn’t follow changing our stories and policies, and what’s really important. The greatest leader is the one who serves the best, not the one eager to be served.

      In closing, with all due respect, Mike, regarding your online business attempts…CAUTION…BEWARE…for the research over the past 20+ years can prove and justify that there exists a 98% online business failure rate…and what’s coming ‘HUGE‘ very soon will return 200% – 300% month after month for life, all self-funded for the people by the people, and not one need for online marketing or social media networking … the latter being the biggest farce of them all; other than family connections across the miles.

      PS:::I so admire your line that speaks loud and clear to me … I WANT TO BE A BLESSING TO SOMEONE … because with that mindset … you’re 90% there … you just need that 10% boost and HUGE will give it to you…

      Thank you so much for stopping by

  2. Empathy is something sadly lacking in many people. We have it, but we haven’t all been taught to cultivate it in today’s me-centered world. I remember in another lifetime when I studied criminal justice. My instructor was a retired state trooper who told us how important empathy is. It was a lesson that stuck with me and while I haven’t always used it like I should, it’s made a difference when I have. Empathy is needed whenever we deal with people. Does it make you a doormat? No. It just means you try to understand what is motivating someone. How you respond will then be a more informed decision.

    1. Great approach, Mike!

      Many confuse empathy and sympathy, and placing ourselves in someone’s position or walking in their shoes is a long way from feeling sorry for them. The distinction between these two is as broad as one saying or feeling they are sorry, versus repenting; President Bill Clinton eventually said he was sorry long he was backed into a corner with no other option and after the message and damage to our younger generations was done; money & power can get us out of anything. Whereas, and I’m not defending his wrong, Reverend Jimmy Swaggart on the other hand, repented, said he was sorry, and asked forgiveness of the people and of his God … with the latter winning no respect, including from that of fellow Christians, and yet, the previous is going stronger than ever practically as a hero … and TM stands with the latter.

  3. Very inspiring story. For me, some of the greatest wisdom has come from people who just don’t care about the many traps of society such as consumerism, our obsession with looks, or being self-centered. I’ve met people with disabilities who are saints. Sometimes I think they’re angels. They are exposed to some of the worst things we can imagine and they keep a positive attitude and are looking to help others, not themselves. Most of us (especially myself) need to reflect on so good we have it and thank God for our blessings. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to improve our lives, but we should look at what really matters to us and whether perhaps it shouldn’t. I hope this doesn’t sound like rambling…

    1. Hi, Ridge…cool name! Beats, Truth Mogul, or Kevin, lol.

      A young woman, whom I used to refer to as my ‘Angel is disguise,’ really was a saint. Because of my degree in religious studies, I am often asked to lead ‘Celebration of Life,’ services at my place of employment. One of the points at the top of my list after the passing of my PJ (Princess Julie I called her), was the fact of her evident innocence displayed at all times … intended for all of us, but we blew that one; thanks Eve … thanks, Adam!

      PJ had it, as it was intended for all of us to have no needs, everything provided for us, without a worry or concern or judging bone within, and yet here we are, undeniably as wicked, if not more so, than the likes of Sodom and Gomorrah ever thought of being, as found in 2 Timothy 3:1-5, that reads: “There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.”

      Fortunately today, some things have or are changing for the better, and institutions are on their way out, if not, they should be, considering horror stories of what took place around beautiful but challenged individuals unable to defend themselves…or know what was taking place. So yes, Ridge, we do need to focus how good we have it without being in that kind of a predicament, as well as prioritizing what matters most.

      Thank you so much for your time and comment … please return any time … TM

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