“Crowd out all inferior thoughts by superior thoughts, evil thoughts
by good thoughts, ugly thoughts by beautiful thoughts, distressing
thoughts by pleasant thoughts, and you will begin to overcome the
growth of all negative and confused states of wrong and discord. In
other words, learn to think constructively of all persons, all
things, all events, and all circumstances. Appraise them from the
ideal point of view. As you do this you will gradually transform
your whole existence for the better. These are the means whereby
you may steadily promote your welfare and advancement. 
As you train yourself to mentally look for the good, you will move
towards the good; and, as you form higher and larger conceptions of
the good, these elements will begin to find expression in your
words, acts, character, person, talents, powers, attainments, and
achievements; that is, all things in your life will commence to
improve as the direct result of your improved thinking. 
This process does not imply, however, that you are to ignore the
wrongs of life, the empty places, and the undeveloped states of
being; but that you are to think right through and beyond them
towards the hidden good or the principle within that is ever
seeking a higher and fuller expression. You will, therefore, cease
to condemn and to criticize in a destructive manner; instead you
will seek to bring out the good in yourself and in others, and to
discover and develop the greater possibilities everywhere.”
Raymond Holliwell

6 thoughts on “What’s Important Now?”

  1. Raymond Holliwell, you’ve said it well. Don’t get caught up in the negativity. I am 100% behind the concept AND I like that Raymond notes this doesn’t mean you ignore the world’s problems. You can still work to make the world a better place, but you don’t have to let the negativity consume you. It’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to get caught up in the drama or realize “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” Does that make sense, TM?

    1. May a former pulpit preaching pastor shout ‘Hallelujah,’ followed by a ‘HELL YA,’ all in the same sentence without being scowled at? lol …

      Our daughter, who works in Policing, is acquainted with the founder of the site this flows from (http://www.lifesmostpowerfulquestion.com/), and forwarded this particular newsletter booster to me. If my mind serves me correctly, it is a former RCMP fellow that launched this training site, and our daughter recently resigned from RCMP and transferred to municipal police; RCMP is government run…no more said…sad but true.

      He says it well, and so easy for us to get caught up, lost literally, in what is going on around us. TM is guilty of this, and it’s my daughter who began her studies in psychology who is continually counseling her dad…a former pastor & counselor, lol, who should know better already…duh! I am truly blessed with such a sweetheart for a daughter.

      I love the line, ‘Not my circus, not my monkey’s,’ and not sure if it’s the pastor in me or what, but the caring goes way beyond my own comfort zone at times, and sends my wife in a tailspin as well…but I am who I am…and the world is a better place that I am not God, lol…for He is so awesome and PATIENT and TM is quite the contrary.

      So “does this make sense, TM?” … sure does, Mike, sure does. And TM void of all patience, must agree with Solomon when he says “Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher. “Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.”

      *** And to preach for just a moment, I love when Solomon, the wisest and wealthiest man to ever live, with so much more he could have said at this point, closes off the book of Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 with “Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind. For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil.”

      Thanks again, Mike … thank you so very much for such support. Not sure if you realize how important this is to a blogger…and more importantly again…imagine if we could get the majority into real conversations just like this…rather than said majority getting home from their work, maybe a 2nd or 3rd job, and just having to crash, until the race starts all over again in a very few short hours.

  2. I really enjoyed this. I have spent most of my years as an adult going to the worst thing in my mind everytime I am faced with something. I think we have been tricked into this way of thinking to just hinder us and keep us down, to hide us from the truth. The mind is a powerful thing and when you can train your mind to remain in agape (unconditional love) on all fronts, the goodness will show in your life and spread into other’s lives as well!

    1. Hey, Lisa … I hear something very powerful in your reply that the majority are too distracted and conned, if honest, to appreciate; agape love…wow!

      Unless on my Pastoral site, TM respectfully will seldom abuse his writing or replying to preach, however, sometimes we have to say what needs to be said. Meaning, the trickery and hindering to keep us down, keeping the truth from us in which you are referring, is more real than you think. There is a line in the song, Amazing Grace that says, “I was blind but now I see,” and that is where TM comes from. One day life was moving along, and the next being asked to leave his matrimonial home, a second marriage at that, and within 7 days of this happening, he went from being blind to what the world really has to offer us, to seeing it all in its true black & white colors.

      So yes, Lisa, the mind is a powerful thing, and yes we can train our minds to see the good on all fronts, as many do, for fear of stirring the pot, disrupting the status quo, etc., etc., however, I am sold on my research that says if we can place the financial control into the hands of the people (we can HUGE), away from its current orchestrators who thrive on the debt of the majority within their system, you and I included, people will begin to once again think for themselves with freedom and choices to boot … while seeing not only the good, but capable of being vigilant of what to avoid and why.

      Thank you so much for stopping by … TM

  3. That quote by Raymond Howell was inspiring. As any good golfer (or bad for that matter) can attest, your mental game is often more important than your physical game (although you do need a healthy body for maximum effectiveness). I think positivity will get you through so much in life. I’m not talking Pollyanna positivity, but a logic-based ability to look at the positives while acknowledging there may be negatives (but still pressing on). Life isn’t easy, but why take the Sad Sack route?

    1. Hi, Morgan …

      Raymond said it well, didn’t he!

      Pollyanna positivity … love the reference … as that is what the likes of Facy-book has become, alongside many other social media sites where the pollyanna approach is pumped out by the thousands of well intentioned positive quotes. Unfortunately most of this is done in hopes of uplifting the one posting as a means of portraying themselves as being in control, when in fact if pride were removed, they are like the majority of us; at least to the lack of a sound grounding in logic-based ability you referenced … for which I boldly profess to be found only in the likes of placing our trust in the Living God, our Creator, and not the created.

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