There are generally a few things that frustrate us beyond the norm, so the question posed is: “What do you find to be the most frustrating things in life?” Would it be the violence, crime, job or no job related, income security, or lack of, politics, social media? Or perhaps poverty gets your back up, or the ever broadening gap between the rich and poor!

The suggestions list is a good size, however, not everyone is troubled about the same things, and when they are, they’re often much different with interesting and justifiable reasons.

For TM, it’s the clear and evident inequity straight across the board that drives him crazy! It simply doesn’t need to be this way, and yet the hierarchy of society, literally a select few above and beyond the accessible, better known as the untouchables that rule the roost; so why not pluck’em … or better still … pull a few strongholds out from under them … such as their financial stronghold system that dictates the need for debt by those within said system?

HUGE will soon be revealing a business model resolve that will simply turn the aforementioned financial stronghold on its ear, removing our need for debt, especially long-term … which in effect, will turn the tables from those currently in control over to the people.

This strategy or business model if you will, is the result of twenty years research and about six years of tweaking its presentation format so the majority desperate for change and answers, can relate and see it for what it is. Within days of this post … this solution will be revealed (HUGE), for the major part, via live face to face presentations; the latter is in desperate need to win back trust in society that has been lost to an online faceless society, guilty of not only dummying down our abilities to think for ourselves, but stealing life itself.

So What Do You Find to be The Most Frustrating Things in life?

6 thoughts on “What Do You Find to Be The Most Frustrating Things in Life”

  1. I’d be lying if I said nothing. I have thought about this a lot over the years and really, a lot of my frustrations and stress comes down to money. Be it the lack of it, the struggles to obtain it, or family issues surrounding it. It seems as if this is the case for most people as well, not just me. There has to be a solution but I am still trying to figure out what that is.

    1. You hit the nail on the head, as they say, because you are not alone when it comes to the lack of funds and the issues it causes as a result. TM has been on this since 1996, and oddly enough, those with less than the majority from my circle of colleagues, friends etc., as a former Pastor, are missing this all together, so caught up in ‘THE LOVE OF MONEY,’ and money itself if frank. So sad, to watch a body of people who should know better and yet, cannot see the significance of what TM is bringing to the table ‘HUGE‘ in the next couple weeks, following 20+ years of study & research.

      So, Mel, there is a solution on its way that is infallible and inerrant, and if it were not, my legal counsel (Mills & Mills) would not have given the go-ahead for a chapter in a book in 2012 entitled ‘$10,000 Reward,’ after justifying it when questioned. “Prove to me that what I’m bringing to the table cannot do as promised and receive $10K!” Simple enough, right…not to mention, the title went on to add that “If you can prove author is a con artist, crook, or whatever, receive $10K!” And my legal counsel still gave the go-ahead to use the chapter title because neither stipulation could be satisfied to earn $10K.

      Keep watch, Mel… as HUGE (4th attempt to bring to the marketplace … prevented since 2012 because of political correctness) will prove itself to be everything as promised for the benefit of the individual, business, non-profit, and government bodies worldwide … OH YES … 100% online marketing and social media networking FREE.

      Thank you, thank you for stopping by, Mel … really … have a super finish to your week,


  2. While there are always people looking to piggyback on the hard work of others, i.e. the “free-rider effect,” I think most people are just looking for equal opportunities so they can get ahead. This isn’t the case though as any examination of society will show. Inequity in wealth creates huge gaps in opportunities between the so-called 1%-ers and everyone else. I think there are still amazing opportunities for people where I live (the United States), but there is no even playing field. That needs to change, but people are too buried in debt and conditioned to do anything about it (for the most part). I applaud anyone who is looking to change the world and remove inequity. I know some people feel they have to wait for the kingdom of God, but I think we should do everything we can until then.

    1. Hello again, Mike … welcome, welcome!

      You are truly an inspiration when you visit. You don’t address the blog post as much as you do about what is written in the post and then come from a perspective to address it; not sure if I’m saying this properly or not, however, you are certainly in tune with what is going on … coming mainly from your former career as a bankruptcy attorney I suspect.

      The huge gaps in wealth … mentioned in a few of my posts (Wealth down to everyone else below and no more middle and poor classes really), is truly appalling, not to mention the people who are so burdened and tired of trying because of being knocked down, they have quit.

      HUGE will change the world just as TM promises. In regards to this release for the benefit of ‘THE PEOPLE,’ we now have yet another programmer from across the world working with us to speed up and make happen what is needed (100% fully automated for the majority). Not only will HUGE introduce a business model unknown to the global majority, but also, a payment/processing/receiving system regulated by global banking regulations, while having zero to do with traditional banking as we know it today…which is a HUGE factor (thus the ‘HUGE’ name temporarily assigned to this new project coming any day now) … and worth this wait and delay initially intended to be released March 01/2018.

      In closing, in regards to your ‘God’ comment, unfortunately, the church body has become world-like from the ‘OUTSIDE IN,’ meaning, the pews are full of people who no longer see nor hear what is being shared from the pulpit because of the outside (devil’s) influence, as are the majority of church leaders, delivering the word with the conviction of the world in their hearts and not that of their/our living God … thus our predicament. Thus TM is believing the church idea placed in his own heart will not be in North America but launching in The Dominican Republic where evidence has been shown that they are eager and willing to listen and learn.

  3. TM, one of the most frustrating things for me is dirty public restrooms. Stores and restaurants should do a better job, especially when it comes to stalls for people with disabilities. That’s a pet peeve. A major frustration is our tax system which crushes the middle class. Taxes aren’t just the ones in our paychecks either, there are hidden taxes such as driver license fees, car registration fees, etc. Just so many ways the average guy or gal gets crushed. I’m always looking for a way to break free.

    1. lol … lol … am I hearing you on that one … as would my bride of 28+ years; DIRTY PUBLIC RESTROOMS. Inexcusable, absolutely! A simple matter also … but must admit and not as in defense of this lack of upkeep, practice or principle, but also, that small business owners themselves, especially franchisee’s are also backed into a corner with ridiculous overhead costs … thus like the majority of laborers … they too are caught up in the “WHO CARES,” or “I SIMPLY CANNOT FIND THE ENERGY WITH NO REWARDS ON THE HORIZON TO BE SEEN!” ????????????

      Inequality tops the list in our system at this very moment right across the globe … and TM again is trusting, by FAITH, believing that His God is bigger than all this and the eyes and ears of the majority who have in a sense, rightfully give up hope, will be suddenly awakened to hear what ‘HUGE’ is all about and will see what they need to see to get us beyond what TM see’s as (you don’t have to believe as I do…but it still fits no mater where you stand), the devil himself keeping people where he wants them … and where they will remain unless freed by an ideal … not religiously or politically based … to provide enough financial freedom to set them free to once again begin thinking for themselves long enough to see the glimmer of hope that they need.

      Trusting that bold statement is clear enough that the sincerity and humbleness will shine through … as HUGE … is a first that will not only lead us into what TM sees as the age of equality, but more so into an age where a new people-first, accountable leadership style will set a whole new precedence for years to come, NEVER TO RETURN to the days of UNTIL DEBT DO US PART … amen!

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