Every man, woman, and child, is entitled to truth on all matters of life, especially when it comes to a disease that in many cases can be avoided…100% naturally…and not by waiting for mans pharmaceutical creations that always has and always will prioritize the all mighty dollar over your health.

There is a time and place for medications and the doctor, however, reactive treatment (today’s medical associations), should never be placed ahead of preventative treatment … and this of course is the only way to avoid such issues as already knowing that African Americans have 50 percent higher risk of developing diabetes … and simply beating this sad predator.

Through the ages, and you can find the stories online, such great names with huge natural healing discoveries, have been bullied, ostracized, threatened, and murdered…by the big guns (unproven of course) of the pharmaceutical world. How dare the likes of homeopathic and naturalistic practitioners think for a moment that they can heal what only pharmaceutical drugs can!

Diabetes for one ailment out of hundreds can be cured naturally … check here for yourself!

Recognize the signs of a Diabetic Coma

2 thoughts on “Truth is African Americans have 50 percent higher risk of developing diabetes”

  1. Truth Mogul, I feel bad for my African American brothers because they are at an increased risk for a number of health maladies such as heart disease and as you mention, diabetes. I’ve heard different theories as to why, but the bottom line is it’s a real issue. I know I am genetically disposed to be at risk for certain ailments and take a preventative approach because I’d rather avoid the problem than have to deal with it, no matter what treatments or cures out there.

    1. Our African American brothers and sisters are still going through a struggle, and will for years yet as a result of that little thing called HIV/Aids virus. To this day, not many know the truth behind that and how it got started. Typical propaganda with big bucks behind it and motives far beyond our wildest imaginations. If anyone would like a copy of the truth behind that story…that has been removed time and again from the web because of what it reveals…they can use the contact form from TruthMogul.com and I will see to it that they receive a pdf copy of a book written by a doctor who was kicked out of dodge for sharing the truth.

      Off topic, but I am the Truth Mogul and will share what I choose to share. And worse case scenario, should I also disappear, lol, and if that is part of the plan for me…so be it … I know where I’m going when all is said and done and have no problem with that…truth is truth…amen!

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