From the days of thirty-six to sixty to eighty-four months to make car loans affordable is crazy. But crazy is only the half of it! Reality is, we cannot fix what is broken by using the same system. *** If we look closely at the following triangular graphic shown here, we can see the inequity of the true pyramid scheme for ourselves, where only the people at the top make all the money. It works in favor of a select few and not the majority.

If we knew the truth we would see the system needs us more than we need it.

Not every one can become a CEO or say, President. Today, even those positions are at the mercy of one’s word and perhaps a contract that can always be manipulated to satisfy its originator.

The majority who enter here stay here…and sadly enough…asĀ  disgruntled employees trapped in a system that will not let them win; it needs them…it needs you!

As long as ‘the people’ accept the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, financing more and more that fills the pockets of everyone but their own, and doing a great job and have since the inception of the industrial age, believing it to be their only option, nothing will change.

A former Harvard Professor, once on the right path of facing right and wrong, now a US Senator standing firm with the politically correct, we can see her old self here on YouTube ( saying it as it was (2009) … and today 100x worse, minimum.

So what on earth is the solution? Glad you asked! Take a close look that the following graphic that offers a 100% self-funded option to all who enter…or rather…they could that is if said business model existed.

Everyone enters this system … but no one stays here!

Everybody wins … nobody loses!

It can be self-funded … a debt-free option!

Hope…Purpose…Joy…Choices … Freedom … 100% equitable for the majority …

Here we are simply flipping what isn’t working upside down where all monies are then equally distributed to everyone within the system … as it should be. There is literally no reason for debt in this day and age.

But, TM, what’s the real scoop…who is really set to gain in a system like this?

Off the top of my head, here are 5 primary reasons this business model is good for the people, business, and government bodies worldwide.

  1. It is genius in removing the need for debt (especially long term) ~ currently the worst debt-load in history for the people, business, and governments worldwide
  2. It is genius for the majority needing to play catch-up ~ because this business model can produce the most equitable liquid cashflow availability in the fastest time frame, and all self-funded by the people for the people
  3. It is genius for the overall business world ~ in a system where $15 p/hr or $100 p/hr will not and cannot fix it, being impossible on cost of living acceleration alone; meaning bigger and better business all around
  4. It is genius for governments ~ saving billions on assisted programs no longer required; leaving monies that could then be redirected to other areas locally or globally, including humanitarian matters
  5. It is genius in its ability to catapult disposable income to the point of placing every person and/or family at the top of their food chain by choice ~ affordably avoiding the horrendous inundation of genetically modified and empty calorie foods ~ empowering access instead to the best of health and organic product lines, now affordable and available online and off

So being the Truth Mogul providing politically incorrect answers to questions with solutions, you should know that this very business model will present itself in March of 2018.
Every once in a while a post will be shared, directing interested parties to have a closer look.
Twenty years of study and research has proven a few things:
  • Online is not what it seems or claimed by the online guru junkies…as 98% will fail at any attempt of working from home online…especially following one of said junkies.
  • Social networking is not all it is cracked up to be…and no…the majority will never make a gazillion dollars on Facebook, eBay, or via Internet or Affiliate Marketing…blogging included…thus the reason for 20 years research…IT’S EVERYBODY OR NOTHING in TM’s humble opinion.
  • There is one business model and one only that can enable the majority to do as shown on the latter upside down triangular graphic model…and it will open the door to opportunity never thought possible which might be thought of as ‘The Age of Equality.’
Keep watch!

4 thoughts on “The System Needs us More Than we Need it”

  1. People are buried in debt (myself included), but I’m motivated now to do something about it. I don’t like living paycheck to paycheck and while I’ve improved my situation over time, I have a long way to go. Personally, there are uses for credit, but as the saying goes, use the credit, don’t let the credit use you. Don’t fall into the high-interest pitfall and think before you buy something. Ask yourself if you really need it. If it’s an emergency expense like say a refrigerator, obviously you might not have any option. However, you should try to build a reserve fund so you don’t have to use credit. Truth Mogul, please post more on this topic.

    1. You know Hugh, I agree with using the head; unfortunately, as with the invention of calculators, the brain was no longer needed. Should we or should we not buy something (apart from the emergency…great point by the way), because NO MONEY DOWN NO PAYMENTS FOR 60, 90, OR 365 DAYS, etc., etc., or the likes of NO CREDIT NO PROBLEM … why think about anything we are purchasing!
      I’m not being condescending here, but rather very real. Now with that said, I also believe that the majority are practically hypnotized into purchasing what they don’t need…the same way as our food programs can massage our pallet to well that it leaves us salivating something more. On top of that, what we are salivating for offers us empty calories anyhow, meaning, we’ll be hunger in an hour or less.
      So what’s the solution? Each and everyone of us must decide for ourselves and take action to begin thinking for ourselves and being accountable. At the same time, in order for this to happen, people need to be free of the system that is entrapping them…forcing them to have debt. It is programmed into us that money is not everything, however, the book I believe in say that money is the answer to everything…and it is. Money is not evil…but the love of it is.
      A bit off topic, but…the people must be freed from this busy, busy, busy, life of doing nothing that’s important, and 99.9% monotony…boring. Get up…eat…get ready for work…go to work…routine…come home…go to bed…REPEAT…REPEAT…REPEAT. And in North America alone, 1-2 weeks, holidays, if lucky, and that just covers the pay…it doesn’t pay for the holiday…HELLO!
      In closing, everyone should watch the documentary by Michael Moore called: WHO SHOULD WE INVADE NEXT … but only do so if you really want to see how STUPID Canada and the USA have become from a leadership perspective … and the people who are accepting as OK.

  2. Truth Mogul, I used to be a bankruptcy attorney in an earlier time in my life and I saw how bad people got reeled into debt. Granted, no one puts a gun to a person’s head and tells them to buy something, but it’s borderline criminal when credit card companies extend credit to people with limited means and wait for them to miss a payment so they can jack up the interest rate to usurious rates. Add in late fees or other questionable practices and you have a nation buried in debt with no solution other than bankruptcy (which is a temporary solution most of the time). Please give people more information on this terrible trap TM.

    1. Somehow I knew there was something much bigger to you and your ability to comment with such vigor and authority. Your former career is not surprising…confirming…TM is no fool on the path he is striving to bring to the public. This will be a 4th attempt to deliver this solution. 3 Books on the topic that never saw daylight, all because of politically correct (excuse the term) BULL … AS IN BULL CRAP lol lol.

      When HUGE comes about, there will be a free book to read. However, to be honest, since the last failure to bring this to the world (2.5 years ago or there abouts), that if frank, just about saw me hanging from rafters (my job and those I support were my saving link…what a beautiful people they are), said book will be a fraction of detail, partially out of just being so tired of trying and trying, lol, to express our need and what’s taking place around us that we are so clearly missing. And then no one willing to take the time to proof my work (ended up educated myself via CSU Long Beach) to edit and proof myself, etc., etc., etc.

      I’m not whining or complaining, and I know my God is bigger than any of this…but even saying that…I keep thinking people will see the ‘God’ reference, and see me like I have 3 heads, lol. Either way, better to have tried and failed than to have given up and succeeded. We will see!

      Thanks again, Mike for posting such credible and supportive content.

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