#1 – What would your dream job or business be if you had the choice to start planning tomorrow?

How can we expect a world to live up to such a simple truth as shared in the above graphic, when the majority are so beat up with life itself, they are uncertain about trusting the one looking back at them in the mirror?

TM holds no punches and thrives on transparency, truth, honesty, and a whole lot of other ‘stuff‘ that’s been swept under the rug of life for far too long … AND WE ARE PAYING A DEAR PRICE.

Isn’t this post tagged as ‘Good News Only?’ It certainly is, and that is the priority here at all times, while at the same time we need help to balance out information with truth that must come by way of a little confrontation, even positive pessimism … or what society is being groomed to pretend no longer exists, and that is NEGATIVITY; life isn’t all fiction and Hollywood as we are led to believe … we must not succumb to this foolishness, if we have not done so already…go here and READ THIS ARTICLE.

I will say this … what’s coming sooner than later is ONE BIG BENEFIT for the people, business, non-profit, and government bodies across the globe that only the devil himself and envy will aim to hold it back … destroy if they can in other words because society as we know it is about to be redefined for the benefit of the majority currently losing the battle of life, with debt until debt do they part … unnecessarily.

You’re thinking to yourself, “this guy may have issues, but I have money in the bank and I’m also responsible,” so let TM bring this into a simple and honest perspective.

If you have less than $1,000,000 minimum in the bank, sadly, you (the majority) don’t have much to count on for the future, and guaranteed your (our) children don’t have anything remotely close to that, nothing saved because they are unable to when push comes to shove, not to mention no job or income security … and that hasn’t even taken into consideration our grandchildren.

Your million invested will return a mere $50K a year before fees and taxes, and that’s today, not 5, 10, or 20 years down the road … in the highest current debt load per family, business, non-profit, and government bodies in history. And oddly enough, we’re still believing in our bank and stock market systems that boast of profits and thrive off the debt of the people … dare it be noted that two market crashes left the little guy devastated and multi-million dollar five figure bonuses to those who crashed said markets … TWICE!

Forgive my boldness, however, you should begin trusting and following anyone but those you’re currently trusting for future security … and TM is suggesting humbly to start with him and what’s coming.


Over the years, since 1996 especially, and without getting into what has been shared in previous posts in reference to those years, questions like #1, “What would your dream job or business be if you had the choice to start planning tomorrow?” have faded off into what we will call the wild dream yonder; it’s simply too far fetched; another prank, too good to be true, etc., etc, reminded of far too many who have cried wolf unnecessarily for their own benefit and/or just for laughs.

Yet the old adage ‘nothing could be further from the truth,’ stands truer than true in regards to what’s coming, to the point of TM boldly proclaiming that not only are we on the brink of evolving into ‘The Age of Equality,’ for the people by the people … but more so …  delivering to us an infallible and inerrant resolve to boot.

Amen Brothers … Nobody Left Behind … and no Political or Religious Agendas

Perhaps you are already working your dream job or business! But being the devils advocate, what about the all too familiar, ‘time and no money, or money and no time?’ What is the point of that! As Steven Hayes, PH.D. and Spencer Smith said it best in their book, “Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life.”

Should we not be living life, rather than paying for it until debt do us part? What’s coming will let us do just that, along with being self-funded and fun.

Ever heard of the expression, “Have your cake and eat it too?” What if this so called ‘HUGE‘ solution has been right right under our noses all along? Surprisingly enough it has! Unfortunately it’s been overlooked, apart from being abused with all the wrong motives and self-serving intentions … and any day now … it will be revealed to the world (HUGE).

#2 – If you could make one change that would have a positive impact on society what would that be?

Every man, woman, and child still thinking for themselves has a life changing idea (DREAM), within them … to make a positive impact for the benefit of society. However, everything at that level is challenged this day and age, more than ever, by a serious flux of what’s becoming an epidemic better known as INEQUALITY (limited funds, education, status, experience) amidst what used to be multiple working classes; today it’s the wealthy and then everyone else.

Cemeteries are full of undiscovered and/or unwritten books, songs, architectural designs, sports players, unselfishly driven leaders for example who could very well have influenced a more positive impact for society.

The question, “If you could make one change that would have a positive impact on society what would that be?” again lies within every human heart that beats. There is something itching to be set free, but instead has found its way to six feet under, back to the dust from which it came for countless reasons; lack of courage and fear of failure will often top the list for which ‘The South African College of Applied Psychology,’ shared the following:

With all due respect in being fully transparent as my norm, I’m all for an education and a degree, however, without money to back us up, going into the study departments and coming out, we may as well have saved the brain power that cost us a small fortune with nothing to show for it. I’m not saying there are no exceptions or that good old fashion tenacity cannot tackle a challenge … but said challenge today, if honest, is defeated before it gets started in ways that being positive just doesn’t cut it. Job security is history, and degrees themselves are simply not enough.

TRUE FREEDOM BEGINS WITH DISPOSABLE INCOME READILY AVAILABLE … and it need not be left only to the wealthy; HUGE will prove that! Money isn’t everything but everything takes money.

From an all too familiar perspective, most religious bodies are guiding the majority based on unsubstantiated belief principles and self wisdom, rather than simply teaching the people to master life itself, therefore their own fear of money is partly to blame for our demise.

It’s as if being holy and righteous and poor is the end all be all. But where thou and how thou growth and progress is to expand thyself without the funds leaves us robbing Peter to pay Paul month after month does it not?

What lie is it that is leading and teaching us that we cannot have money and be accountable at the same time?

For example, one of many Buddha’s suggests that “Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end.”

The Prophet Muhammad offered that, “The poor will enter Jannah 500 years before the rich,” thus proclaiming that both the poor and the rich eventually see Jannah (heaven) … with the poor leading the way.

Jesus through the Apostle Paul in 1 Timothy 6:10 stated: “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, and by craving it, some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pains.”


Get over it already. Money is not our problem!

It’s the love of money that has led us into the worst debt load in the history of mankind, as a result of its lack in the hands of the majority through needs marketing manipulation.

Case in point to close, in order to bring about positive change to impact society, land our dream job with degrees and diplomas in hand, or launch our greatest passion as a business owner, the majority must have access to disposable income that is readily available … 100% void of financial hindrance, manipulation, and debt … otherwise we will continue sliding down this slippery slope to nowhere but further from the select few of society that does well to monitor closely its minions.

2 thoughts on “The Response to The Following Two Questions Will Soon Redefine Tomorrow Forever”

  1. So glad you’re repeating the entire verse, “The love of money is the root of all evil” rather than “money is the root of all evil.” Lust and greed will destroy you from within, leading to terrible and sometimes life-shattering decisions. However, that doesn’t mean you have to live a life of financial poverty. You can be a good person and be financially wealthy. The key is being spiritually rich regardless of your financial situation. Build your life on a solid foundation and don’t be consumed by greed.

    1. You know, Michael, I’m gonna step out here again, guessing from your comment that you have read the same book I have a time or two; The Holy Bible.

      My stand is clear, and you have pointed out the balance to a tea; we must not chase money for any reason. “Chasing money is the curse, having money is the freedom, knowing what to do with it is the blessing” – TM.

      At the same time, money can do so many good things and today it is literally being redirected from the hands of the majority into the hands of a select few for control over said majority as a result of a bias system, intentional or not.

      I believe with all my heart, as Christ as my witness, that just as we are given freedom to choose to believe in the living God or not for the free gift of eternal salvation (securing our souls for eternity…never really dying), so should it be, that disposable income should be available to the majority with the freedom to be responsible and accountable or not; let’s face it … the leaders of today are not accountable, and that select few have control of 97% of the worlds wealth!

      Too much bias, too much political correctness, and simply not a fair shake of equality for the majority … and that is where TM comes in … and that is what’s coming (HUGE). Not the only solution, with countless others to follow, some good, more bad, however, we must start somewhere to turn the tides in favor of the people … and not the all mighty dollar.


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