Love All Judge None For Peace of Mind

Topping this list regarding ‘sixty years of life identifies with five gold nuggets,’ is unquestionably second to none, and although easier said than done, is Love All Judge None For Peace of Mind.

I recently replied to a comment referring to the analogy used by ‘Jesus Christ,’ yes the living God, Who said in Luke 6:42, “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

Loving self is a good place to start to find true peace of mind, however, until we discover the sin (wrong doings) within ourselves, and repent of it, this so called peace of mind will evade us. Sadly enough, Christians who should know and understand this concept better than anyone, have become as guilty as one who has not yet had such a privilege of knowing this timeless golden nugget.

Yes, I often pick on Christians because I am one. What’s the point of taking on the title and then making a fool out of Christ Himself by not doing what His word says? So the key is simple. Once we have repented of this thing called ‘SIN’ we suddenly begin comprehending the ‘little things’ in life such as ‘judging another,’ that keeps those little things like peace of mind at bay, therefore, the plank in our own eye becomes much more important than the speck in someone else’s; to love all and judge none as the starting point for peace of mind, makes perfect sense.

Truth is Found on The Road Less Traveled

Now this gold nugget, ‘Truth is Found on The Road Less Traveled,’ has been around since the beginning of time. Once pride grips the heart of man and his tongue begins to flap in sync accordingly, needless to say that said flapping tongue will lead that man to assume the more he talks the wiser he becomes; not so!

The expression, ‘misery likes company,’ is a first cousin to the one who speaks before he thinks. The world brushes off this blundering with the cliche, “two ears one mouth,” meaning we should listen twice as often as we speak, yet a man named Solomon said, “Do you see a man who speaks in haste? There is more hope for a fool than for him.”

Truth is, contrary to the world around us, there is no wisdom in speaking before we think about what it is we want or need to say, and it’s no laughing matter. When we do, we end up going with the flow … following the crowd … avoiding the truth needed in the meantime … THUS … ‘Truth is Found on The Road Less Traveled,’ and not by following the majority, the media, or teachers with their own agendas.

*** Worth noting that if the Papacy had their way back in the 16th century, had Martin Luther not taken a stand and launched the Reformation movement (1517), Catholic followers to this very day would still not be allowed to read the ‘Catholic‘ bible; priests alone were allowed to read the word according to such motives noted in graphic above. And at the risk of being scorned, the Papacy also added seven ‘7’ books to their bible to confirm their authority as god.

A more recent example might be the gang-up or propagation and exploits around the Media’s ‘Anti President Donald Trump,’ campaigns; is it working? Of course it is. Like the ‘China Study,’ perhaps not the best example, but when the conglomerates need to fill an agenda, they know how to do it, while burying the truth and laying out the lies with a global audience eager and willing to bombard their social media platforms with or without the ‘TRUTH’.

*** If the world actually knew the truth of what ‘Trump’ was doing for them and their families, behind the scenes … or what the ‘China Study,’ actually revealed, the longest study of its kind in history … or that the cancer cure has come and gone and will never see daylight because there is simply too much money involved to stop the high and mighty from playing god … might we not witness a global revolution?

TRUTH IS FOUND ON THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED and not by following the crowd.

Money And Power Can Co-exist With Evil

In the blog post ‘Six of the richest men in the world are playing God,’ we cannot help but find this particular nugget ‘Money And Power Can Co-exist With Evil,’ being exposed; not all money and power co-exists with evil.

TM is not judging these men, but instead only wishes to expose that money and power is often found in the control of people who are lacking in balance. No, I’m not saying ‘balance as in being crazy,’ rather, balance as in being out of sync with our ideals; one moment we’re pro-life, abortion being out of the question no matter what for example, and the next, we’re pro-abortion because of rape, which in actual fact is saying, “this life is worth saving, this one is not.”

More specifically, these six men noted are literally playing God for lack of balance in the information they have, aiming to depopulate society out of fear as a result of their lack of understanding; worse still and talking about playing ‘God,’ how about ‘DESIGNER BABIES?’ However, woe to the orchestrators and partakers of such tampering!

If these men would only humble themselves and allow their pride to stop following the crowd (as noted above), and take some time to investigate the road less traveled, they would not only discover the truth they need, but also better appreciate that they are not god, and that the Living God has long had everything under control … always has … still does … and always will.

On another note, what about the greed amidst selfish ambition? What is it that drives a man so selfishly that those around him, including the poor and destitute are worthy of nothing more than to be tossed to the curbside and/or out of the way. Or as in Utopia, Australia, where their founding aboriginal people were kicked out to the outer limits of said country, and remain there to this day.

Still again, the money and power behind the pharmaceutical and medical conglomerates, including the AMA, CMA, and FDA, and the control they have on say the lobby of ‘treating disease,’ over ‘the prevention of disease,’ is an outright atrocity to say the least.

Manipulated Thinking is Not Our Thinking

Behavioral economics is the study of behavioral models that typically integrates insights from psychology, neuroscience and micro-economic theory, suggesting how market decisions are made and the mechanisms that drive public choice. The three prevalent models in behavioral economics are:

  • Heuristics: Humans make 95% of their decisions using mental shortcuts or rules of thumb.
  • Framing: The collection of anecdotes and stereotypes that make up the mental filters individuals rely on to understand and respond to events.
  • Market inefficiencies: These include mis-pricing and non-rational decision making.

Point being, manipulated thinking is not our thinking, but rather, decisions made for us. This is exactly the downside of technology, especially the cell phone; as you can see in the graphic, this is the new norm, manipulating our attention in the direction to where the marketers want us to go.

For example, the intensity and seriousness of said studies might be evaluated by the following few examples:

In 2002, psychologist Daniel Kahneman was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences “for having integrated insights from psychological research into economic science, especially concerning human judgment and decision-making under uncertainty” (how to justify our reason for purchase even when we know we cannot afford it).

In 2013, economist Robert J. Shiller received the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences “for his empirical analysis of asset prices.” (within the field of behavioral finance … how we spend our money)

In 2017, economist Richard Thaler was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for “his contributions to behavioral economics and his pioneering work in establishing that people are predictably irrational in ways that defy economic theory (they can get us to buy what they want when they want according to predictability).


Unless we personally harness a responsible approach to the technology provided us this day and age, we will continue to grow colder and colder as we distance ourselves from rational thinking.

We will continue to lose the ability to think for ourselves with nothing being more important than the latest technology of graphics, social medias, and posting the latest and hottest news … as family, friends, truth and facts become second rate; all part of the plan that is dictated to us and for us to satisfy the agendas of the conglomerate firms financing the behavioral economic studies for the purpose of overwhelming the undisciplined in exchange for the almighty dollar … profit … profit … and more profit.

A Resolve is Needed And on Its Way After 250 Years

A resolve is needed and on its way after 250 years of the industrial age that leaves the majority living without hope, joy, or contentment as a result of no longer being able to provide the job, income, or pension security it once did.

Said resolve is a good thing … and not some revolution or anti-industrial age bad-mouthing movement. It is merely a solution needed to restore lost hope, joy, and contentment, as well as empower the people to recover their ability to begin thinking and making decisions for themselves without need or concern of the inconsistencies of income from a system that is simply unable to give back anymore than it already is.

For example, in Canada, where the Tim Horton’s manager made notice of having to reduce hours and cut benefits when minimum wage was increased, on first thought it would appear as an unfair and selfish strategy. However, when one has grown accustomed to a certain profit margin, with corresponding family freedoms included, realistically that is what going into business is all about … a better income with a matching lifestyle. Therefore in all fairness, if increasing minimum wage becomes much more going out for the business owner than the increase itself, which it does, said decision is not so irrational, unfair, or selfish.

Our current system is strapped. Its back is to the wall with nothing more to give and if frank, it thrives on debt. And a dollar or two per hour wage increase is simply not going to benefit anyone.

A contractor for example cannot afford to give the raise, and even so, when all is said and done, using the system we have, it’s insufficient to keep up with the cost of living, let alone provide a better standard of living; we’re talking nickels and dimes here!

So what’s the solution that’s coming? Keep a watch on the HUGE link found in the menu bar.

The first thing is that it’s a self-funded solution for the people by the people.

Secondly, it’s for the benefit of the majority of people, for business, for non-profit organizations, and as well for government bodies, with the latter saving hundreds of millions to billions of dollars on services no longer needed by the people as a result of having access to their own self-funded disposable income.

Third, it’s a simple and affordable subscription that everyone can and will benefit from, providing a monthly, ever increasing disposable income … and again … self-funded for the people by the people.

Keep watch … check out the new posts coming up … as it should not be much longer in revealing itself.

2 thoughts on “Sixty Years of Life Identifies With Five Gold Nuggets”

  1. TM, people don’t use critical thinking as they should (myself included) which is why we often find ourselves in a big mess whether it’s finances or personal relationships. The Bible is clear about people who speak before they think and who are known for their excess words.

    1. Hey again, Michael!

      Haven’t we all put our foot where our mouth is, as they say? I can so relate! So wish I were closer to perfect, lol, unfortunately the furthest from it.

      My first and favorite verse from the bible after becoming a Christian that hit me like a ton of bricks actually, was James 1:19 that says (NIV), “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.” When I read this verse, I literally said out loud to myself, “You fool!”

      Considering where my life was leading before becoming a Christian, I honestly had no idea I was probably talking ten times more ever listening. And because of this one simple verse that impacted me so strongly, before I knew it I was half way to my Master’s; nothing beats learning … BUT DOUBLE NOTHING beats learning absolute truth.

      Thanks, Michael … TM

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