People are worthy of more and I should care why … because we have long lost the heart to care for anyone less ourselves and even that is pushing it today; check out the global suicide rates … surprisingly enough, USA is #40 and Canada is #57 … two of the most abused and manipulated countries in the world.

Has this man fulfilled his dreams and aspirations? Unless speaking directly with himself or immediate family members, we will never know. And his country and its oppressive conditions are going to play key roles in the answer being yes or no.

And as for the United States being the number one country in the world, the land of the free, that is like saying the likes of the late Saddam Hussein or North Korea’s wanna-be leader with little-man-syndrome attitude are icons for society. The USA and Canada lead the world in corruptible motives no matter what the suicide rates state … and even 1 suicide means we are not doing our best at being truly free as we claim.

TM is a firm believer that being content with little is much better than the contrary. Is this family, or any family in their country living to potential, or are they scrounging for survival from day one, unnecessarily while their leaders in high places gobble caviar and the best of delicacies without the slightest concern for ‘THOSE PEOPLE?’

One thing TM has found in different countries is the heart and soul and work ethic of families who have little, and yet, have pride to serve those who come and visit … and serve genuinely … and not because they feel the obligation to do so as in the USA or Canada for example … who have far too much … and yet … have nothing but an invisible leash around their neck that keeps them coming back for more … CREDIT.

I don’t care where someone lives … in today’s day and age there is ZERO EXCUSE for poverty … when everywhere we look … the leaders, politicians … bankers … conglomerate kings (oil, gas, hydro, pharmaceutical) etc., are living like kings. Yes, yes, yes, it’s always been this way … and yes … TM knows that God is the Creator of both rich and poor … but he also knows that God leaves the poor in the hands of responsible leaders, not hoarding and selfish leaders.

Has he lived his dreams? I’m guessing he’s enjoyed some life but living his dreams would only find a smirk on his respectful face if approached with this question.

TM spend 20 plus years in the music industry, achieved everything he thought he always wanted, only to get it and not want it. He was no longer selfishly driven; that is because one day he saw the world in full color … and by the time he got the deal he always thought he wanted, he had seen the world in black & white too much to continue his selfish plight.

I have met hundreds of men like this gentleman, and women alike, in some great and some not so great places just like this in my amateurish days of ‘entertaining,’ and 98% realistically are those with shattered dreams and found themselves going to where they were most likely to be accepted…not where they truly wanted or preferred to be.

Speaking of music and entertainment, I’d bet this man knows how to play his squeezebox as good, if not much better, as any who ever hit it big-time; and do so just because of the passion of doing it.

Question is, is he here because he is living his dream … or because society has lost yet another one, without the respect and adherence to his second-to-none talent deserved, therefore, tossed to the curb?

Fair to say, any little bit of change will help…AND IF YOU EVER…walk by someone with a talent and hat open for gratuities and walk by without offering something, just something even minor, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. It’s one thing if you’ve already fed the sheep to one or two already up the street, but quite another to be so cheap, especially when you know your stomach is full and/or warm, OR COULD BE!

Unquestionably in today’s day and age of busy, busy, busy, doing nothing, more quality time like this is needed. Especially playing chess, wow, never played the game, looks seriously boring, lol, while at the same time, those who play understand how to think for themselves unlike most, and while doing so are becoming masters of strategy…amen!

We are missing the likes of this scene; outdoors, fresh air, thinking for ourselves, not being programmed on social media…AGAIN…and building genuine relationships. Come on folks … let’s take back our world … let’s together, tell the social media tycoon baboons with their telecommunication conglomerates counterparts that enough is enough and we will use services when absolutely necessary and only after we get our brains back.

Oh yes, yes, yes … more family and kids doing this is paramount to a sound and stable, confident, and fearless life ahead. Often thought it would be so cool to have some kind of gang rescue mission in the country where instead of one more sentence (incarceration | jail time) that accomplishes nothing in the USA or Canada especially, where leaders and/or partakers, could be shipped off to a cool place to just see what life is all about outside their world of NOTHING but tough guy shit (forgive me…but really!).

And the crazy thing is … this is not their fault to some degree. Listen closely! In a nutshell, I was privileged to counsel a young man who had spent 22+ years behind bars and was on his way out. That’s where I came in (former pulpit preaching pastor), by the grace of God. This young man saw his first step-dad murdered at age 7, and his second step-dad murdered at age 10, by his mother; who probably killed his biological dad also, but hey, I’m not there to investigate the mother, lol!

Point is simple! How on earth can people traumatized like this, or with no one who truly cares (system does not care … as it also is about money and not people), make it in a society being fed propaganda to satisfy its own means to a dead selfish end?

I could go on and share my Doris Buffet story (The Sunshine Lady…amazing), however, back to my guy, living a much different life today…married…wife and kids…PLUS…more importantly…this graphic…we need more just like this taking place if the truth be known for reasons you the reader won’t know about until you experience for yourself; TM does this most days … crazy coolness in the heart of quiet.

A normal non-sleazy photo…wow…how refreshing! She has clothes on … her breasts aren’t cupped up and flaunted (and I’m no nerd or prude, trust me), she’s not stretched across the sand or draped over a sofa or chair or swing set, lol, etc., etc…so this means there is hope!

OK being somewhat facetious, but also very serious. Let me ask a question I already know the answer to: “Why do women feel they must slut themselves like there is no tomorrow?” And the answer is, because between social media and Hollywood baboons, who know nothing but propagation of anything and everything unwholesome, with sex, drugs, and perversion attached, they feel this need to seduce whoever into liking and accepting them…YUK!

Again, TM hears you…hears them…and for the record…am the first to confess that there is nothing nicer than a beautiful woman, preferably in the shape she was created to be; forgive the truth but society has taken woman and man and turned them into balloon shaped buffoons; cute, but looking like they are about to explode already! Not being disrespectful…just speak the truth and obvious. It’s not all thyroid issues! Another topic when I get some followers back, lol. I mean no disrespect … and TM is 100% anti-system of irresponsible, unaccountable leaders who allow the garbage they call food allowed on any shelves to that do this puffed up-ballooning act to people.

Point in case … it is so nice to see a normal photo of a woman … young or old … keep it up … keep your integrity … you are worth it.

On the opposite end (pun not intended) of the spectrum, there literally is nothing left for the imagination at home from this graphic. TM again is far from being a prude, and although this woman is unquestionably appealing, we are missing the point big time. Chance are this couple is not heading into the deep woods for afternoon delight, but instead, to a beach so all the other men cannot help themselves but gawk. I don’t care who you are, when this walks by you, you are going to look…even if ever so brief for a number of reasons; thers, as long as the scenery in within view.

Never in my younger days did I want other men gawking at my girlfriend or wife to be. Within reason is one thing, but those boundaries are full fledged and open to free game this day and age. It’s like commitment, accountability, responsibility, and integrity, is out the window, as with our leaders from the Presidential and Prime Minister seats, to the pulpit; satan is doing his job well … prowling around, knowing our weaknesses and desirous for one more soul to devour.

This is not a joke…our morals are out the window … and leadership must be accountable and more responsible … because it is they who lie in office (NOPE NOT ME IN THE OVAL OFFICE) and outside the office and pulpit, who are causing the fear and nonchalant approach to woman flaunting themselves as they do; why not…money and power can buy me out of whatever I get myself into.

Here we go again…but…’tech and social media is stealing life,’ is as real as the noses on our faces and the understatement of the century. In restaurants, holiday resorts (of all places), restrooms, airports and bus stations, schools (inside and out), universities and colleges, you name it … this graphic is it … and no matter the age.

While in The Dominican recently for my bride’s birthday, most young woman there, especially a particular traveling group, literally lived on their cells; at breakfast, lunch, poolside, ocean, dinner, entertainment; it just looked so absurd and sad all at the same time…just how foolish it looked.

Grandparent ages, by themselves on a romantic or whatever holiday, catch-up time, sitting in a quiet and serene setting sat on their cell phones, with zero conversation.

Same trip, two sets of parent, two sets of children, all pulling at their mom and dad, or step, or partner’s partner, looking for attention while away on this really cool and SHOULD BE exciting holiday, and parents too busy in their cells; at dinner, by the pool, in the lobby, getting onto the bus to leave.

In closing … social media is nothing to what it claims. We really are not that important, and as we are sitting with what appears to be in an innocent pass time, that pass time becomes hours, while we are being programmed to think exactly as big money marketing firms want us to think … as their clients are paying to do.

Get yourself a life…guaranteed you’ll love it!

I should care because that is what we were created to do … care … love … share … enjoy each others company … nurture our children, not our cells or technology … live life to the full … and what needs changing in life, or the world, we change it … or at the least … attempt to do something and anything but play robot. God bless this world that has stopped thinking for itself.

4 thoughts on “People Are Worthy of More”

  1. Apparently, suicide rates are not decreasing, and a whole lot of factors are behind this. Naturally, I believe the human mind is selfish, but with religion and pursuit for moral acts, we tend to care and extend love to others. I hope God help us!

    1. Thank you, Dennis for the comment. You are correct in saying the acts of suicide are not decreasing, and we certainly are a selfish people. If I may add, ‘religion’ itself is causing much of this problem, and before you or any other reader jumps at me, what I’m getting at is that there are only two types of religion: 1/ Human Accomplishment (man and his selfish self led by pride), and 2/ Divine Accomplishment (The Living God in action).

      Sadly enough, far too many who claim the ‘Christian’ title for example, fall into the ‘religion’ category I speak of. Nothing about God, ‘god’ perhaps (Idolatry), and as a result they are not walking according to the book they claim belief, but rather, as the world does; prosperity preaching (teaching Law of Attraction for example full of false promises) … new world order leadership (100% contrary to truth in bible, and yet, prophesied as to what is and will take place) … churches into ‘seeker-friendly’ services rather than God’s word services … Adding and subtracting to and from God’s word when His word tells us 3x not to do this … etc., etc. SO THIS IS WHAT I MEAN WHEN IS SAY RELIGION is much of the cause.

      And yes, we do have say the likes of Islamic extremists & terrorists, however, when it comes to people committing suicide or giving up in general, they don’t do this because of the fear of seeing or hearing of such stupidity in action, but rather from deliberate ignorance of society in experiencing and allowing poverty, inequality, corporate bullying and manipulation, deceit of leadership, and so forth. People are worthy of more and when and because they are not getting it, we have what we have…WHO CARES kind of attitudes and much more leading to unhappy, discontent people.

  2. Words of wisdom TM. It’s difficult for people to escape the consumer-driven, materialistic market that insists you must have the latest phone or sneaker to be a complete person. I enjoyed this article and liked how you were able to point out many societal ills in a brief article. People are worthy of more and by worthy, it’s not material things. Spend time doing what you like, be around people, and give back. BTW, when I saw that picture of people sitting around the table with their phones, I cringed. Put those phones away and enjoy the time with the people around you.

    1. Hi, Mike and thank you … seriously! You are so correct and appreciate you reference to the latest phone or sneaker to be a complete person…right on…as that is the way we are being programmed, especially women, as sad as that is. They are being led down a path as though they need to be sex objects, verses just amazing and awesome human beings as they are. Don’t get me wrong, just because my former career was a Pastor, I’m no prude; my wife is beautiful inside and out…and we enjoy our company. I have simply witnessed so much loss and sadness as a result of women feeling inadequate in more ways than one.
      And you are correct, it doesn’t need to be materialistic, although our world practically hypnotizes us into believing the more stuff the better. I laugh, thinking that North America leads the polls in having more stuff they don’t need, and then foolish enough to pay to have it stored…wow!

      Thanks again, Mike…come visit again…

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