Peggy Drexler and CNN Lost in a World of Ignorant Perspective

You can click on the graphic carousel above and read a typical ignorant perspective from a news media, a correspondent, or some sort of affiliate that is told what to say, or what their limitations are prior to posting their insights.

It is truly sad in which the state we find ourselves this day and age.

If you look at the graphics shown in the carousel above, why on earth would we feel we are headed in the right direction, wrong direction, or dare I say, moral direction, with the likes of what is taking place around us.

Peggy Drexler is addressing CEO incomes and heartaches, her own opinions of course, while CNN, masterfully keeps the world updated on how pathetic President Donald Trump is; it’s laughable really … and yet … scratch my head as to why anyone would give them the time of day.

Let’s make this simple! When the majority are led to believe something, such as ‘Trump’ being the clown, or the guy with all the wrong and stupid answers according to his accusers, then we need to give our heads a shake, because the truth is not found by following the majority, but rather, running in the opposite direction.

PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING … and let’s use religion for example; the most hated, tried and tested, burned, and politically abused religion (if you want to categorize them all as such), on the face of our planet is Christianity … and yet … it is the only so called religion that can substantiate itself on every plausible platform imaginable.

So going back to Peggy Drexler and CNN lost in a world of ignorant perspective, with the article posted, February 25, 2019, at the root of all this unrest with jobs and incomes, as much as I would like to reveal one graphic to show the reason behind this inequality that is taking place, the priority must deal with the root of the problem that no one wants to hear; Jesus Christ, people, must be at the root of the soul seeking to make his or her mark in order to find the peace and then the vision needed for true success to take place.

Yes The Book ‘Apples to Apples the truth will set you free’ Reveals an Undeniable Answer Using a Side by Side Analogy

No one could read the book, ‘Apples to Apples the truth will set you free’ and still walk away wondering why they had never considered this simple analogy before. If you were to visit this website HERE, near the top is a brief video explaining how there are actually only two types of religion in the world: 1/ Human accomplishment and 2/ Divine accomplishment, and only one (1) can substantiate itself as Divine … and you may have guessed correctly, Christianity.

This post is not about selling my book … it’s about an attempt to do a wake up call. In comparison to what is offered in Peggy Drexler’s article on, compared to this post and what you will find on the website noted above, or more so for reasons too many to make mention by reading my book, is literally the difference of happiness, hope, and joy restored, vs., the continuation of blatant foolishness at the mercy of unnecessary evil at play, as we are being led around as though sheep being led to the slaughter.

So, yes, the book, ‘Apples to Apples the truth will set you free’ reveals an undeniable answer using a side by side analogy … and looking around us, whether more articles by Peggy or whomever are about the rich and powerful, or the down and out, and forgotten if the truth be known, there is one common denominator that each and every person needs … and that is access to the undeniable truth … currently being shunned … of Jesus Christ the Living God.

The Same Root of Evil is Playing Both Sides

In closing, considering the same root of evil is playing both sides, let us ponder the following overly simple perspective, while loving all and never judging one.

How can we judge good? How good is good? How can or could we know if I have been good enough in life to enter heaven or paradise, and you have not? I have perhaps told a lie or two; thought inappropriately about my best friends wife; conceived a child out of wedlock; cursed at my neighbor, etc., etc.

You on the other hand believe you may be guilty of maybe one or two of these issues only, therefore, who goes to heaven; who is good enough out of us both? Do we both go now because we have not killed anyone? Or do we need to kill? These two paragraphs are the dilemma we are left with if we are Muslim.

Do we believe Confucius for our souls sake, or do we follow his contemporary, who founded Taoism because they could not agree on what to believe? I’m right…no, I’m right!  

How about Native Spirituality? Chief Dan George spoke of God, but he also worshiped the wolf and consulted the local Shaman, and to worship anything but God, is this not idolatry?

We could follow one of many Buddha’s, but then, one says we have a soul and the other says we do not; do you believe you have a soul?

What about Jesus Christ, the One we dare not mention his name for fear of being jailed for speaking hate and judgment on another? He did make the heaven path quite simple; “Everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved,” … or simple again … “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”

The same root of evil is playing both sides and doing an incredible job of it; if honest, the world is and has been falling apart at the seams for years. Human accomplishment religion says we only need to be good enough; I’ll just go off and teach what I believe; god, wolf and shaman can all work; having a soul or not is not important … or … Divine accomplishment, that claims all we need to do is call upon the name of Jesus and we are saved.

It’s time for everyone’s sake that we begin turning and running in the opposite direction of the crowd … the majority … who are clearly being led astray by that little root of evil, from the very truth and contentment and eternal salvation needed. 

PS: If lucky, Peggy might even find a solution as to “The Reason Your Job Can’t Buy Your Happiness,” … and it’s not using the same system that is robbing us by instigating our need to live in debt until debt do us part.

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